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  1. S

    Sprinter 2013 Air Conditioning

    The A/C has stopped working on my 2013 516 CDI Sprinter. I've had the refrigerant changed / topped-up, but this didn't fix the problem. The A/C works if the compressor clutch is powered directly, but it's not being activated by the vehicle. There are no error codes on the diagnostics and all...
  2. MBnewbie123

    Air conditioning problem

    Hi, Assistance with the solving the problem detailed below would be appreciated: When the air conditioning is on - no cold air is being blown into the cabin. I brought the car to Halfords to see if it needed re-gassed, but the device that was used to determine if the gas level was low had the...
  3. M


    Hi All. Hope you are well. I have a 1998 W210 E55 AMG RHD (UK). The interior blower motor is fine itself, brushes checked etc. But it needs a new regulator. Mercedes have advised that they are unable to supply the regulator alone and have also said the whole motor (£425+) is also unavailable...
  4. WoodyBristol

    Air Conditioning help, CLK 320 Cabriolet, A209, 2005

    Hello I would appreciate your expert help and advice Two weeks ago I purchased CLK 320 / A209, 2005 Facelift The air conditioning wasn't brilliant so I booked in to KwikFit for a re-gas. I was told that the gas was very low and loads was put in, if it doesn't do the job, come back and we'll...
  5. S

    W211 E280 Air Conditioning Pressure Following Recharge

    Good Evening My car is a 2006 E280 (pre-facelift) The air conditioning was not cooling the car but there were no errors reported. The B12/2 pressure was 3 bar with the engine off and rose to 5 bars with the engine running at idle. I contacted the local Mercedes dealer who recharged the air...
  6. Any_Name_You_Wish

    Cabin temperature management

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Changing the temperature on the dash works for the passenger but is stuck on hot for the driver. It's driving me crazy! Any Ideas? (2007 w211)
  7. O

    Heater booster fault code; S211.222

    Have a S211.222, E320 CDI, 2006. There is a fault code on the Heater booster: It is not active, but it reappears after reset. Could it be connected to that the battery went low and I haven't recharged it properly after that?
  8. L


    Mercedes C 180 COUPE 2012. Got a hissing noise when my AC is on? Feels cold, but even when i switch the AC off the hissing noise is still there. Any ideas?
  9. K

    Air Con question W203

    Had my 'used' car for something approaching 12 months and, when purchased, the Air Con was working, but not 'astounding'. It is now ineffective.:( Very soon after purchase I would notice, on the garage floor in the mornings, a 'damp' deposit inboard of where the f/n/s wheel had been. (RHD). I...
  10. L

    Climatronic failure on R320L

    Good evening, I am about to buy a R320L (2007, 3.0 CDI) and did a test drive today. Although every electric toy worked well, the climatronic did something funny. The regulator on the left side always jumped back to 16°C and the regulator on the rght side always and instantly jumped back to 28°C...
  11. grahamperrin

    2000 E280 (S210) air conditioner: condenser and pipe replaced

    When I got this E280 in May 2014, I wondered whether the AC would need re-gassing. Mercedes-Benz of Brighton offered a good price so I went for that, but as things turned out: it needed a condenser – leaking in three places. So the money earmarked for re-gassing went, instead, towards the...
  12. R

    Air conditioning comp on 120cdi vito

    Hi all Need to replace the compressor on my 120 vito, catastrophic failure of the pulley bearing and it also leaks gas anyway over the season. My question is has anyone changed one because it looks very difficult to remove from situ. Any advice welcome as to which way it is removed once...
  13. S

    95 E300D ac not cooling on highway.

    my 95 e300d ac cools ok when sitting at idle (40-45 degrees out from vents) but the temp goes up 10-15+ degrees when on highway. I know the compressor is on when on highway because if I hit the econ button the temp goes up to outside temp or above. Also if the ac fan is on high the temp goes...
  14. K

    Air Conditioning

    I think my W124 E220 needs an air con re-charge. What refrigerant can be used? My recollection is that R14 was standard, then R112a and now I see R134a is advertised. Are all these refrigerants compatible, and has anyone any experience of the DIY kit (EZ Chill, made by interdynamics europe)...
  15. B

    Coolant Dash Warning Message

    Hi there. I have a W220 S430 1999 model and a "Coolant System - Visit Workshop" warning message appears on my console dash. The normal temperature usually sits at about 80c but now climbs as high as 100c. I've checked the coolant and it's full and dark green. Also the air-conditioner stopped...
  16. C

    W210 Blower Speeds/heat not responding

    I have a problem with my blowers on my E300 TD. It is a 98 model and has the manual rotary controls. The issue I have is that it seems to have a mind of its own! No matter what speed I set the fans to they generally do not change from what can only be described as asthmatic, also they do not...
  17. P

    CLK230 Air conditioning

    I have a 1998 CLK 230 Kompressor and have an issue with the air con. The blowers only work every now and again, for both the hot and cold air. It seems that when I drive over a bump it comes on temporarily. When I select/deselect the 'auto' button, a clicking noise which comes from the passenger...
  18. L

    w220 s class suspension fuse location?

    Hi, As I am still experiencing a 'painfull' overnight battery drain (which may be related to the airmatic pump waking up), can anyone please tell me where the fuse is for it? I can then pull it overnight and see if it makes any difference... Also, the location of the fuse for the air con...
  19. H

    S-500, AC/Heat not working!

    I have a 95' S-500. The AC/Heat does not work. It does not even blow any air. Can anybody help please? Thank you.
  20. S

    1990 200e air conditioning

    I have a 1990 200e class. Everything about it works great except the air conditioning. I live in Singapore, so aircon is a big deal. Currently, the aircon will only blow cool air when I am driving on an expressway. On surface streets, in stop and go traffic, it just blows hot moist air...

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