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  1. twocups

    LH rear tyre worn excessively on outer half (B Class / W245)

    I realise I need to take the vehicle in to a garage to have it properly assessed, but pre-empting that, any thoughts on what could be causing this curious uneven wear pattern on my LH (nearside) rear tyre? - to the left of the approximate centreline of the tyre, the surface pattern is pretty...
  2. twocups

    2009 B180/W245 - how to access washer jets?

    My driver's side washer jet keeps getting blocked. I can temporarily clear its holes by shoving a pin down 'em, but it's only a matter of time before they clog again. I've looked but I can't see immediately see how to access it to remove for cleaning or replacement. Any pointers would be...
  3. nooney

    Reducing wheel sizes?

    Can I replace my 225/40/18 wheels and tyres with a smaller size to improve ride quality as my B Class Sport has a harsh ride. I thought if I got new wheels and tyres with a deeper sidewall then the ride would be less harsh? I realise speedo readings would be altered .
  4. M

    W245 Mobile Phone Bluetooth not Pairing

    Hello, The mobile phone bluetooth connection on my B Class has stopped working - I recently changed mobile providers and have new sim card and since then I cna't get my phone to pair with the bluetooth unit. I was wondering if the original bluetooth connection password was linked to a specfic...
  5. bertg

    Front Tyres Replacement Advise

    Good Morning, I have a 2013 w246 B class that needs 2 new fronts. Currently Bridgestone Potenza 225/40/18 as standard that came with the car. My questions are, 1 - do i have to replace them with Like for Like? 2 - can i go for a different brand? 3 - as long as the tyre ratings are the same do...
  6. Wheel

    Returning to the fold (yet again!)

    Well, I've done it. I've bought a 2012 Mercedes B200 Sport auto! Pick it up tomorrow. So that's my 3rd Benz now (or 5th if Smart counts!). My old B160 which I got rid of last year, was the old 1.5 petrol CVT, so bit of a slug. The B200 I'm getting has a bit more oomph, with a...
  7. A

    3 months to deliver a spare part, you've got to be kidding?

    [B]Does B Class mean B Class service? YOU DECIDE !!! Please help me out and tell me what you think a B Class (no pun intended) “Good Will Gesture” should be I have a B Class auto (B180 CDI SE CVT) on a 58 plate with 33000 miles on the clock and the CVT starts to play up. OK I have a...
  8. bertg

    Run Flats

    My Red B Class W246 is almost a year old and at the weekend got my first flat, dirty great nail in it. Went to Kwik Fit - they wouldn't touch because they are not allowed apparently even though the nail was dead centre!! Tried indie around the corner, they were only too happy to help. £10.00...
  9. M

    W245 SE with 17" wheels & low profile tyres

    Hello, My 2008 B200 SE CDI which I've just bought (a month ago) from an independent dealer is OK in every respect, but it has had 17" wheels with low profile tyres fitted (from new according to the works specification booklet that came with it). The ride is quite harsh and I'm already...
  10. bertg

    B Class W246 Airbag Fault.

    A warning popped up last week telling me that's there's a Right Hand Side Malfunction!! Booked in for tomorrow morning at MB Croydon, let's see how we get on!! :(
  11. BRABUS R230

    B Class B200 CDI SE CVT 2007

    Hi all. I have just purchased a 2007 Mercedes B Class, B200 CDI SE CVT. the odometer says It has covered 86,000, it has some service history but none of them mention a transmission change, from what I have been reading the transmission oil should be changed around every 37,000 miles, I never...
  12. bertg

    Car Charger

    Can anyone recommend a USB charger i can plug into the 12V socket in the back? i've seen this item below.. http://www.world-of-accessories.co.uk/mercedes-badge-charger-p-1567.html
  13. M

    B200 W245 Door lock problem

    Hi I have recently bought a 55 reg B200 CDI. This is my first Mercedes and the car is fantastic. But it has got a problem with the central locking, sometimes it works then it will start playing up. When the doors lock at 15mph they will start clicking like they are trying to lock again...
  14. bertg

    Bike Carrier

    Having recently got my new B Class (W246) my missus has now insisted we need a bike carrier. Can anyone recommend a decent product please. :D
  15. W

    Will my C Class wheels fit my new B class

    Dear all I currently live in Munich where there are rules stating that winter tyres are required. I had a new C class in 2010 for which I purchased new 16 inch alloy wheels together with 55R16 91H Conti TS81 winter tyres. I have now ordered a new B class which I should pick up in December...
  16. D

    Mercedes Benz B class driving position

    Anyone else finding the driver's seat of the B class difficult to be adjusted correctly? No matter how hard I try it just doesnt seem to be right. Sometimes i feel that I'm seated too high or too low, sometimes too close or too far and the steering wheel never is at the right place. I also...
  17. S

    Error codes P2359 and P2355

    Hi All, Nowthat I fixed the AC in my car I now have other error codes! I do not believe that they are related. The error codes I got were P2359 Boost pressure control maximum exceeded P2355 EGR Air Mass too low. I have read many threads about the MAF etc, but before I start I would like...
  18. A

    Merc B Class (2006) - Peeling Door sticker

    Having had my B class for 4 years, we've noticed that over the past 12 months the black sticker on the driver door panel (on the window edge opposite the hinges) has started to peel away :cry: Is there anything i can do to rectify this as it looks very unsightly. I've tried cleaning away the...
  19. C

    B Class Squeaky Auxilary Belt

    Evening folks, We have a 2005 '55' plate B class diesel in the family, however it suffers from a VERY squeaky Auxilary belt. The belt was replaced just before christamas due to it being squeaky and a knocking noise coming from that area in the engine bay. The belt was slightly damaged and the...

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