1. D

    W201 running rough at idle

    Hello looking for some help. The car seems run rough when at idle and wants to cut out and sometimes does, and gets worse when pressing accelerator, but once up at speed it's fine, could this be the OVP relay? (I have ordered one) however I was told it could be the idle control valve. However...
  2. S

    E320 Cdi Avantgarde 2006 Airmatic Relay location

    Hi all, I am having a huge struggle locating the Airmatic Relay on my E320 Cdi. Hours trawling relay maps and relay info/videos leads me to a discrepancy in what my actual fuse box shows. In short: My rear suspension has dropped. I have ascertained that no power is getting to the compressor...
  3. R

    Mercedes c350e malfunction

    Hi I am having this issue with malfunction and 2gearwheels. The engine is not going back to hybrid…I did changed the starter motor and it worked for few miles, but then started again the same issue. Shall I change the starter relay? Looks like is loosing a connection or somethin..
  4. MattyH

    Non-starting W202 diesel

    As of yesterday, the diesel preheat/glowplugs light (is this the right terminology?) is ceased to come on when I put the key in the ignition of my 1996 250D W202 automatic and turn it to the first click. Nor will the engine fire when starter motor is swung Battery is strong and engine turns...
  5. S

    Lights won't turn off in any position, draining battery, help!

    Hi I have a 2001 slk 200 kompressor that I'm trying to fix and get back on the road. The car has been sitting for a number months, Just replaced the oxygen sensor that was causing a fault code previously, but everything was running and working the way it should. Put a new battery in and noticed...
  6. J

    Unusual noises when pressing brake pedal

    Hi, I have an R230 that today has started to emit a short squeal occasionally when braking. I tried braking when stationary with the engine running but in 'Park', and it still makes the noise as the pedal movement passes a certain point. If I hold it at the point where it squeals, it...
  7. N

    W202 c250D electric windows only work with doors or boot open.

    Hello, Hope someone can help? Windows and sunroof will only work when either doors or boot are open. I recently changed the comfort control module in the boot as I found it in a terrible state when changing the battery. Thought this would sort it but no luck. Car is a w202.125 c250d...
  8. D

    W123 hazard relay only flashes one side?

    Hi there, I have just replaced my relay as my hazards were not working. Now when I stick the hazards on only the left indicators flash. Any ideas or do we reckon it's a duff relay ( new from eBay over a year ago as there was a problem before but it turned out to be gunk in the hazard...
  9. M

    Please help...newbie with a problem!

    This is my first post here and I'm hoping someone might be able offer some help. Here's what happened this week with my CLK... On Wednesday I got in the car and noticed the Comand system wasn't working. I checked the fuse but it was fine. Then things got worse... Later that day...
  10. B

    W124 300 CE seatbelt extender problems

    Hi, I'm having troubles with my passengerside seatbelt extender to work. I fooled around with the door switch then it worked fine. The next day it stopped again, so I thought it was the switch. So I switch it around with the driverside, still nothing:-(( Any comments on where i should try next...
  11. Onne

    W126 Headlight washer/wipers

    Hello all, First post, so I'd better introduce myself. My name is Onne, Dutchman living in the UK. I've got a 1990 W126 300SE running on LPG I've got a problem with my headlight washing system. Fuse is fine but there is a reference to a relay 86? Any idea where this would be? Any...
  12. R

    CLK430 Fuel starvation

    I Drove the car for 2 miles and it died on me, engine turns and rumbles for 5 seconds then dies. Towed home and tried the car the next day and was working perfectly - drove for two miles then same thing again, towed home and started the car, worked perfectly again - daren't try it again or Green...
  13. J

    Intermittent starting fault C230K 1999 Vin:WDB2020242F910191

    MB Member Television computer is down but thinks: This leaves a couple of things, some have the K38 starter lock out relay( where is this located on car?) and these are known to have poor connections on the spade push on connectors or is it the main starting one (where is this located on car?) ...
  14. J

    is there a starter lock out relay or is it the main starting one

    car started drove to work. After lunch ,engine not turning over, called AA. Battery ok, brake light switch operating ok, instrument lights and all other electric seem OK. AA man tried tapping starter, then went under car and bridged the solenoid to the starter, we now have a running engine the...
  15. N

    W211 starter motor relay fuse blowing

    Can someone please help. Called out the AA when the car wouldnt turn over and they diagnosed a blown 20 amp starter relay fuse. Once changed the car started but the same fuse has blown twice more since. Does anyone know if this a common problem and what may be causing it. Thanks in advance.
  16. balge59

    W124 wiring

    hi my 1993 300TD appears to have a problem with air con - but not a usual one... A/C doesn't work (unsurpising..) but neither does tacho, temp gauge is wildly erratic and the transmission seems...woolly (but it does need a throttle cable fitting, which may sort that) Current set up involves a...
  17. P

    W202 wiper relay/stalk problem

    My first post, and apologies if this is covered somewhere already - I did look but there are 500+ threads in this category. Just bought a '97 C200 Elegance auto estate (upgrade from my beloved 1992 190E) and all the electrics are working - sunroof, windows, mirrors, lamps, etc - except the...
  18. J

    W124 300CE Wiper and windows

    Hi, Has anyone got an idea. The front wiper and washer stopped working yesterday (snow, slush & salt - great) and, at the same time, the windows stopped working. When stopped, and the motor not running, the windows work fine. When running, not. If it was just the wiper I would look at...

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