1. R

    Is buying petrol 3.0L W164 too risky?

    I live in central London, so I need something ULEZ-friendly, hence petrol, because they just hate diesels now and charge extra for everything. My use cases are: * Local/national trips few times a month. * Driving across the continental Europe few times a year, ~1300 miles one way. I've been...
  2. A

    ML320 W164 320CDI engine troubles - opinions wanted!

    Firstly, please excuse the long post, I have been having some engine troubles recently and I am hoping that the community can help me get to the bottom of it. The car is a W164 ML320 CDI with the OM642 engine and about 133000 miles on the clock. The problems first started about a week ago on...
  3. J

    W164 EIS problem

    Hi guys. I have the usual EIS problem and I was wondering if EIS from a year younger w164 would work in mine? I have ML280 from 2006, but the EIS I found is from the 2007 model
  4. Tom-B

    ML write off rebuild

    So I’m just embarking on a new project, I’ve been after a W164 for a while now for towing and thought I’d take advantage of a relatively simple rebuild project. After some scanning of Copart for a while, a relatively clean looking 320CDI came up with Cat N non structural damage to the front...
  5. Tom-B

    New member, new project ML

    Hi all, I’ve just bought a W164 ML that’s in need of some love and attention before she’s ready for the road again. I’ve pretty new to the world of MB however I had a 190e some time ago but that was a bucket and worth forgetting. This one is destined to be a premium tow car for lugging my track...
  6. A

    W164 ML 320 CDi 2008 - Door lock problems

    The driver's side door lock stopped working in my ML some months ago. It does not work with either the central locking or auto lock on movement of the vehicle. It has to be manually locked and released. Now the rear door on the same side has the same problem! I have been quoted £1000 at the...
  7. W

    w164 ML63 wiper problems - only 7 volt registering

    Hi guys would like some assistance . Have a 2007 ML63, which got very wet over the winter of 2014/2105 and subsequently has caused me a few issues. The last but probably the most annoying is the wiper motor... We have replaced it and the new one works perfectly when connected direct to...
  8. F

    New(ish) to the Mercedesclub site - ML320 W164

    Hi all, I signed up to the site a little while ago now but jumped in straight at the deep end asking questions as I had a problem with a leaking injector seal! (The Black Death) I've also had a couple of problems since then but I think I may be winning on that front! So, I've had my...
  9. M

    W164 Audio 20 -> Comand Upgrade

    SO, I just purchased a Comand APS NTG2.5 unit from eBay (yes, I know :neutral:) - and am a bit worried that I'll run into difficulty installing it. I have a 2009 ML 320CDI with an Audio 20 + Bluetooth phone (no CD changer or Amp or anything) Does anyone have any tips for installing? Things...
  10. D

    ML (W164) Dog Guard Fitting Instructions

    Hi - I've just got myself a W164 and loving it completely. I've just purchased a dog guard from ebay - but they didn't have the fitting instructions. Now it doesn't look too difficult - but I just wondered if anyone had a copy of the fitting instructions they could scan in for me? Cheers...
  11. B

    2005 ML350 Flat Battery

    Hi apologies if this has been covered before but I'm a newbie and couldn't find a thread to cover this. I've just come back from being away and found that the battery on my ML is dead, just about enough to power the interior lights for 60 seconds... tried to jump it but no joy. Just need...
  12. C

    What tyres for a W164 ML

    Hi all, can anyone suggest a make/model of tyre for my ML300, I currently have Continental SportContact 2 - 265/45 ZR 10 fitted. They have only lasted 15,000 miles which is a bit pants IMHO...:(:( My Disco lasted 30,000 on Pirelli Scorpion's Any ideas greatly received:cool::cool:
  13. C

    Towbar for a W164 ML

    Hi all - I hope some one can shine some light on this one..... I have just brought a July 2009 ML300 (W164) - I need to fit a towbar so i can annoy everyone in the summer with my caravan :):) After several discussions with my local dealer and hunting through EPC Net i have become more confused...

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