parking sensors

  1. PaulG

    Car reversing sensors

    Hi Has any of your seen/used one of these before? (attached photo) The E240 that I bought has the Mercedes sensors in the rear bumper but inside has this Singtech Car Reversing Obstacle Sensor which looks like an after market option. It works so I have no complaints. Possibly a replacement for...
  2. 440magnumrt

    CL203 Rear parking sensors not working

    Searched the forums, but can't find my symptoms. 2005 C Class Coupe. Front parking sensors work fine, but rears have stopped working. No beeps or warnings, but the rear display doesn't light up when in reverse. All 4 rear sensors are 'ticking' if you put your ear against them, which I believe...
  3. T

    W251 R class Parking sensor control module location?

    Hi, can anyone tell me where the PCU is located in the R class? I picked this car up yesterday and I'm getting two red dots in the front distance indicators and a beep before the system shuts itself off. Turning the system back on has the same result. I have not yet seen any lights/noise from...
  4. S

    w203 front parking sensor removal

    Hi I've recently joined the forums and am trying to find out if it is the front parking sensors can be removed without taking the whole bumper cover off. They are housed in a trim strip which looks like it can be removed but before I go clotting about I thought I'd ask the question.
  5. G

    Intermittent parking sensor faults

    Has any one had intermittent parking sensor faults one day all ok and another two red lights thanks
  6. S

    w203 estate parking sensor removal/repair

    Hi I am new to this forum but have owned a few Mercedes over the years(c107 380 SLC being the one I wished I'd kept) I am a working musician so always need a load carrier and by good fortune a C class 220 cdi sport edition estate came my way. It's a very straight car with low mileage for it's...
  7. L

    Parking Sensor Issues

    Hi all, First post for me but I have a good one. Parking sensors on an E220 2013 AMG facelift After reading lots of forum threads and watching youtube videos I thought I may just have a faulty sensor because the issue is intermittent, sometimes my sensors work and other times they don't. When...
  8. G

    Aftermarket Parking Sensors

    Hi folks, more to this site so please be gentle. :-) I'm looking for some help with an electrical issue I've come across whilst trying to fit front parking sensors to my 2018 GLA. I managed to get them fitted and used the fuse box under the passenger footwell as a power supply from one of the...
  9. E

    A Class A200 AMG

    Hi all, I wanted to find out if there is any way to turn on the parking sensor sound on the A200 AMG 2016. I just purchased this car, I am loving it so far. When you put it into reverse the camera shows on the main screen however it only shows lines and the actual sound doesn't come on. I...
  10. R

    Rear Parking Sensors Faulty?

    Hi All, New member here, thanks for accepting me :) I recently bought my first Mercedes C Class Sport, after years of being an Audi man, and I am not disappointed! However, I had a slight ding the other week, and my rear bumper had to be replaced, which was all fine and it is now as new...
  11. W

    CLC electrical problem HELP?!

    Hi all, I joined this forum a few months back and we discussed which car I should get. I bought a black CLC220 58 plate in the end. Basically two things: After a few thousand miles I had a '3rd brake light' warning come on the dash. My lights are working fine- all of them, even the number...
  12. G


    Hi Guys I have a 2010 ML350 with reverse camera. Lately I noticed that when reversing, i use the side mirrors and the reverse camera. However when am getting closer, i do not seem to hear any beep noise regarding how close am getting to the object behind. Will this be because i have the...
  13. M

    Parking sensors!! fixed but problems again

    My R230Sl had the issue whereby both red bars on the display would light accompanied by the irritating Beeeeeep even when no where near any obstacles. Even if you turned the sensors off via the switch they would turn themselves back on at varying times along with the red bars and beep as before...
  14. C

    R129 Aftermarket Parking Sensor Installation

    Hi all, I've just completed fitting a set of aftermarket parking sensors to my 280SL so thought I would share. I've written up the full process on my blog together with many pictures. The process was based...
  15. A

    Reverse sensors not working? cany any one help

    Hello I have a Mercedes Benz C class 2.7 CDI Auto tip 2001, its only done 58k and drives fantastic, I will be keeping it, I have not long had the car and need to fix a few bits to make it perfect! If any one could help me out? The car has rear reverse sensors but they are not working when...
  16. BRABUS R230

    Parking Sensors not Working

    Hi All, I have recently had my front bumper removed in order to have it resprayed due to motorway stone chips! When I collected my car from the Bodyshop I noticed that my parking sensor alarm kept beeping with the first 2 orange bars displaying (2 left/2 Right) does it need to be reset using...

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