vibration issue

  1. A

    Vibration after 65mph

    Hello guys so I have a 2011 Mercedes c300 4matic and the car vibrates when I reach 60-65mph and stayes to a higher speed.. sometimes the car does not vibrates at all Mostly feels like the vibration comes from the rear end but also sometimes feels like the whole car vibrates - I have to mention...
  2. T

    Are my engine mounts gone?

    Hi, Been doing a bit of googling to try and work out why the car is vibrating first thing in the morning. Here are the symptoms- * Car starts fine * Engage Drive, the car vibrates and I hear a bit of squeaking sound from up front in time with the vibration * Engage Reverse, the...
  3. Cobra44

    Vibration felt from engine through to interior

    Hi, Recently, I have been experiencing a vibration from my E270. :( I can best describe it as being worse when the car is in drive and just idling, although it is apparent when in N,R and P. The gear box is as smooth as anything as is the engine and there is no loss of power. I can...
  4. O

    Vario 814D 2001 Drive Train Vibration Problems

    2001 Vario 814D drive train vibration problems. The vehicle referred to is a 2001 low mileage, circa 100,000 miles extra LWB Vario 814D in the throws of being converted into a motorhome. I am being quite fastidious with the conversion and naturally with its mechanical condition too. It is/was...
  5. B

    Car Vibrates when driving at 38mph

    Hi Guys, I hope you can help. I have a 2004 Mercedes E270CDI Avantgade Tiptronic and when driving the car begins to shudder and vibrate when cruising between 35-40mph and after the car changes gear the vibration stops, only to reoccur at approximately 60-70mph. When changing the gears...
  6. cozmo1589

    Vibration Noise ML 270 Cdi

    Hi, i have a 2002 50k mile ML. Have noticed recently a noise in the back. I can only describe it as an ill fitting door lock vibrating while the vehicle is in motion or loose luggage compartment pull out cover? I have removed all bits n bobs from the two storage compartments in the tail gate...
  7. G

    S320 - 2001 Vibration issue!

    Hi Guys, Im wondering if any can help me here, I have a 2001 *Rust Bucket S320 V6 Petrol. Its now covered 147K and over the last few months its been vibrating while driving, prior to that I thought one of the cats has gone as it was making a metalic kind of noise from underneath, this went...

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