steering wheel

  1. Justin85

    1999 R129 interior colour - steering wheel retrim

    Hello All, I'm trying to get my steering wheel retrimmed. The colour code for my car is 234A - Nappa Saffron/Java. I assume the seats are Saffron and the upper dash and wheel are Java; I've tried a couple of reputable trimmers, but they haven't been able to source any suitable coloured...
  2. P


    Hi everyone. I've just bought my 1st mercedes sprinter. It's an old 2004 313 mwb cdi...with the 82bhp engine. Spotless and I love it. I've just started up a small business and needed a work horse. she's had a new engine, turbo, clutch and flywheel. I got it for £1600. So my 1st question is. Can...
  3. M

    Squealing when turning

    Hi all, When I turn the steering wheel on my Mercedes C220d 2007 to full lock either left or right it makes a really loud squealing sound. Not like something rubbing on rubber or plastic but really quite a loud squeeking noise. I have had a local garage look at it and they topped up the...
  4. J

    round plastic disk (ESP?) under steering wheel, how to remove

    Hi, I need to replace a faulty combination stalk on my 1999 C230K, I have managed to remove the steering wheel but I am now faced with a round plastic disk (ESP?) which is not obvious how to remove without risking breaking or destroying its function , any advice would be much appreciated...
  5. B


    Hi can anyone help with advise the steering keeps sticking ..this is an intermittent problem like every few minuets on an average run . it seems to be getting worse .I am aware its electric steering . Its really dangerous as every now and then it will stick on a roundabout ...and one has to...
  6. J

    W220 creaking noise when turning wheel

    I have a 51 plate w220 cdi, when you turn the steering wheel it makes a creeking grinding kind of noise does anyone have any idea what this could be? it happens when stationary or when parking into a space.:confused:
  7. Wheel

    Steering wheels

    Hi all. Just a small thing really... but isn't it the small things in life that niggle us the most?! It seems that with car manufacturers that a 3 spoke steering wheel is the premium option, with 4 spoke being standard. I like the fact that my B160 has a 4 spoke. I don't know what it...
  8. S

    Non-matching steering wheels . . .

    Non-matching steering wheels . . . :confused: Hi All, new here ~ but the 'there is no thread for newbies to introcuce themselves' thread says jump right in . . . here goes . . . Looking for my third MB; ex C220 (petrol W202) owner, currently driving a CLK 320 (W208) ~ which is lovely...
  9. S

    [Wanted] Airbags C Class coupe W203 2005

    I am on the hunt for both front airbags. Drivers steering wheel and passenger Dash airbags. New to MB would love some guidance Cheers guys[/B]
  10. J

    r230 replacement steering wheel

    Hi, new to this forum but hoping someone can asnwer my query. I have a 2004 SL350 bought from new but I couldn't afford the upgraded wood steering wheel. Having bought one from ebay, I now have the worry that the part may not be compatible with my vehicle. I am about to send it to a workshop to...

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