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  1. Z

    Service B Cost for C 220 d Saloon 55K miles

    Hi i have been quoted by ind for service B plus MOT for £550. (£45 for MOT) Does this sound reasonable in greater London Area reg date 2016 Jan Diesel Automatic
  2. N

    What does a B0 service include?

    Hi all, wonder if anyone can help me here? My C350e is booked in for a B0 service soon. I've been told the cost, but no one (including Merc HQ in Milton Keynes) can tell me what the service includes and what is extra. I find this incredible. With previous cars from other makes I've known in...
  3. R

    B Service - Mercedes Benz Specialists

    Hi all, Got my service coming up in about 25 days or so, coming from a BMW m3 I know a few BMW specialists by purchased my c250cdi a few months ago and it's coming up with a B5 service on the dash. Called up a few places and have had prices ranging from 240+VAT to 560+ VAT! Nair Auto's: 240+...
  4. pnevesfoto

    Service "B" - what to do and to look for...

    Hi you all, my W203 C220 CDI 150bhp is getting close to the "service B" time... the last time I performed the "service A", I replaced the following parts: • engine oil (5w40 Shell Ultra) • engine oil filter (Mahle - MB supplier) • engine air filter (K&N) • cabin air filters (Mahle - MB...
  5. C

    How much???

    Hello everyone. My CLC 12 month service is due and has done just under 10,000 miles during the year. It had a service A last Feb and is showing service A again. MB are saying that the service will cost £385, surely that's a service B? Being a new MB driver i don't have much of a clue who's...
  6. S

    4 years old S320, Dealer Service or...?

    Hi All I am struggling with the old time problem -MB service+Stamped book or independent (saying) ex-MB mechanic. This is my 13th Mercedes and all the others were sold after 2 years and a new one replaced it. This S320 is 4 years old next month, only 17K miles and I may decide to run it to...
  7. M

    Service A & B

    Last year I paid £180 for an MB A service. My A Class 170 is now two years old. I have been quoted £480 for B service BUT there may be (many) additional chargeable items. So the cost of B service is likely to be much higher for one year alone! Karamba! Why does MB servicing cost so much for...

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