1. J

    W169 A180 CDI EGR Cleaning

    Hey guys, I recently got a 2011 A180 CDI with 200000km on the clock. I don't see any signs of loss of power or excessive smoke but I like to correct things before it because a problem. Next week I am planning on going through the lengthy process of cleaning the EGR valve and intake parts to...
  2. M

    Intermittent power loss on W169

    Hi all, I have a A180 (W169, 2006 1992cc diesel automatic). Recently I replaced an injector seal. Since then the car has an intermittent fault - it will be going fine, and then there is a sudden drop in power and white/grey smoke out of the exhaust. When I stop the engine and restart it's all...
  3. anyweb

    W169: SRS sensor failure in passenger seat, no spare part available

    so, my new 2012 model W169 to replace the previously dead W169 which had the cam chain slip/stretch, has an issue, when i purchased it the SRS light was on, and it was identified by the dealer as a sensor in the passenger seat, they promised to replace it within the 3 month warranty period...
  4. A

    W169 Rear Passenger Door wont open from inside or outside

    Hi All, I have a A170 and the rear passenger door will not open at all. I have removed the inner door trim but can someone give an idea what could be the problem. If I lock the door then it unlocks when I pull the interior lever but the door won’t open. Please help
  5. Liamski

    A few W169 questions (HELP!)

    Hello, everyone. A new owner of a 55 Plate W169 A180CDI Elegance here. I have issues. But enough about me, back to the car: The Heater/AC blower doesn't work at all. It's the soft-touch 12 position controller one, so I think it's safe to say it's not a resistor pack and must be a bit more...
  6. D

    A200 Auto gearbox issue (2005)

    Hi, I've been offered a cheap W169 A200 with a gearbox issue that is more likely mechanical than ECU. It is in good condition, black, has cruise control as well as front and rear parking sensors. It's really high spec with sunroof, electric heated seats, Harmon kardon sounds. Sat nav and...
  7. E

    Just joined as I'm considering buying a 2010 A180 & seeking advice please.

    Hi everyone, I'm in Australia and am considering buying a 2010 A180 W169 diesel model with CVT. Have never owned a MB before, nor any type of diesel vehicle nor a CVT automatic, so I'm going into uncharted territory here and want to make sure I know what I'm doing as parts are very expensive...
  8. Bob India

    Rough Running A170

    Hi Everyone, I would be grateful for advice regarding my 2005 A-Class (W169). 40,000 miles on the clock. I bought it new so mileage is correct. Symptoms are; Intermittent rough running and car shakes. The car starts OK, then it's like one or two of the cylinders are turned off and the car...
  9. M

    Hello Everyone -

    Good to be herewith like minded people sharing knowledge for Mercedes Passion. I have recently purchased a W169, A160CDI An will need some help from professionals on this forum. Thank you manni
  10. J

    Proud owner of A150 (W169) 2006.

    Hi, I just bought my wife the above car and apart from a few niggles, which we knew about before we bought it, it is turning out to be a great purchase. I have joined forums for pretty much every car I've owned in the last 10 years and find them a great way of getting advice about what could...
  11. D

    Electrical burning smell from under drivers side (Right-hand) - A-Class A150 W169

    Hello everyone, first post here so I apologise if this is in the wrong section and thanks for any help in advance! My car is a 2005 Manual Petrol A150 A-Class W169. After starting the car around 20 minutes later I get an electrical burning smell coming from under the car near the drivers seat...
  12. W

    W169 Door Mirror Indicator Bulb - False warning

    Immediately after starting our 2005 A Class a warning appears that the left hand door mirror indicator bulb has failed. If one then turns the left indicator on it works perfectly and the warning doesn't appear again until the next restart. The car is fitted with folding door mirrors which...
  13. E

    W169 Front to Rear Brake Line Replacement

    Hi there, Just had MOT on my W169 and advisory stated "front to rear brake lines corroded". Has anyone on the Forum replaced these brake lines? It looks like the brake lines are beneath the plastic under floor panels and to get these off you need to remove the complete exhaust system! And to...
  14. B

    Forum newbie: Excited!

    I've been reading and enjoying this excellent forum for quite a while, so I figure it's time I made a contribution... My late father always wanted a W113 Pagoda (silver, red seats) but never quite managed it, nor did his father realise his own dream of an SL190 (silver, red seats). So, I...
  15. M

    Do the same roof bars fit W168 & W169 A-Class?

    Simple enough question. I'm looking at buying some roof bars for my W169 A-Class. I've seen some (Mercedes made) ones offered for sale, that fit a W168, but can not find any information on whether they also fit the W169. I know that the ones from other companies like Thule do, but I don;t...
  16. A

    W169 A Class 1.5 2005 O/S SeatBelt Anchor how to fit it??

    Hi Does anyone have detailed instructions or know where I can find them to fit my new rear seat belt anchor as the clip doesnt work. Thank you so much. Cx
  17. C

    205/55/16 on W169?

    Hi Guys I need to put new tyres on my A180. Currently I have the 195/55/16 on but they are horribly expensive. They are like 50% more expensive than the 205/55/16. Will the 205's fit on my vehicle? Has anybody done this? I know it will affect my speedometer, but since it is showing faster it...
  18. C

    A Class (W169) Water Ingress to Battery Compartment

    I'd be interested to know if anyone has experienced or heard of an A-Class with the battery compartment full of water! It seems there is a drain hole somewhere beneath the windscreen (well out of sight and reach) that has become clogged with debris and leaves, resulting in water seepage...
  19. E

    MOST Fibre Optic Connector

    Hi there, Can anyone tell me the part number of the MOST fibre optic connector (not the cables I have those) that plugs into the Telephone Control Module (A211 870 39 26) located under the passenger seat on a W169 2006 A Class with Option Code 386 Telephone Pre-wire? I have tried my local...
  20. S

    W169 A-Class Air Conditioning

    I have a 6 year old A-Class MkII 160CDI. I don't think the air con is working. The red light illuminates but I don't hear any evidence of a compressor coming to life. Certainly no chilly air but I wonder if it is more than just a re-gas. Do compressors fail on this model - or is a blown fuse...

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