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    ESP Inoperative and check engine light - limp mode

    I have a 2014 (64) A180 CDI and most mornings lately when I start the car, it comes up with ESP inoperative and a check engine light and drives in limp mode. If I take the car to work, by the time I leave, the ESP fault has gone but the check engine light remains for a while but the car will...
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    ABS, ESP Currently Unavailable message

    Last Sunday we were out for the day in my 2011 W204 C220 CDI. Shortly after starting the trip home I stopped at a junction and a message appeared on the screen:- ESP & ABS Currently Unavailable -- it was actually the symbols for 'ESP' & 'ABS' but you know what I mean. I pressed OK, the message...
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    ABS, ESP, Run Flat indicator inactive - ECU software Error ?

    HI Guys, I am in need of some MB expert knowledge please before i run out of money or patience with my car! I have a S320 2007 with only 70k and full MB service history. Everythging was running beautifully until Around 6-8 months ago i had a local mechanic change the oil and filter for me...
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    S320 CDI 2007 ABS / ESP FAULT !!

    hi guys, im struggling with my car. I got some crazy problems with my mercedes. Please if any one can help! I turned my car on and comes up with an esp/ abs fault. I put into D and tried to drive but it was as if it was dieing hardly moving, tried to put it into P but it did not go into P only...
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    C180 W203 Steering angle sensor

    Good day , I've been recently getting ESP and Speedtronic error messages on the dash of my 2006 C180 K W203.046 , saying that ESP and Speedtronic not available. Hooked the car up for diagnosis and codes were C1172 (Steering angle sensor internal fault) , and C1707 (Check BAS/ESP module) -...
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    e320 Rear Axle shaft removal.

    Hi there, Hope this is in the right section, I did search extensively and couldn't find any specifics, so apologies if this is a duplication. I have recently had an issue with ABS ESP errors, resulting from rear left ABS sensor. After changing the sensor (upon eventually removing the old one...
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    Viano electrical fault..nightmare intermittent

    All, new bod to this but have an electrical fault that is intermittent and goes away for weeks then comes back with a vengeance...multiple times in a day and then nothing again for days or weeks. Before I start on the symptoms and error code it has been electrically check on a number of...
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    W203 Steering Angle sensor faulty?

    Hi, Is there an easy way to find out if my steering angle sensor is faulty as the diagnostics suggest? I am getting an ESP Faulty or ESP unavailable messages on the display and the diagnostic codes are as follows: C1036 C1172 - N49 (Steering Angle sensor): Internal fault Sometimes it...

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