1. M

    A160CDI W169 engine removal (video)

    Hi all. I was a member here before, but could not login with my old account, so had to create a new one. Been inactive too long I guess; the Merc has been behaving well these last 11 years :-). I had been experiencing a slipping clutch lately, so had to do something. I made a youtube...
  2. JuniorMechanic

    What is it? Clutch, Flywheel or what?

    Hi, it's Juior Mechanic. I have been seeking a solution for my problem, and haven't found it. And I have no idea where to look, where to begin. My car is a 1991 w124 230CE (catalytic converter) five speed manual gearbox The engine is smooth, drives and runs ok, it also starts ok. Problem...
  3. rai

    Clutch Upgrade

    Hi all, I did some research and could not find much about clutch upgrades for a c230k w202. Plans for the Engine is that it will be a project to where the car will be running roughly 400+bhp within this year. I came across Black Diamond Kevlar stage 2 kit and Drive Torque Stage 1,2,2.5,3...
  4. L

    Persistent ticking noise

    Hi everyone, newbie here :D For the past while I've been experiencing a light ticking noise whenever I let my car idle. I have found that pushing on either the brake or clutch pedals slightly causes the ticking to stop, but I really don't want to have to keep doing that for ever just to keep...
  5. A

    [Wanted] Wanted c32 supercharger clutch

    Hi im searching for a c32 amg w203 supercharger clutch I only need the clutch/friction plate rings inside the the clutch housing if anyone has any or knows where I can get them thanks .
  6. Smaltze

    Slipping feeling when pulling hard

    My E320 w210 cdi. Used to be a dream accelerating, when I really floored it would rev up easily and fly off. Ever since one day of driving it hard and pulling, it's started to do this slipping type thing. It always happens at 2.5 to 3k revs when really flooring it. It feels like a slipping...
  7. N

    Clutch replacement 59 plate E250

    Hi folks, i bought an E250 from my local Mercedes dealer less than 5 months ago. It's already been back to them for a wheel bearing and housing and now my clutch is slipping. I've dropped it off for them to look at tomorrow but i'm not particularly hopeful. I got a 12 month approved used...
  8. K

    Vito 2002 Clutch gone but not gone HELP!!!

    I was using my Vito with no problems, turned off the engine, started her up and the gear would not engage as if the clutch was not depressed. I turned the engine off, pumped the pedal vigorously, started her up and it was fine. Drove home fine (10 miles), the next day, no clutch and pumping the...
  9. M

    Broken clutch flywheel, gearbox issues

    Hi guys, first time poster here... Basically my 2007 C180k SE Coupe has just broken down. The local Mercedes Benz dealer/garage have looked at it and they want £2224 to fix the clutch/flywheel problem, which will leave a noisy gearbox. Gearbox repair included comes to £4700! Problem is its...
  10. T

    Clutch not disengaging

    Hello, Over the past couple of days, I have noticed the odd sticky gear change, until today when I have to stop the car and switch if off, then start it in gear to change gear. Last thing this evening, if I started it in gear, it was actually partially engaged and moving on the...
  11. S

    W124 250TD manual - clutch/gearbox gone?

    Over the last two days my W124 has first felt like the synchro was going - crunchy gear-changes (alleviated by double de-clutching), and just now would not go into reverse as all - much grinding. I let it drop down the slope alongside the house to park it, but then could not select 1st (or any...
  12. B

    clutch pedal fail help

    i got a mk 1 vito 113 w638 petrol ,got in cab and clunk pedal fell to floor, checked resivoir low topped up pressed pedle loads clutch came back drove ok parked up next day same thing except following what i had done before this time nothing (~@ pedal) now i tried bleeding ,read up on tinterweb...
  13. S

    Vito clutch problem!

    Hi, The clutch pedal on my Mercedes vito 112 51 plate dropped to the floor and wont return while I was changing gear the other day, it wont engage gear etc. I was thinking it was the master or slave cylinder. Is there a way of identifying the fault? What sort of cost/man hours would be...
  14. S

    [Wanted] A Class Clutch Pipes

    Looking for the clutch pipes to finish my A160 ACS to pedal-clutch conversion. I have the pedal box and master cyl, now need the 2 pipes from master to slave cyl and reservoir to master....anyone?
  15. balge59

    Viscous fan clutch -overcooling?

    Hi bit confused about my 300TD cooling.... never had a Diesel before so not sure what's normal! Car seems to take forever to warm up compared to my 230TE! Tested the coolant sensor, seems fine so I'm going to replace the thermostat, although apparently it was replaced a couple of years...
  16. B

    help - C220 CDI coupe clutch n cold start issues

    Hello all, I have recently purchased the above car on a 02 plate. I am having trouble with starting in the mornings. It takes a good 2 or 3 goes to get started. once running runs all day ok. I have noticed a slight drip of a plastic pipe (fuel line????) in the front of the engine above the...
  17. rx6180

    Does my W202 have transmission lock up?

    My W202 C200 (1999 reg.) has just been the subject of a costly auto transmisson part-rebuild after it went to a specialist for a simple fluid change - I intend to post the reasons why when I've more time, as a warning to others about what might happen or to see if I've been 'done'! My question...

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