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  1. N

    c350e AC Compressor Faulty

    I took my car to my local Mercedes dealer (Sandown Poole) and they advised that the air con compressor is faulty and needs replacing. The fault recorded was "communication with the control unit electric A/C compressor has a malfunction". £1035 quoted for supply and fit. Air con compressor...
  2. D

    Smelly Air Con

    Sorry if I have posted in wrong place. I have a CLC and my air con smells when on. I have let off one of those air con 'bombs' but hasn't made much difference. I don't think it needs re-gassing as the air comes out fairly cold, any suggestions please?
  3. J

    Cold air from vents

    I have a w124 and all in good condition. I recently haven’t had time to use it much over the colder months (owned the vehicle since December 2019) I have now noticed the air vents dont blow out any hot air. I have moved the temperature gauges on both sides and moved the blower position dial as...
  4. MBnewbie123

    Air conditioning problem

    Hi, Assistance with the solving the problem detailed below would be appreciated: When the air conditioning is on - no cold air is being blown into the cabin. I brought the car to Halfords to see if it needed re-gassed, but the device that was used to determine if the gas level was low had the...
  5. D

    W204 C350cdi radiator fan issue

    Hi, new to the forum so apologies if this isn’t the correct area for my question/issue. So I’ve got this problem where the radiator fan will just come on intermittently when the car is locked, I could wake in the morning to it turning on and off, I’ve had it in with an indi specialist but not...
  6. P

    No Air Con

    Mercedes ML280 W165 08-plate After having a fault with my heater/air con blower/fan pcb, I replaced the blower motor, now my air con is not working, not sure if this is just coincidental! any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. J

    Demister and aircon not working

    Guys, there is no air coming from my windscreen demister or air vents. The air control unit turns on and you can increase fan speed and temperature etc but nothing happens. Any idea were I looking to start looking to sort this? Could the car need the air con refilled/regased? From search it...
  8. G

    W221 airconditioning compressor replacement with newer type unit

    Hi I am wondering if its possible to fit the new late 2008 type compressor onto a 2007 model S500. My local guy says yes but I know the clutch is different. I also remember when you carry out the telematic update you have to tick which type of compressor is installed. Anyone have this issue?
  9. L


    Mercedes C 180 COUPE 2012. Got a hissing noise when my AC is on? Feels cold, but even when i switch the AC off the hissing noise is still there. Any ideas?
  10. Cobra44

    W211 Air Con blowing warm when idling.

    Hi, I've read several posts similar to the issue I'm having with my W211 but not exactly the same. My 4-way climate control blows slightly warm air when idling in traffic on particularly hot days, even when setting all the controls to LO, although it starts off ok, the longer I sit in...
  11. 9

    cl500 air con problem

    2002 CL500. Ive got a problem with my climate control. With everything in auto and temp set to low, I have cold air coming from centre vents but hot air coming from windscreen demist and both side vents and nothing at all coming from footwell or rear vents. Any ideas anybody???
  12. K

    Air Conditioning

    I think my W124 E220 needs an air con re-charge. What refrigerant can be used? My recollection is that R14 was standard, then R112a and now I see R134a is advertised. Are all these refrigerants compatible, and has anyone any experience of the DIY kit (EZ Chill, made by interdynamics europe)...
  13. B

    Foot Well Heating

    Hi. i have a CLK 240 '02 and air con and normal heating works fine APART FROM no heat seems to direct to the footwells. is this an easy fix?
  14. C

    Heater problems

    Make: Mercedes Model: C220 CDI Transmission: Auto Fuel: Diesel Body type: W203 Year: 2001 Hi Guys. I fix one issue, and then something else comes up. Anyway, I recently had an issue with the car going into limp mode. On initial investigation i removed and cleaned the EGR valve, then finally...
  15. M

    Acrid smell when aircon switched on

    My 2004 C270 Avangarde Estate has developed an acrid smell which I have traced to the aircon unit. Usually the unit is permanently switched 'on' (I have had the car from new) but I have discovered that the acrid smell stops when the a/c is switched off. Is this likely to be a gassing problem...
  16. W

    R129 electrics

    1990 SL500 garaged and used only rarely in winter. Have problems with heater/air con controls. The heated rear windscreen is permanently on and cannot turn on air con.I keep the battery on it worth disconnecting the battery to allow the system to reset? Thanks Wolfman
  17. N

    CLK 230K Climate Control

    Hi there. I was wondering about my climate control as it doesn't work :(, this is worrying me because I have had a look at the condenser fans behind the grill when the engine is running and the air con is on full and they're not spinning. I don't know if that has anything to do with it...
  18. C

    W210 Blower Speeds/heat not responding

    I have a problem with my blowers on my E300 TD. It is a 98 model and has the manual rotary controls. The issue I have is that it seems to have a mind of its own! No matter what speed I set the fans to they generally do not change from what can only be described as asthmatic, also they do not...
  19. H

    C270 CDI 2002 Air Con Compressor failure

    My Air Con stopped working recently so took to our local independent who ran various diagnostic tests finally stating that "we're 99% sure it's the air con compressor internal failure" They checked the control system for operation and found everything to be ok. Gas was also present in the...
  20. A

    Air con and sat nav faults

    I have a 2004 211 E320 CDI. I have a fault with my A/C. When I get in the car I turn on the A/C. The air con will not start working until I have traveled about a mile to a mile and a half. Once it starts working its fine. I started by having the A/C recharged and they told me that it is working...

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