1. A

    Vibration after 65mph

    Hello guys so I have a 2011 Mercedes c300 4matic and the car vibrates when I reach 60-65mph and stayes to a higher speed.. sometimes the car does not vibrates at all Mostly feels like the vibration comes from the rear end but also sometimes feels like the whole car vibrates - I have to mention...
  2. Janchee

    S213 Control Arm Bushings

    Hi all, S213 E220d Estate and the car feels a bit strange. Vibration in steering wheel, click in steering when I turn after I brake, creaking suspension (hear in drive through), car doesn’t feel planted. Some slight brake judder. Mercedes dealer said control arm bushes squeaking but...
  3. TheGaffer

    W124 / C123 /S124 E Class Coupe

    Hi People, so over the weekend i decided to attack the rot on my E Class Coupe (C124) that yes you guessed is the rear sub frame front mounts. If you did not know and own these models i suggest you whip of your wheels and have a dig with a screw driver, although your see the rot easy enough if...
  4. P

    W204 replacement anti-roll bar bushes

    Hi, I've been suffering with a knocking from the front of my 2010 W204 C class going over pot holes etc. I've replaced the drop links but it is still there so I want to replace the anti-roll bar bushes but I'm struggling to find replacements. MB want to sell me a new torsion bar complete with...
  5. C

    C36 Rear bushes and rear shocks

    Hi All, Does anyone know where I can get some information on the C36 rear suspension set up? Apparently my rear bushes need replacing (£1000 quote from the dealer) and I could "do with replacing" my rear shocks (£220 each plus labour quote from the dealer) I think the rear shockers were...
  6. D

    Uprated front end needed R170 200

    Hi Anyone out there got any suggestions for a more responsive, tighter turn-in that I require for my SLK 200 (2002). I've come from BM's where the front end is more responsive and less wallowy. I have Continental tyres on 15 inch Merc Chrome rims (at the front). I assume up-rated bushes and...

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