1. F

    Help please! Coolant leak

    Hi folks! I've had a coolant message coming up in my 06 W221 320cdi. I have topped it up hoping it just needed a top-up, after 10 miles message was back again, took the car for a quick inspection and was told "oh man if it's taking coolant you need a new engine" type thing... took it to...
  2. FBF

    W221 radio upgrades?

    Well it would seem my s63 has the dreaded amp rot, stereo and phone options say unavailable and despite how beautiful the car sounds im missing mr vine, its got so bad im even missing the awfully annoying Zoe ball!! So i dont want to invest in a new kardon amp, is there any other aftermarket...
  3. S

    W221 S350L CDI red battery appears in speedometer

    I bought a pre-loved W221 S350L CDI 2011 . After 6 months or so the alternator went kaput. Warranty sorted out a replacement however, I had to pay for a replacement main battery. Got the car back from the garage and it drove fine for about 6 hours when the red battery symbol appeared in the...
  4. K

    W219 facelift vs w221 facelift 5.4 V8

    Hi all , I am new to the forum. First thing is first , little background. I had CLK 270cdi , which I sold due to London ULEZ. Then bought another brand which turned to be not reliable . Now I am at a point where I am about to go back to beloved MB . Within my budget I am split between buying...
  5. B

    New member introduction - S350 Bluetec 2012 W221 79K miles

    Good morning all, Quick intro - have been dropping in as a guest here for many years to research various things and thought it was about time I joined as looking for some advice and guidance. The S350 has been a delight to own (have had it since 2016 with very few problems apart from usual wear...
  6. D

    W221 s350 blower motor always on

    Hi all, looking for some information re my s350 , it seems water has been getting in to the blower motor, this in turn blew the SAM unit , the garage replaced the Sam unit , blower, blower control unit , actuator. But can’t seem to get the blower motor to function correctly, it runs constantly...
  7. K

    Spark Plugs (Hot or Cold) W221-S500-2006 UK Spec

    Once again, I have gone back to the books to revive my memory about spark plugs. As I understand, Hot Plugs ie ones with numbers 7 onwards or so run hotter, thus better suited for regions where climate is cold year round e.g. northern Europe, Moscow, Siberia, Canada etc, so that the Combustion...
  8. Rich2166

    Required S350 Bluetec W221 Throttle Body Workshop fitting instruction

    can anyone help me please, I have a new throttle body to fit on my S350 Bluetec 2012 W221 and was looking for any fitting - workshop instructions which will help me do this. Any information would be much appreciated Many Thanks Sam
  9. E

    S320 CDI 2007 ABS / ESP FAULT !!

    hi guys, im struggling with my car. I got some crazy problems with my mercedes. Please if any one can help! I turned my car on and comes up with an esp/ abs fault. I put into D and tried to drive but it was as if it was dieing hardly moving, tried to put it into P but it did not go into P only...
  10. H

    misterious Oil Leak from over starter - Mercedes S class 320 CDI (W221 - 642.930) 2007

    Hi Guys, I bought a Mercedes S class 320 CDI (W221 - 642.930) 2007, with full service history mainly from MB and in good condition and for a year had no problem at all with it. Mileage is not too high for the year just about 102 000miles. All of a sudden now, I have an oil leak which appeared...
  11. C

    Vehicle S350L W221 for sale

    Not mine but for a friend of mine. Car is in VVGC and only barely run in, drives as sweet as you’d like, no problems, had a new wheel speed sensor straight after his purchase and recently fitted with a new suite of rubber. Palladium silver, all the toys- Distronic, Speedtronic, Parktronic...
  12. Vermilion / David

    Can a W221 S350 diesel Run on vegetable oil?

    Hey, thinking of buying a W221 S350 Diesel and was wondering if it would be able to run on vegetable oil due to high gas prices where I live. Any help?
  13. S

    Mysterious power loss of Mercedes S320 W221 2007

    Hi My car (Mercedes S320 CDI W221 2007) has done 75,000 KMs and for last 6 months there is this very strange problem. After every 3-4 days the car looses power and drives very heavy as there is some extraordinary weight on it and after i use a blower to clean engine compartment it again...
  14. M

    W221 2010 S350 EIS Removel

    Hi, hoping for guidance on the removal of my faulty EIS. I have trolled the Web looking for information relating to my model but can't find anything. All of the videos and technical references seem to relate to models which have a removable bezel which it seems is possible to unscrew with a...
  15. mycos

    W221 heavy steering

    Hi I’ve recently purchased a 2006 s320cdi with 40k miles. I believe the SPS is somewhere at fault. From a cold start steering is as it should be, light at low speeds and stiffer as speed increases. After 15mins or so it just stays stiff. I’ve run it through a star check and it identified...
  16. L

    [Wanted] 18" Alloys for S-Class W221

    Looking at changing current 20" alloys for 18". Before buying new, I thought I'd see if anyone here is selling any.
  17. K

    S-Class W221 - EML on, need advise

    Hey fellow Merc lovers, I just wanted some advice please - my W221 320CDI has the EML recently come on and the following codes have come up on my OBD reader (I know Star is better and I will get this done once work permits): **** AFTER EML **** Fault log report generated by Torque for Android...
  18. G

    W221 airconditioning compressor replacement with newer type unit

    Hi I am wondering if its possible to fit the new late 2008 type compressor onto a 2007 model S500. My local guy says yes but I know the clutch is different. I also remember when you carry out the telematic update you have to tick which type of compressor is installed. Anyone have this issue?
  19. G

    Will W221 facelift seat covers fit pre-facelift seats

    Hi My driver heated seat has failed, I have found face lift covers online that have the same colour code and look the same but the part number are different as the are for the face lift car. Mine is 2007 Anyone know if they will fit? Thanks
  20. G

    2007 W221 S500 Tv tuner

    Hi all Just bought a 2007 S500. Have a question about the TV tuner someone might be able to answer. It turns on but its like it has no reception now it might be the case that it does not work in Ireland at all. But it is an orginal Irish car. There is a list of station but the only number...
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