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    Sprinter esp lights

    Please if anyone can help I'm new here and need some advice my Mercedes sprinter 2010 is playing up when I accelerate in 4th gear up to say 59mph the esp light comes on and then I cant drive any faster than 40mph if I turn off the ignition then straight back on the light goes out and I can...
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    ESP & Engine lights

    it happens lots of time, I got this 2nd hand car for almost 2 years. my A200/2013/1.6 about 29000mile, ESP light random on, then my car speed decelerates to 35mph sometimes on Motorway, which is very dangerous. but once I stopped my car pull out my key and restart the engine again, all back to...
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    Esp warning sign and abs light come on the display

    Hi - I have a 2011 C250 and have a strange intermittent fault. Basically the car will be driving all fine and then sometimes the ABS/ESP Lights will come on and the cruise control/speedtronic/limiter will not function. The run flat indicator also turns off. Once you turn the engine off and...
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    2006 CLS55 ESP Light and Limp Mode

    2006 CLS55 My ESP light came on last night after hard acceleration. After the light came on I was able to drive it, but when I floored it again it didn't seem to respond. When I got into my car this morning the light was off. After driving a little while I floored it and the light came on...
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    Another BAS / ESP issue

    Hi All, just had my A160 2001 Auto Elegance 1.6 fail to get a new MOT due to the BAS / ESP light coming on when the brake pedal is first pressed after ignition. Borrowed an iCarsoft MB II and cleared all the fault codes and the light still comes on, here are the 2 fault codes I get under DTC...
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    BAS ESP light on - Tacho & Cruise OK - Help!

    I've read lots on this and other forums about BAS/ ABS faults but I've got a problem that seems different. I have a W208 CLK 200 that was running faultlessly up until I decided to sell it. The next time I turned on the ignition the dreaded BAS/ESP lights came on. How did it know? The...
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    Hi - New member first post !

    Hi Guys, I have purchased an E Class ! Always wanted one, Y plate 2001 - E220 CDI It seems that I may have purchased a pig in a poke ! Bought it with a years MOT and thought , how much can be wrong with it ? Apologies if this is the wrong section and if it is perhaps the admin...
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    Mercedes A180cdi(2006); all the lights but it aint xmas !

    Hi all, Parked my wifes A class at my moms place . 4 days later , i started car fine, and decided to hit the motor way and thats when the dash lit up with lights : ABS , ECD, ESP , etc ,etc . Freaked out !, i drove to my independent merc specialist . He immediately put car on diagnostics and...
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    C220 cdi w203 esp

    Hi Guys. I have a C220 CDI 2001 Auto (W203). I have a constant sign that is on that is warning me of a problem with the ESP. What can Cause this? I am not sure if this is related but the Hazard light sign is always flashing as well. Any assitance is much appreciated thanks.
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    W210 ESP light

    I have an E class W210 2000 model. The ESP warning light came on and I took it to the Merc Dealer to get it fixed. 3 hours later and the appropriate charge they could not find the fault! I took it to an independent for a service who replaced the brake pads, which were badly worn. The light has...
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    ESP light and car braking to a halt

    Hi I am new to this forum so I hope all you mercedes expert out there will be able to help me. I have a v reg e240 and every now and again the ESP light comes on. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to resolve it. If i turn the engine off and back on again the light goes out...
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