1. M

    2008 W204 - warning about lights, but they are not broken

    Hi, I recently bought a 2008 W204 and when I turn the ignition several warnings come up on the dashboard: 1) Right-hand tail lamp/brake lamp 2) Front left parking lamp 3) Front right parking lamp But all those lamps are working. What do you think is causing the warnings to come up? And, how...
  2. D

    Mercedes CLA lightbulbs

    Does anyone know where is best to buy Mercedes CLA lightbulbs, both daylight and headlight bulbs. The lights have become extremely dim on my car. I am looking for the white light bulbs. I was told to stay away from LED bulbs as this can mess with the cars computer as it can think the car has a...
  3. D

    lights turn on during the night while parked up.

    Morning all, been a while. I have a problem with my C class 220 CDI estate 2008. The sidelights randomly switch on during the night. My neighbour first pointed this out so I tried to switch them off but they would not respond. I had to disconnect the battery to get them off, meanwhile, the...
  4. C

    Where is dipped beam fuse?

    Hi I have a 2008 Vito 115. For some reason both dipped beam lights have stopped working, so I want to check the fuse. I've looked in the manual and online, but I'm not sure which fuse (and/or relay) to check. Please could someone help. Also, has anyone got any other ideas what might cause...

    Rear indicator lights are stuck on

    2005 sl350. My rear indicator lights are always on. Even when the car is turned off. Sometimes the drivers side brake light flashes too. I have to disconnect the boot battery to turn the lights off. Background is my PSE died and boot and roof was stuck open for 2 weeks with a tarp over the car...
  6. George Benz

    Ignition, dash light issues & engine cutting out?

    Hi all, new member here but have been a lurker for some time! I have a CLK 220CDI with 160K on the clock, car has been utterly reliable but am now having some strange electrical gremlins, hoping someone has had the same issues and found a common fault. It started with key fob issues, as in...
  7. S

    Lights won't turn off in any position, draining battery, help!

    Hi I have a 2001 slk 200 kompressor that I'm trying to fix and get back on the road. The car has been sitting for a number months, Just replaced the oxygen sensor that was causing a fault code previously, but everything was running and working the way it should. Put a new battery in and noticed...
  8. M

    CL500 W215 2004 sidelights can't remove.

    Hi, probably an easy one and I'm being useless but how the hell do I remove and replace my side lights on my 2004 W214 CL500? Normally you can just pull or twist, but is there a way of doing it? Is there a clip I'm missing as it's a very tight fit behind the headlights. Thanks.
  9. R

    W204 SAM Fault? Power issues

    Hi currently, have W204, the car appears to be blowing front sam unit. No heated seats, auto lights, wipers or horn not working. Replaced front sam, worked for a week. And it stopped working again. Could this be a fuse or relay? The main thing I would like working is the wipers. If I...
  10. P

    A180 rear light cluster

    Was hoping to get some advice if possible. My wife brought our 2014 A180 CDI home earlier today and it appears the driver side brake light has failed. I removed the light cluster and lamp holder only to find that it seemed impossible to remove the faulty bulb from the holder and replace...
  11. S

    Indicator fualt.

    Hello everyone just wondering if anyone can help me.. im from the uk i have a mercedes A-class 2002, my first car. Im a new driver, only had it for 3 weeks. Anyway, when i indacate to go left sometimes my right indacate goes on 80% of the time. If i put my bull beam lights on then my left light...
  12. R


    I am considering replacing my bulbs on my ML270 2002 model but the problem is that there are so many to chose from and some of them are not all they claim to be, Can anyone suggest a brand for the above model Many Thanks
  13. Trueblue1872

    Lighting Problem

    Hello all, i hope you can help with this frustrating problem that is driving me mad. (W203 C180 KOMPRESSOR 1.8 2004) I recently changed out my signal bulbs for new ones and on inspecting all of the lights they seemed to be working fine. Recently a message has been appearing on my malfunctions...
  14. K

    Mercedes wing mirror light on

    Can anyone please help me? I have no luck with cars at all but I got a c160 a week ago and for the last couple of days the drivers side wing mirror light stays on constantly. If the car is locked it is continuously flashing? If I indicate right it ticks really fast but all lights are working...
  15. A

    Xeon headlamp not working after flood

    Hi all, I recently had to drive through flood water in my C220 CDI where the left side of my bonnet submerged. Now my inteli lights are not working as the left headlamp does not work. I replaced the xenon bulb but it still doesn't work. I've tried drying everything out and it's been a week now...
  16. T

    No Interior Lighting ML270 w163

    Please help, I've just picked up a 2004 ML270 cdi w163 and none of the interior roof lights work, front middle or back. i,ve checked fuse 13, it's fine and the 3 way switch does nothing. also the switch to allow the car to be towed (in roof panel with lights) does nothing when pressed...
  17. S

    S124 rear brake light cluster

    Hello, Is it possible to just change the lens on this type of cluster? Was washing my car yesterday and have noticed a small hole in the driver's side rear indicator section. Its going for an MOT and I seem to recall cracked lenses can result in a fail. Wasn't there last year for the...
  18. H

    C200 (W205) AMG Line Door Mirror Puddle Lighting

    Hi, Can anyone tell me whether the door mirror puddle lights (underside of the mirror housing) come as standard on the C200 W205 AMG Line. I have looked everywhere but cannot find any reference as to whether or not they do. Plus dealer is a little clueless. Similarly the exterior door...
  19. D

    Dim halogen lights W204

    Hi, My halogen headlamps on my 59 plate W204 are quite dim. At my last MOT it was an advisory, so I'm not just being particular about it. I've swapped the bulbs out and it made no difference. Spread is good and the pattern is correct on both, but it feels like their not the right...
  20. M


    I some seen some Mercedes and indeed some other cars with lights showing a blue tint, do those cars have special bulbs that give this blue colour and can anyone tell me the correct ones for my 2004 C Class 220CDI?. Thanks

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