1. H

    HELP! W220 2002 S600L 5.8L V12 - Looking for parts!

    Hi All, I'm looking for a front left and right strut for a 2002 S600L. I'm admittedly not very knowledgeable on Mercedes so don't want to find the wrong parts. Been quoted around 1300+ vat each side for Mercedes parts, so looking for a cheaper alternative or used parts if possible! The car has...
  2. O

    W220 - Engine Coolant and Transmission Problem

    Hi guys i have a mercedes W220 (S350) Ive recently noticed that my transmission was acting weird, in terms of gears shifting feeling a bit gerky and taking longer to shift. Ive checked my transmission fluid level and there is oil in it. Ive also noticed that there is anti freeze liquid from...
  3. O

    S350/2003- command unit not turning on at all

    I have a Mercedes S-class 2003 3.7l and a few days a go I replaced the rear air suspensions and a new compresses aswell. Once the battery was reconnected the air suspension sign pop up on the dash board but when raising and lowering the car it works perfectly fine. But driving over speed humps...
  4. Y

    New member

    Hello My name is Stan Decided I need an S-Class to help me through old age. Joined in the hope that members will help and advise me with my budget of 15k
  5. P

    2003 S-class airmatic suspension prblem

    Dear Mercedes Owners, I have a problem with the airmatic suspension on a 2003 S-Class, petrol. The issue is that the car will drive okay and the suspension is at the correct height, however , if left over night, the suspension will gradually lower so that by morning, the front tires are sitting...
  6. K

    S-Class W221 - EML on, need advise

    Hey fellow Merc lovers, I just wanted some advice please - my W221 320CDI has the EML recently come on and the following codes have come up on my OBD reader (I know Star is better and I will get this done once work permits): **** AFTER EML **** Fault log report generated by Torque for Android...
  7. M

    S-class 320cdi L 2007 change MPG to L/KM on display

    Hello members, I recently bought a S-class 320cdi L and i want to change the fuel consumption from MPG to LKM on the main display. I was looking for it in the menus but I couldn't find it... Can someone please advise me on this? Will be very happy if someone can help with this minor issue...
  8. C


    Hello I was wondering whether it would be possible to retrofit Genuine MB Rear Seat Entertainment into an S-Class 2015? One of the ways I thought this could be done is to have the Chassis number from a W222 S Class with factory rear seat entertainment, and then work out the part numbers...
  9. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes S320 CDI Remapping!!!

    Hey guys, So sorry we have not been on here for a week or two! We have had some major issues regarding the website and phone lines which have taken up so much of our energy we have hardly had any time to sort all the other bits and bobs out!! Anyway here was one of the many Mercs from last...
  10. D

    S500 W220 Lumbar Support Problem

    Hi, Good evening.... I am new to the forum, and indeed to Mercedes ownership. My father has had, and still runs a couple of E-classes including a 1998 E300TD with 270k miles (immaculate). I have just purchased, at 33 years old, my first Mercedes, a rather lovely 2003 S500 L, fully loaded in...
  11. BAD Arrows

    New S Class looks good.....

    I stole this picture from Mercedes facebook page...... Is anyone as geeky as me and going to watch the world premiere tonight????? #mustgetoutmore :p:rolleyes::shock:
  12. C

    2001 S320 wash/wipe problem

    The wash/wipe function on my S320 seems to have developed a problem. The washers and wipers work when I press the column stalk switch but then the wipers won't stop unless you switch the wipers to full speed and then turn off. I am guessing that this is a relay problem but need some advice...
  13. 300SL


    Looking for newish S-Class and found these tempting choices...
  14. 300SL

    CLS or S-Class?

    As the family SUV was crashed, we need a new car. I have chosen to diverge from an SUV for a change and I am stumped on which to choose. CLS 350 Sport from new or a newish S-Class (link below). I do not need much space, a sporty drive would be nice and speed as well, both will be diesels. Which...
  15. G

    Maintenance Costs of S-Class

    I am considering getting a high mileage (100K) S-Class. I would be grateful for any information about likely maintenance costs please? For instance: 1. What are the costs of components like tyres and exhausts which have to be replaced? 2. What do likely spare parts, like alternators, cost? 3...
  16. J

    Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG and S 65 AMG

    Specific enhancements to the S 63 AMG and S 65 AMG: Exclusive top-of-the-line AMG S-Class models now boast even greater appeal... http://www.d4u.com.ua/en/go/Mercedes-Benz-S-63-AMG-and-S-65-AMG/news.details.html

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