1. J

    W210 2.8 petrol M104.942 sudden stop and starting problem

    So, W210. Petrol 2.8 6 in-line (M104.942) became difficult to start the other day, normally not a problem starting. Ignition on (normal), crank (normal), engine fires very briefly and abruptly stops. Continued attempts initially achieved a slightly longer engine run (maybe 1/2 sec) and again...
  2. R

    E280 Engine Judder

    Hi, My 1995 E280 S124 started juddering from the engine ( I think) at the end of a short journey last week. I have just tried to drive it again. I topped up the oil as it was on the low side (but still above minimum) and drove for 3-5 mins at it seemed completely normal but then the juddering...
  3. jeremy156

    124 stiff throttle

    Had a go at lubricating my throttle cable a while ago (dry ptfe) and noticed an improvement to my heavy throttle, but still heavy. Considered replacing the throttle cable. This evening, driving up a long steep hill, I hit “resume” on the cruise control which was set at “70”-ish from a speed of...
  4. J

    190e m111 engine swap

    Hi there. I have a 1989 190e with a m102 2l 8v engine and want something a bit for nippy. I want this car to modify so it handles great as well as being pretty fast so I thought a good engine for this would be the m111 over the m104 as I am worried about the weight over the front. Has anyone...
  5. J

    E190 engine swap

    Hi everyone I am thinking of doing an engine swap to my 1989 190e 2.6 auto and cant decide which engine my main choices where the m104 3.2 petrol or the om605 or 606 diesel can anyone tell me the pros or cons to the engines and which will be more fun also I was thinking of putting them to a...
  6. JensH

    W124 E280 4-Spd Auto Est (‘95)

    Not posted for a while, since I’ve had around 25-30k trouble-free miles (apart from self-inflicted odometer jam last Summer, which was an easy fix). Nearing 180k now. BUT... A few weeks ago I had my local garage fit a new cat, an after-market one (recommended). Since then I’ve had both cold...
  7. JensH

    W124 E280 4 Spd Auto (Est), Cruise Control

    Mornin' all, Cruise control on my car has been U/S, since I got it back in October. It is next on my list to restore to working order. I will then only have 3 main issues, apart from a list of largely cosmetic cabin and trim parts, which I'll do gradually, (1) o/s heating & A/C issues (prob...
  8. Y

    300ce-24 m104 engine misfiring

    I have a misfiring problem in my 300ce-24. I have narrowed it down to cyl 4 only. I have replaced the distributor and spark leads but to no help. If I leave the car undriven for a few days and start it up, the misfiring is really bad.... I can step on the accelerator and the car is bogged...

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