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    Replacing (tensioner) pullies and belt

    This thread is about a Mercedes A140 W168 elegance (1999/2000) Hi there! I'm new to this forum, so if this thread isn't posted at the right subfora, please remove if necessary. Besides that, English is not my native language, so please forgive and correct me if I used the wrong (technical)...
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    Radio No reception and Key Fob remote not working (A140)

    Hi Just bought a new to us A140 , it has an aftermarket radio (I think) , it's a face off radio , anyhow the radio works but does not get any reception signal for tuning. The keyfob remote does not unlock/lock the doors but allow the interior lights to illuminate. The reason I mention both these...
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    A140 advice

    Hi Mercedes club I need help. I bought my a class a140 few months ago 2004, mileage 50,000. Recently noticed when accelerating past 3rd (40mph) engine bay makes a very loud roaring sound. Only seems to happen when pressing accelerator, dies back down as car slows. Only way I can describe...
  4. G

    Non-Starting Merc A140

    Hey all! I have a Mercedes A140 Elegance (2001) model which appears to not want to start in the cold... (Tried wrapping a blanket over it at night time, still no luck :p) When I try to start it the engine will turn and occasional sound like it's about to fire, but then resume just turning. If...
  5. D

    A140 Classic - Fuse 48 Blowing

    Hello, I am a new member so I apologize if this thread is not in the correct section. Please can someone steer me to the right place if so! Thanks. I have a Mercedes Benz A140 Classic (2003) Petrol, Tiptronic. Fuse 48 had blown, I replaced it and it blew again. I don't know what this might...
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    New member with fuse problem with A140 Classic

    Hello, I am new to this forum, and in fact any forum :) I'm a bit unsure of where to post a question about a problem I have. So I'll write it here and perhaps anyone can steer me in the right place. I have a Mercedes Benz A140 Classic (2003) Petrol, Tiptronic. Fuse 48 had blown, I replaced...
  7. L

    Odd electrics

    Hi all I have A140 53plate normally a great runner, the wife went to start it on the way home tonight and noticed the internal lights were on (doors and boot closed and locked) she tried to start it with no joy this left all internal lights still on and the dashboard display all on as well...
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    BAS/ESP warning on!

    Hey guys, I've been getting this warning light for a while now. When driving, the car refuses to exceed first gear. I am getting a BAS/ESP warning light, so I looked around the forums and a new brake sensor seemed to help quite a few people. I went out and purchased one for AU$15, put it in and...
  9. C


    My mother is having problems with her Mercedes A140. On two occasions she has had petrol pouring out of the fuel cap onto the ground whilst the car is parked and the engine switched off. On both occasions the petrol tank has not been full. The only common factor has been that the weather has...
  10. G

    Gearbox problems A140

    Chaps, Got A140 Avantgarde automatic 2001 registration. It is stuck in 1st gear, got gearbox problem. Garage says something to do with electric motor and needs replacing. Approx £1,500. If this is the case, probably scrap the car, more than than the car is worth. Pity, only done 41k and in...
  11. S

    A140 cold start idling problem - idling at 650, should be 900

    A140, 1999, 1.4, manual. The initial Mass air flow issue resolved but car not fixed. MAF repaired by ECUTesting - retested for idling and they said ECU/MAF is fine. The car is idling at 650 - according to mechanic it should idle at 900 for manual. Gets a bit better when engine gets warm...
  12. D

    ecu problem? Engine Cuts Out... Newbie Helppp!!

    Ok heres the scenario when i drive my a140 petrol 1.4L it starts and then slowly starts to cut out on the engine and then just about picks it self back up and then cuts out again and i have to keep starting that car every time i 'try' to drive it ... Any help Thanks!
  13. M

    A140 v reg 1999 dash info

    A big help needed I have a Mercedes A140 1999 all electric power switchs stay live at all times including showing my milage and time it never turns off even with keys out and car locked and alarmed my battery wont last two days in the car I'm at a total loss please can anybody help. Regards...
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    W168 A140 Timing Chain rattle

    Hi, I have a W168, A140 that has a rattle sound noticeable on idle and getting worse over time. The poly v belt, and tensioner jockey have been replaced and have made no difference. A MB mechanic has now said that the noise is the timing chain, but declinded to give price as it is more that...
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    A class 140 crank pully

    Hi all Ivee dropped the engine out of my A140 as the chain snapped on 64000 miles gggrrrrr the crank shaft pully I guess that comes off with a dirty great big allen key then lol is there a tool I can purchase for this or is there an easier way of getting it off so I can remove the casing also...
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    Mercedes A140 Oil Warning Light keeps coming on! Faulty Sensor!?

    I have checked the Oil level many times and it is fine. I believe the problem may be Oil Level Sensor, from what I can gather from google searches and information given to me by the previous owner. If this is the case then it looks like an expensive Job and funds are very limited. Is there any...
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    What type of Engine Oil should I use - A Class 1.4 2002 Petrol

    Hello everyone, My Mercedes A140 Avantgarde, 2002, 1.4 Petrol Engine, Manual last had Mobil 1 5W 40 Engine Oil Fully Synth.... Can I use Mobil 1 0W 40 Fully Synth in my car when I next do an oil change? Which one is better / would you use? Mercedes told me not to use the 0W 40...
  18. G

    Help, My A140 1999 is Revving itself!

    Hi, I recently bought a A140 1999 reg Elegance. I have noticed sometimes (usually after the car has been left for a few hours) That the engine Revvs itself after i have started it (this lasts for 30secs to 1min maximum). I have watched the rev counter and there is definitely movement. This does...
  19. T

    Full Lock Steering Problem

    Hi i just bought a 1999 model A140 elegance (1999), When going forwards on full lock either turning right or Left the steering does not return to centre, and gets stuck in full lock position and needs strong user power to bring it out of full lock, once out of full lock it returns to centre...
  20. F

    Best place for a class ECU repairs?

    as many of you A class owners may know, there a problem with the w168 a- class models that the air mass flow meter fails and gives a variety fo differing symptoms to spoil your day. the first time this happened to me was when i first bought my a140 and had it refurbished, a year later of free...

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