1. R

    No signal - Bluetooth connection

    So I've changed phone recently, to a new android phone and have a problem with the bluetooth connection. The phone pairs fine, but the car shows it as having no signal, even though it does. Anyone ever seen this before? Worked entirely fine with my last phone.
  2. D

    new member

    I have just registered membership and I'm looking forward to reading and chatting. One thing someone may be able to help me with; I can connect my iPhone with the command system each time I start the car, the problem is I have to do this each time. My previous cars, Lexus, Volvo would auto...
  3. N

    S Class 2007 Entertainment System

    Hi all, Wanted to ask if anyone knew of a place in the UK that did entertainment systems for the S Class W221 2007 model. I saw a link online however they are based in America. Link provided below. I am looking for something which can connect my phone via Bluetooth to play music and...
  4. C

    Connecting phone to bluetooth

    Hi all, I've just bought a 2008 CLC 1.8 Kompressor and am trying to connect my phone inside so that i can make and receive calls. I have something in the middle of the centre console which takes a sim card. i have ordered a pay as you go sim and stuck that in there but nothing is happening. I...
  5. C

    W215 poor mobile service & quality

    Ok chaps, My 215 has a Visseeo MB3000 fitted into the armrest cradle. No problems pairing my iPhone with it.... The problems come when I try to make or receive calls. Network reception in the car is terrible, at best 3 bars and most usually 1 or 2. This is in areas where I'd normally...
  6. D

    Phone mount/cradle for c350e

    I've just taken delivery of my C350e Estate and am loving it so far. However, I really really want to have my phone mounted on the dash somewhere so that I can continue to use Waze as it's much better than the built-in Sat Nav. I've looked at Brodit Proclips and they only have one that...
  7. E

    Mercedes Benz Assistance Phone Charges

    I recently had to phone MBA to sort a braking problem. I'm sure the guy I spoke to was English, but as far as I can see, I was charged for a call to Germany as well as the How-did-we-do texts. Has anybody else noticed this and how is it explained? I thought these calls went to Milton Keynes...
  8. grahamwoodward

    W211 - E320 - Phone microphone not working

    I have a W211 E-class (2004) with Comand (Sat Nav, Phone, CD Multi etc) and a Nokia 6310i phone fitted in a MB cradle in the front armrest. It worked perfectly until recently. The phone dials out and I can hear the person I have rung but they can't hear me. They get interference instead. The...
  9. W

    Help – I think a Visseo MB3 broke my car

    Hello I would be grateful if someone could suggest possible causes for UHI Power issue. My UK spec 2005 W203 C220 CDI Estate was factory fitted with the UHI Telephone prewiring option, an Audio 20 radio and a Nokia 6230i cradle adapter in the armrest. Recently I unwittingly connected a...
  10. U

    Mobile Connection in W203

    Hello All My Car (MB C180K/2002) has installed AUDIO 30APS System and on steering wheel it has 2 buttons for call( talk and end call) see attached file this is my car interior. When i bought this car there was no phone inside. my friend told that on his E-class he is using mobile phone...
  11. B

    In Car Phone Kit

    Does anyone know if the Nokia 6310 fits the standard cradle in a CL 500 (2005)? Cheers Mike
  12. B

    In car phone

    I have just purchased a CL 500 with the phone Kit installed. I was wondering if anyone knew which Particular Nokia phone fits the kit. Cheers Mike
  13. E

    Thick Newbie 2005 Viano Owner - Help Appreciated!

    Hi Guys, I recently purchased a 2005 Viano Ex Long Trend 2.2. Its a lovely beast but have got the following issues, any feedback would be much appreciated: Doors open - All the time I am driving the dash is displaying 'doors open' and i Think its showing both of the front doors, obviously...
  14. T

    Moving the phone connector? (W211)

    I have an S211 with phone pre-wiring, and use a Viseeo MB-2 Bluetooth unit in the UHI connector in the top of the centre console. As the MB-2 very rarely needs any form of human interaction, this seems like a waste of premium storage space in the console. It seems like a good idea to remove...
  15. G

    Phone Cradle

    Does anyone have - or know where I might find - a S/H but servicable phone cradle (MB Part A211 820 1451). This cradle uses the Nokia 6310i phone and has the coiled wire connection (Not UHI) to the system plug inside the centre armrest. The PCB inside my cradle has broken and there is no...
  16. A

    Mobile Phone Compensator & Control Unit - C280 (W203) Year 2006

    Can anyone tell me what a mobile phone compensator is and a mobile phone control unit ? I understand, I need both these items as my car is not prewired. Also, where I can get the cables(wiring harness) in order to wire a phone cradle ? If there is anything else I would need, please...
  17. A

    Retrofit Phone Wiring - C280 Estate

    I have a C280 Estate 2006 with dvd based comand APS incorporating steering wheel controls. However, the system is not pre-wired. I have bought a Viseeo MB-2 with a view to installing in centre arm rest where I see there is a square to punch out for the contact platter of wiring to be installed...
  18. MBNuB

    R171 Phone pre-wiring and Bluetooth

    I'm in the process of swapping my beloved's TT for an SLK280 (it would snow, wouldn't it!!) which has a Sport pack and lost of options ticked. Including phone pre-wiring. There's a cradle of some description in the centre arm-rest which the saleman tells me detaches so you swap it for another...

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