1. Nikki slade

    Cant turn key because infrared on key snapped off

    Hi everyone I dropped my key and it broke apart and snapped the infrared sender off the front of the pcb :-( tried soldering it on and it was barely usable to put back on as the pins were gone, anyway i purchased some spare keys to swap the ir over from one of them and it still wont send a...
  2. A

    Key fob not locking/unlocking car

    Hi, First time posting. As mentioned above, neither of my key fobs are working (they were fine a couple of days ago). I have 2. I have tried replacing the batteries in one of the keys. Still no luck. The IR seems to be working (I can see a light through my camera and whilst temperamental...
  3. S

    My remote can't function-please help

    Hey guys, my W211 remote keys works just fine when start engin, lock and unlock all doors. But when parking for an hour or more, the remote keys cannot open or lock doors. Remote red light still blinks, key fob batteries are good, but no respond from the doors. Need to take out small key to...
  4. B

    Key fob not working to unlock car

    Hi Guys, I'm new here, first mercedes I've ever owned and I love it. I bought the car from a dealer who had it for sale cheap with no warranty. I took it for a drive and there is a couple of issues but the price was good. What I didn't realize is they key fob does not lock/unlock the car...
  5. Ray1888

    Amg key covers

    For sale 2 AMG key back covers With 1 original case cost a fortune from the dealers so grab a bargain £65 posted Thanks
  6. J

    Spare key purchase

    Sorry if this is a repeat thread but I've searched and can't find anything similar. I've just bought a 2013 E220 SE CDI S212. It only came with one key and I'm looking to get a spare. I believe main dealer prices are a bit steep, can anyone recommend an alternative and does the car have to go to...
  7. Eric Price

    W203 Randomly Unlocking and Locking Doors

    Hello, This is my first post in the forums although I have been lurking for several weeks. I have a problem on my '06 W203 C-Class (180K saloon) regarding some weird locking issues and I hope that somebody else has had a similar problem to mine and been able to solve it. When I first...
  8. Grotbag

    CLK 209 No electrics and blade not working

    Hi all you helpful lot. My CLK was completely dead this morning. I cannot open the doors even. I have tried the spare key. Clearly an electric or battery issue. Problem is I cannot get into the car. I have tried the Blade but it doesn't 'pop' the lock. The car is 13 years old and the lock has...
  9. R


    I am new to this site and hope that I am providing this information in the correct area. I am located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I am the very fortunate owner of 2 MB autos. The first is my 1985 380 SL of which my father was the original owner. The car has been in my hands now for many...
  10. W

    Can't get key out!

    I have just acquired an SLK230 Kompressor automatic (1999) and although it runs really well, I cannot get the key out when I stop and turn everything off. I've checked it is in "Park", that the handbrake is on & the lights turned off; I have wiggled the steering wheel in case it has a "lock"...
  11. M

    Has jump starting my car fried the electrics?

    Hi all I have a 2000 CLK 320 Auto Convertible that suddenly wouldn't start last week. I decided it might be a flat battery so I tried jump starting it from my wifes car. I DEFINITELY connected the jump leads red to red and black to black but after about 30 seconds the heavy duty jump leads...
  12. zedmeister

    R230 SL55 central locking radio receiver amplifier

    Hi I've just got myself a SL55. One small problem is that the key only locks and unlocks the car when it is close to the handles using IR. MBS Southampton have said that the key is transmitting radio but the receiver amplifier on the car needs changing. Any idea where that is and the part...
  13. M

    W203 - key- circuit - capacitor "knocked off" - value needed

    Hi all I have a problem with my spare key It unlocks the doors& boot it Will not start the car unless I press lock with Key in ignition, then car will start but most instrument details are not operational I investigated and identified that a capacitor has been knocked off the key as per...
  14. M

    E240 key not responsive on ignition

    I own a Mercedes E240 year 2005 here in Kampala Uganda. These cars are wonderful but can be frustrating in Africa. I lost my fob/key last Christmas and got a new one programmed which worked fine for a few days. Please note the lost/ old one had a problem locking and unlocking doors without...
  15. F

    Guess what these keys do?

    Guys, This may be one of the most remarkable questions asked on this forum but lets see the return. I have attached a picture of two key looking fobs that came with my Mercedes A class few years ago. I literally have no ****** idea of what these are? I welcome your suggestions.
  16. C

    Key fob problems- strange!

    Hello everyone, Thank you for the help offered so far, the advice has been invaluable. The travails of my (newly acquired) W reg CL500 continue... So today the fresh CR2025 batteries arrived and I have replaced the old ones in the key fobs. I now face an unusual problem. 1. Both...
  17. R

    Mechanical Key Won't Lock/Unlock

    Hi all I have a 2005 E Class 220 Avantgarde Yesterday the key fob wouldn't talk to the car although the little red light seemed to be working... I tried the mechanical key out of the fob in the drivers side lock and the key turns well both ways but doesn't lock/unlock the vehicle. It...
  18. H

    No remote control

    Hi, Bought a used 1995 c220 w202 Basic merc with a faulty central lock and no remote control. The owner doesn't know wither it originally had a remote control. Now that I have fixed the vacuum pumb, Central lock is back to life again. However, how can I know wither this car can use a remote...
  19. M

    C180 fob unlocks. But key won't turn

    Hi. My 1995 C180 will unlock with the fob. But the key will not turn. I manged to start it twice since this began. But no more key turning now. The fob battery tests fine and the car battery is charged. Any clues. I don't want to resync the fob as I can't turn the key at all Thanks...
  20. M

    W203 Ignition issue...?

    Hi all, Car Details: W203 - 2004 - C180k A very weird thing has been happening for the past few days. I don’t think the car registers that the key fob is out of the ignition. When I take my key out of the ignition after driving, the radio will stay on for 7-10 seconds and the 'click'...
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