1. H

    HELP! W220 2002 S600L 5.8L V12 - Looking for parts!

    Hi All, I'm looking for a front left and right strut for a 2002 S600L. I'm admittedly not very knowledgeable on Mercedes so don't want to find the wrong parts. Been quoted around 1300+ vat each side for Mercedes parts, so looking for a cheaper alternative or used parts if possible! The car has...
  2. L

    fan belt trouble w123

    Hi, I have a 1984 W123 230e. I'm only getting a few hundred miles on a new fanbelt before it starts to fray and squeal. Three different mechanics have checked it and don't know why it's doing it. The last guy suggested it might be the modern universal belts that they are using and suggested...
  3. K

    Best Place to purchase Air suspension - w219 replacement

    Hi, I need to replace drivers side air bags, both have popped, I have looked on eBay but do not know anywhere else to buy, this must be a common part replaced would you guys be able to advise best way to buy these parts. Used a good option for rear, I Iv seen bilstein branded used rear bags...
  4. K

    Ordering Genuine / Quietly Aftermarket Parts for Mercedes Similar to TPS for VW

    I owned VW cars and had a good relationship with TPS to get parts and prices for parts on VW Cars as I used to buy and sell them. I'm not aware of any place I can call / search for online to get price on info for parts, I'm collecting a few Mercedes currently W219 / E190 / E36 Amg - and looking...
  5. A

    Panamericana Grille Badge won’t fit

    Bought a grille fitted to the car and the original badge doesn’t twist into the grille as it’s too big, does anyone know if there’s a smaller badge you can get?
  6. D

    Advice on non mercedes parts

    A rear shock on my GL320 has gone and I am looking to use aftermarket part. Does anyone on the forum have advise on the best supplier? the price variation is alarming.
  7. E

    Parts, spares, Help, where to get OEM,

    Hi All, I really need some help, I'm rebuilding my 1988, w201, 190e, And I need recommendations for websites to get genuine or quality OEM parts? I was looking online for all of my parts, at first I was looking at all Febi bilstein but after seeing some reviews on here it looks like they...
  8. M113K

    North Wales Indie Recommendation ?

    Hi, New to Mercedes so am unfamiliar with which garage is considered a ‘Go To’ one that isn’t going to charge the earth while still knowing what they are doing etc... Now I’m in North Wales on the far end of Anglesey. So about as far as you can get. Even the Llandudno Official Mercedes...
  9. imkaz

    So I broke my SL

    I hope this is the right place to to post this topic, please let me know if it should be reloacted. About a week ago, I drove my SL into a solid pole, no one else was involved or hurt, I am fine too, air bags didnt go off. I do feel really stupid and sad that I've done this to a car, but it's...
  10. Trueblue1872

    Genuine Parts

    hello friends, where is the best place to buy Mercedes parts online
  11. Teutonic77

    Trying to keep an old rusty automatic alive..

    Hi Mercedes Peeps we've got an old Mercedes Vito 638 automatic which we've been nursing along with bits here and bobs there. We've been stuck for a few months without her as the Neutral position/Inhibitor switch needs replacing. We cant seem to locate one that's not a kings ransom from a main...
  12. Smaltze

    Fabrication Startup, we want to make things for you!

    Hi all, We (myself and a friend) are looking to begin a fabrication business. We are allways making things for ourselves, and are looking to start selling the service! We have to our disposal an extremely well equipt workshop, ready to make whatever anyone desires. Machinery includes, CNC...
  13. C

    Prestige All Parts- any experiences?

    Dear all, I have just purchased a few bits and bobs for my 215... engine cover (£10 complete with all clips), wash tank (£25) and driver's door seat/ mirror control module in burred walnut (£75). I didn't think the prices too bad. Some parts turned up yesterday but I'm still missing the...
  14. R

    buying service item

    Hi I need to buy genuine service Item for my car but I don't have the parts numbers.... How can I find out which are the right parts for my car? for example is there a website I can put my registration number and it will give me all the parts numbers? any suggestion for best and cheapest...
  15. E

    Euro Merc - DONT USE THIS GUY

    I have read many threads on this forum about Euro Merc , I wish I had read them before I brought a part from Euro Merc. Basically the guy is still as bad as he was he was in posts' from 2010/2011/2012 and 2013. He sent the wrong part , I returned, now he has the part and the money...
  16. A

    3 months to deliver a spare part, you've got to be kidding?

    [B]Does B Class mean B Class service? YOU DECIDE !!! Please help me out and tell me what you think a B Class (no pun intended) “Good Will Gesture” should be I have a B Class auto (B180 CDI SE CVT) on a 58 plate with 33000 miles on the clock and the CVT starts to play up. OK I have a...


    Hi All, We at Carbon Performance are keen to get a meet organised for the 18 October 2014 In Brighton West Sussex. So the day will commence by meeting aprox 9am/10pm (we said 12pm before so an early one for all you lazy ones :p:p:p) from there onwards refreshments will be served. An...

    Carbon fibre parts

    Hello fellow members we are new to the site and just starting to work are way around. We have been creating custom carbon fibre car components for prestige cars for the last 4 years with are main customer base in dubai and internationally we have now decided to come back to the UK whilst still...

    Carbon Performance Ltd

  20. C

    Merc Ml Owner

    Hi All. I have just bough a Merc ML 2005 and have done some work on it to bring it back to its former glory. Looking forward to finishing it soon so watch out for my posts pls. cheers Gary

ACMS Mercedes Ltd is an independent Mercedes-Benz service specialist based in Walsall. The company provides high levels of customer service and quality workmanship, at competitive prices. Call Mark on 01922 634666 or 07530 456000
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