1. M

    Tyres crabbing jumping in slow turns, plus rear wheels spin in any conditions with such a powerful car pulling away

    I just bought the S63 AMG V8 biturbo COUPE used with only 15000 miles 2017 model & one owner with almost new Pirelli zero tyres 255/45 & 285/45 ZR19" on standard AMG 10 spoke wheels & it is a 2 wheel drive model only available in the UK. The vehicle had been MOT`d & all wheels tracked (by...
  2. J

    Exhaust gas temp sensor fault

    On my vito I keep getting the check management light, this come on and off over the past few weeks and I’ve changed the sensor and had the exhaust DPF cleaned out also, I’ve taken in to garages and they don’t know what to do either my van gets a good run weekly so can’t say it’s build up but...
  3. L

    Help! Mercedes technicians still not fixed car!

    Hi all I am very desperate for any advice you can give My A-Class 1.6 2013 had a reconditioned engine fitted in July - first day back and after 20 miles the car felt like it was going to stall (juddering) in 5/6 gear engine light came on - car went back to Mercedes technicians who carried out...
  4. Paddymph

    Hi! Stockport - CLK 320,w208. GUMBALL!

    Hi there, Paddy, new member! So every few years the lads do a Gumball style run to the Nurburgring with £750 to buy a car and make it there and back. This year we’ve bought a 2000 Clk320 which I’m quite chuffed with, it seems decent! (Fingers crossed) Few issues though. I seem to have the issue...
  5. J

    Whole car judders/wobbles when brake is on

    Hi I've recently just bought a used c220 from mercedes and in the last 2 weeks randomly when I am stopped in traffic with the brake on or with 'hold' on the whole car judders/wobbles??? I've read about just steering column juddering but this is the whole car!! Feels like it would be noticeable...
  6. R

    ML300 Lumpy/erratic acceleration

    Anyone experienced slightly lumpy acceleration on an ML300 CDI? I have a 2010 blue efficiency model which is generally fine but it intermittently as you accelerate feels lumpy. It doesn't ever seem to do it if you accelerate quickly, only when you are gradually accelerating.
  7. B

    Automatic Juddering Problem!

    Hi all, we have recently purchased a B180 CDI SE CVT - 55 Plate - 85K - Full MB Service history. I noticed yesterday that when going from reverse into drive and then pulling away and visa versa that there is a sharp judder on gentle excelleration, ie: parking manouvers etc. Is this normal...

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