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    Mercedes W211 E220 CDI B28/5 & B5/1 Fault

    Hi guys, I need help for my car Mercedes Benz w211 E220 CDI year 2003. The car has no boost power and causing black smoke. The rev reaches only 3000rpm. Went the diagnose the car and the following faults was found. DTC 2025-08: Check component B28/5 (pressure sensor downstream of air...
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    Rear Parking Sensors Faulty?

    Hi All, New member here, thanks for accepting me :) I recently bought my first Mercedes C Class Sport, after years of being an Audi man, and I am not disappointed! However, I had a slight ding the other week, and my rear bumper had to be replaced, which was all fine and it is now as new...
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    Low fuel pressure "HELP"

    Hi every1, I have a 2010 E200 sport saloon and the engine management light has been coming on and off quite regularly and the car goes into limp mode, I took it to my mechanic and he put it on the computer and it says there's a fault 'low fuel pressure' we changed the filter and still the same...
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    Featured Job: 2003 W215 CL500 EIS Failure

    Featured Job No1:2003 W215 CL500 EIS Failure. Fault - Car would not unlock or lock with its key or keyless go system or start until it was warm outside/inside. Diagnosis - EIS Failure. Solution - Remove EIS and reprogram used unit and fully test. Once we had the unit refitted into the car it...
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    central locking

    Hi, The passenger door on my CLK 240 doesn't open from the outside even though the lock is in the "up" position. Before i take the door panel off and look at the mechanism is there a known fault that would cause this ? (it opens fine from the inside handle?
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    C220 CDI Malfunctions then Gearbox Locks

    Hi All, Recently of the evening ( and usually if it has been raining ) if I come to a stop and turn the engine off the main beam light appears on the instrument panel, then the headlights go off and various malfunctions appear. Sometimes it starts out as four malfunctions then it drops to...
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    Great Service in ILTON, SOMERSET TA19 9DU

    Big, but intermittent problem with my 320 CLK. Urgently needed car as was promised to son and fiancee for trip to Scotland, starting tonight. I rang CORNERSTONE GARAGE in ILTON, SOMERSET yesterday morning and they dropped everything and 'plugged it in'. There were several old fault codes, all...

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