1. R

    New GLB AMG Line LED headlights problem

    Hi all ,just joined. Owned 3 previous Mercedes over the years, just bought a new GLB 2 weeks ago. I find the dipped beam really poor, on the country roads they are just too short for safe driving when I can’t have full beam on when other vehicles near by. Garage say all correct, but I really...
  2. P

    2003 CLK (W209) - Electrical mistery (front headrests, sunroof, windshield and headlights washers)

    Hi! I recently bought a CLK 500. Runs good but there are some electrical (I think) problems. 1) First problem is that my front headrests don't work. Both of them, which is weird. When I press the button on the door panel I hear a click and the headrest goes down or up a couple of mm. When I...
  3. Trueblue1872

    Lights Upgrade......What ones?!?!

    Hi Guys I'm looking to find some information as I'm looking to upgrade my headlights to something more up to date and modern.......to get with the times Right!! the problem is I don't know where to start..... I'm wanting the new looking white headlights I don't know whether they are LED or...
  4. C

    R129 SL320 Headlight issues

    My Xenon headlight lense had a crack which let moisture in. The Xenon light and side light now no longer work but full beam does. The light shorts when a new fuse is put in but full beam continues to work. I've replaced the lense and plan to pull apart the light fitting. Planning to dry out all...
  5. D

    Dim halogen lights W204

    Hi, My halogen headlamps on my 59 plate W204 are quite dim. At my last MOT it was an advisory, so I'm not just being particular about it. I've swapped the bulbs out and it made no difference. Spread is good and the pattern is correct on both, but it feels like their not the right...
  6. B

    Auto headlamp and auto wiper problems.

    Hello all. I have a fairly new W164 ML 350 CDi. It has auto lights and auto wipers. Lights: Come on regardless of the switch position (i.e. OFF and AUTO seem to be the same thing). Also too sensitive in my opinion. Wipers: Far too sensitive. If on slow intermittent, even the tiniest amount...
  7. W

    W204 Headlight Repair Kit

    has anyone had any experience with headlight bracket repair kits? I'm looking for any information available really, part numbers, hints/tips, etc... I can find for W211 easily enough, but nothing for the W204 bi Xenon.
  8. A

    R171-SLK350 Headlights

    Guys, The headlights of my SLK 350 have had ongoing discoloration issues. The plastic gets a thick yellow coat that makes them look very old. They have been treated with different products said to be the best in the industry. But nothing has worked. They were even treated at a MB dealership...
  9. Mickey76

    Lights misting....

    The four front round lenses have started misting very badly sinse I replaced side light bulbs and t-cut the lenses. Lenses are now see through but are madly filling with water. Seals all seem good, didn't get any misting beforehand. It was a damp day when I did it so just in case i left covers...
  10. Onne

    W126 Headlight washer/wipers

    Hello all, First post, so I'd better introduce myself. My name is Onne, Dutchman living in the UK. I've got a 1990 W126 300SE running on LPG I've got a problem with my headlight washing system. Fuse is fine but there is a reference to a relay 86? Any idea where this would be? Any...
  11. A

    Post-2008 lights into a 2003 SL55

    I would be VERY grateful if anyone can offer any help with regards to a post-2008 conversion on a 2003 SL55 I am in the middle of. All the body parts have been ordered (full Black Series kit arrives next week!), however I have been told that the kit needs the following parts to work: -...
  12. A

    W210 Projector headlights

    I've found my headlights quite dim on the motorway, and whilst I dont want to blind oncomers, I would like them to be brighter, so am considering 50%/90% brighter bulbs. I also find the frosted appearance of W210 lights (and mine arent that dirty at all!) quite out of date and if possible and...

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