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  1. C

    W114 280 CE Coupe fuel Pump relay location (1973)

    Hi all, Car won’t start. Turns over fine though. I reckon it’s a fuel problem. Had the car on a lift and attached external battery power on the fuel pump terminals to see if the pump’s OK. The pump is fine. Turn the ignition on however, and the pump doesn’t react (had a volt meter on it to...
  2. W

    R107 350 SLC - no signal going to the fuel pump relay

    Hi Guys I've got a 350 SLC manual that's a non starter. I put direct power onto the fuel pump and it runs 100%. I checked through the relays and found the fuel pump relay. Swopped the relay with another to test and no joy. I then bridged the relay so direct power from 12v goes directly to the...
  3. T

    Crank, no start. Not getting enough fuel

    Hi, I just completed a head gasket replacement on my 1994 e320 m104. Put everything back together and it wouldn't start. I have narrowed it down to lack of fuel. If i cover the air intake in front of the MAF sensor, it turns over and tries to start but fails, or starts but immediately stalls...
  4. J

    R320 crank no start no error code

    Hi and thanks for all I have learned on this site already. I have read other posts about similar issues, and am now looking for advice on which way first. Okay, so I have an 08 R320 CDI that has 126000 miles and will absolutely not start unless I give it a tiny amount of starting fluid (a bad...
  5. SteveB73

    CLK 270cdi. Low fuel pressure

    Hi all, My CLK broke down last week on way to work. Engine just stopped coming off a roundabout. AA arrived and when plugged in it was showing 20bar in the fuel rail. The guy suggested that it was the low pressure pump which I have changed, and after much cranking rail is still only reading 20...
  6. J

    CLK55 won't start - error code P0112

    Strange issue with my CLK today. Headed off to work and car started fine, then 2 minutes up the road, I remembered that I'd forgotten something so headed back home. Pulled up outside and ran in the house to grab what I needed (was in the house all of 2 minutes) and then came back out, jumped in...
  7. D

    Petrol pump for 1987 310 van

    I need to replace the petrol pump that sits on the petrol tank and can't seem to locate a used part. My question is are there any other Mercedes vehicles that use the same pump? I could then extend my search. The same would apply to my exhaust system which has more patches than a patchwork...
  8. J

    Pool of Diesel on top of Injectors.

    Hi guys, great to be a part of the forum. Just looking for abit of help and advice. This morning my Mercedes cdi c220 2011 was turning over but not firing up. I tried a few times then stopped. When I looked in the engine there is a pool of Diesel over the injectors? But when I turn the car...
  9. B

    Sprinter 2005, 313 fuel issue?

    Hi guys, my van broke down on the motor way the other day, not long after changing the injectors. When you spray easy start into the air intake it keeps running- as soon as you stop spraying the engine turns off. So obviously it's a fuel issue. How can you tell if it's the High Pressure pump...
  10. R

    Car stopped accelerating

    My c180 lost acceleration while driving but engine was running. After few meters everything stopped. It seems as if there was some fuel stoppage and what was left in there kept it running for few meters. When I tried to start again, it stared for a min then shut down. This continued but car...
  11. T

    need more fuel from the injectors!

    hi guys and girls, I REALLY hope that you can all shed some light on this for me! I have a 2010 vito 3.0 V6 TD with the OM642 engine. we`ve been playing silly buggers with it but we`ve hit a brick wall.......need more fuel. had it mapped, tuned etc etc but the rail pressure and injectors are...
  12. O

    Petrol spill

    I have a 98 E280 which recently left for 2 weeks whilst on holiday. On return started up and petrol pured out underneath. RAC guy said it was either pump or filter or pipes but could find nothing wrong so off we went. Local garage also can't find a probem but it has happened again after being...
  13. M


    Hi I have a merc clk240 elegance coupe which i purchased a few months ago. cut a long story short this is what happened. Purchased the car and was waiting for a recovery truck to tow it back to where i live as there was no tax or mot. drove it onto the truck and it run out of petrol...
  14. W

    MB W211 220CDI Fuel return issues

    I have a MB W211 E220 CDI 2004 and recently I had a problem with the lift pump in the sending unit that stopped working. I replaced for a new pump and everything was working correctly. For some time now, I noticed that the dashboard said there was 1/4 fuel, but the car don't start. I...
  15. P

    SL55 starting problem

    Hi all, my SL won't start after being left in the Sun. I suspect fuel vaporisation but I suppose it could be a fuel pump on its way out? It is accompanied by the Emissions warning lamp coming on intermittently. Any ideas?
  16. F

    OM605 timing help!!!

    Hi there, here is the story so far; i had to remove the head from my c250td due to 2 snapped glow plugs and a few other bits and bobs that needed looking at, after getting the head back on and timed up ie. locking pin on the inlet cam and all set to tdc went to fire her up and she refused to...
  17. M

    injection pump timing on sprinter 310 TD 2.9

    hi, i have a sprinter 310 TD 2.9 lt engine om602la. i changed the injection pump drive sprocket, but the engine is not firing. how do i set the timing on the injection pump? please help!
  18. S

    Fuel Pump w126 300se 1988

    What is responsible for shutting down Fuel Pump in w126 300se 1988? is it a Fuel Distributor or ECU? My fuel pump goes on and on all the time, fuel consumption is massive! Any Advice? Thanks
  19. D

    Mercedes 190E cuts out and won't restart

    When driving normally the engine can abruptly cut out. The dash warning lights come on. The engine cannot be restarted immediately, but after standing for 10 minutes or so, it will restart and then drives normally. The interval between these incidents may be weeks. Can happen at any...
  20. J

    W210 E320CDI engine hot and leaking fuel pump

    Hi. My W210 E320CDI (2001) is running hot (90 degrees to 100 degrees C); also the h/p diesel fuel pump has started dripping fuel. Any ideas on temperature problem and approx cost for replacement fuel pump?

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