1. MBnewbie123

    Need help with problems with W204

    Hi, Hopefully, someone on here can help me. I have a W204 and a few days ago I ran an OBD on it and it showed that I have some problems with the car. I want to know which ones I can dismiss, and for the ones that are important - how do you solve them? I want to know so that when I go to a...
  2. C

    W212 Petrol Coolant Temp Fluctuations

    Hi all, W212 Petrol, M274 Engine, 2013, 60k mileage Coolant temp in town is stable at just under 90 which is fine........when travelling high speeds it's mostly at 80, however it will dip to 60's if I'm coasting. Had a MB software update recently (for the gearbox) but apart from that, the...
  3. N

    Mercedes E350 CDI 2010 Starting, Temperature issues.

    Hi All, I've been having a few issues with my recently purchased 2010 e350 coupe OM642.83 (93k miles). No codes showing. 1) The car struggles to start on first cold start but then remains fine for the rest of the day. Glow plug lights go off straight away as they should, and both plugs and...
  4. C

    W204 M271 engine coolant temperature on motorway

    Hi all, My 2012 C250 CGI coolant temps sits at 90 degree's when in town driving, however drops and stays constant at 80 degree's when I'm on a motorway doing 70mph. Is this normal behaviour?
  5. T

    Engine Temperature reading going up and down

    Hi, I have a CLK(C209)-2006 with 200 Krompressor engine(M271). I've noticed that the engine temperature display in the console can vary from around 45C to 85C within a couple of minutes when driving. This is when I've been driving for quite a bit, so temp should be static at 85C. Can't...
  6. M

    W204 Strange Behaviour

    Ever since I bought my C200 it has displayed the following odd behaviour. Every so often: - The temperature gauge drops to zero - The engine fan comes on - The heater comes on. If I pull over and switch off the ignition and then switch on again everything returns to normal. This used to...
  7. M

    2005 / 53 C270 CDI - Running temp questions

    Hi First post i think on here. I have a question, maybe a simple one. Car - C270CDI auto saloon, 53plate New manifold fitted in March. Intermediate / Oil change Service done in June. The car is still running rough, now takes a few seconds to start after cranking it, whereas before it was...
  8. scotsboi

    Outside temp display faulty

    Hi, I noticed a few months back that my car's outside temp gauge was showing the wrong temperature - usually 5-10 degrees what it should be. I noticed it after I had it in for a service - although I'm not suggesting it was related - only because the service didn't involve that - although they...
  9. W

    Thermostat W169

    Has anyone changed a thermostat and/or Temperature on A Class A150 W169 2005 on series and can advise on the job DIY please? Have noticed that the tepmerature is not always going as high as it used to to what used to be a standard reading after a short distance, wonder if the stat is sometimes...
  10. D

    Cooling system question

    Hi, I need to replace the coolant in my engine but how many litres does the system hold? Just so i can buy the correct amount of antifreeze. Also does the system need bleeding? If so how is this done. Car runs at about 82 degrees on the temp gauge is this to cold? 1997 c200 w202.
  11. T

    Heater Problems - Please Help!!!

    Hi all - I'm new to here so please accept my apologies if in wrong section or annoying anyone. I recently purchased a Mercedes ML270 CDI TIP 2002 model and all been going great for about 6 weeks, until this morning when i could only get very very very luke warm just above cold air from the...

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