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  1. Y

    Warm Start Rattling Sound for 7 seconds like symptoms of timing chain/tensionner - OM651 Diesel

    Hey guys, I'm seeking some insights on a peculiar issue with my 2009 w212 equipped with the OM651 diesel engine. During warm engine restarts, particularly after the car has been stationary for around 15 to 50 minutes, I've been noticing a distinct rattling sound. While I'm not certain about the...
  2. C

    Help!!! M276 Engine specialist needed

    Hi Everyone! I am hoping someone here can help me out with this or knows someone who can because I really am at my wit's end. For the past 6 years I've been the proud owner of a beautiful (and extremely rare) 2011 C350 V6 Petrol in Brilliant Silver with only 57000 miles (the 300+ bhp one). It...
  3. Arnison XXVI

    OM651 Timing Chain?

    Hi people new to the forum, let me know if I've posted on the wrong place, I'm 21 and just bought a W212 E250 CDI, I remember I was 10 and my dad bought one out the showroom and I lusted after one since that day. I read before buying about the timing chains, but can't find any answers as to how...
  4. N

    2010 C180 Blue Efficiency Engine/Timing Chain Problems

    Hi, This is my first post regarding my first Mercedes :( My car is a C180, year 2010 with about 70k on the clock. One day I was driving it and it suddenly had the engine lights on and lost all power completely. AA came, looked at it, said it lost compression, could be a timing chain issue...
  5. R

    2004 C180 timing chain dash warning light ignored

    Hi all The subject line says it all really My parents' vehicle - and needless to say the repair cost (Merc dealers) are astronomical / not affordable. The proactive replacement of the 'bicycle' chain would've been the obvious and preferred plan of action. Now the subsequent (but yet to be...
  6. Hutchie

    Timing chain

    Hi I'm looking at purchasing a 2002 C180 coupe - I believe this is a CL203? It has around 70,000 miles on the clock and I've read about timing chain replacements are advised around this time - however most of the things I have read are in relation to the W203. Is the timing chain an issue...
  7. P

    Timing Chain Eclass

    Hi everyone, just joined to passing advice about timing chain. I've had 7 MB, latest car a 2012 Eclass that I had for the last 3 years from 37k, now at 153K. Broke down last night, car just died. Turns out that timing chain snapped and came out through the back of the engine. I've not noticed...
  8. I

    Does my C-Class w203 / 2006 timing chain needs to be replaced ?

    Hello Guys, I have C-Class w203, 2006. It shows SERVICE ENGINE SOON check on the board. I went to engineer who tried to diagnose the problem using some tablet (I think it was some kind of Android software) and then told that it might be the problem of the timing chain sync, but I believe he was...
  9. D

    Whine after Head Change! :-/

    Hi there, I finally got the head for my 1988 W124 200T back, with new valves seated. I reassembled the engine, with all the approppriate new gaskets etc. The one bit I was unsure of though was the Timing Chain Tensioner. When I reassembled it, the spring seemed to push the plunger into the...
  10. L

    Timing chain or Belt

    Hi, Random question....does my Merc 2011 c180 coupe have a timing chain or belt? Had a reminder for my old Audi, so thought I would check for my merc
  11. O

    CLK 200 Timing Chain - Known Problem?

    have a CLK 200, 2008 vintage, with a serious problem. Now all of a sudden everyone is telling me - Oh yes, CLK 200, timing chain, yes that a Merc known problem! But is it? Here's the story ... My wife has a CLK 200 convertible, Jan 2008, bought two and half years ago with 40k on the clock...
  12. S

    2007 C180K W204 Timing Chain / Worn Sprockets Issue

    Hi all, Apologies for another thread about this issue but I just want to know if there are likely to be future problems once this is fixed..... I have a problem with my timing chain. The car wouldn't start one morning and after having it towed to an garage, it was diagnosed as having a...
  13. K

    M271 Horror story

    Hi all I'm new to the forum. I'm having a horror story with my 03 reg C180K and having looked through plenty of threads on timing/cams I haven't found the answer I need! Sorry in advance about the length of this post... To cut a very long story short, I bought the car in August 2010 and it...
  14. F

    OM605 timing help!!!

    Hi there, here is the story so far; i had to remove the head from my c250td due to 2 snapped glow plugs and a few other bits and bobs that needed looking at, after getting the head back on and timed up ie. locking pin on the inlet cam and all set to tdc went to fire her up and she refused to...
  15. V

    Timing Chain??

    Hi I just joined :) I bought a 2006 C Class Kompressor and the yellow engine light started to show. I took it back to the dealer who had it on the diagnostics, and was told it needed two sensors (air & exhaust) replaced. It has a useless warranty so was told I had to pay £100 excess as job...
  16. M

    injection pump timing on sprinter 310 TD 2.9

    hi, i have a sprinter 310 TD 2.9 lt engine om602la. i changed the injection pump drive sprocket, but the engine is not firing. how do i set the timing on the injection pump? please help!
  17. J

    W168 A140 Timing Chain rattle

    Hi, I have a W168, A140 that has a rattle sound noticeable on idle and getting worse over time. The poly v belt, and tensioner jockey have been replaced and have made no difference. A MB mechanic has now said that the noise is the timing chain, but declinded to give price as it is more that...
  18. M

    A class 140 crank pully

    Hi all Ivee dropped the engine out of my A140 as the chain snapped on 64000 miles gggrrrrr the crank shaft pully I guess that comes off with a dirty great big allen key then lol is there a tool I can purchase for this or is there an easier way of getting it off so I can remove the casing also...
  19. J

    Timing Chain tensioner???

    Having fitted the timing chain tensioner twice now incorrectly and consequently snapped the camshaft twice, I am keen to make sure it is all being fitted back correctly. I have followed the instructive advice of dear members when I last posted on this subject and read the instructions and...

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