1. Janchee

    S213 Alarm Siren E-class

    Car is in at Mercedes today and they've rung to say the Alarm siren has come up faulty on the system. They've also 'tested' it and it didn't sound... Quoted a crazy 383.70 to replace it. Anyone saw this part go on the model before? Also had another door LED fail. :( (6th LED to fail on the car...
  2. N

    Viano Electric Doors & Alarm

    Hi there, New to the forum, and looking for a bit of advice on electric Vito/Viano doors if anyone experienced similar? I've searched around but not found an obvious solution. Our Viano goes through stages where the alarm goes off every few days, totally unprovoked. We seem to have narrowed it...
  3. M

    Tow away alarm Sprinter 313 CDI 2014

    Hello, I’ve just joined the group. My partner and I have just bought on ex DHL van and he’s mid campervan conversion. Question, I can’t seem to locate the buttons on the overhead dash (according to the manual we have) to turn off the tow away and interior sensor which might kick in the alarm...
  4. MBNuB

    R172 SLK alarm keeps going off

    The alarm on my wife's SLK has gone off unprompted twice in the last couple of days. Is there anything I should check? Or do we need the dealer to check it out? We're about to go on holiday and don't want to infuriate the neighbours while we're gone. No windows/doors left open/ajar. Any ideas?
  5. R

    S213 Hacked? Broken into Or faulty?

    I always switch my key off after I come back home every evening. Today morning I get out of the house pull the door handle and get in the car and moments later I realise i haven't unlocked it (It is not uncommon for me to forget that my key is off in the morning and pull the door). Mirrors are...
  6. W

    Please help me someone i tried everything

    Hey guys hope your all well Ive got a C180 w202 1997 and im having a real big issue nd a very expensive one by the looks of it. Couple days ago out of nowhere my car decided it wont start anymore I have had the same problem around 2 years ago in my E230 W210 1996 and i had to scrap the car...
  7. B

    Mercedes v230 98 central locking/ alarm

    Hi all, I have brought a 1998 v230 and have been restoring to get her back on the road, i have done alot of work on her and im nearly ready to put in for MOT. I am having a lot of trouble trying work out whats going on with the alarm/central locking. When i first unlock the van the for the...
  8. K

    R230 - Alarm signal horn communication

    I have recently had my 2003 SL500 hooked up to STAR. Amongst other things, it has identified a current and stored fault which is 'Fault Code B1341 - Fault in communication with component H3 (alarm signal horn)'. Can anyone please throw light on how I may get this rectified whilst avoiding the...
  9. I

    Alarm problems

    Hi, on my 1998 SL500 I'm having problems with the alarm. Last Sunday I unlocked with the remote, opened door, climbed in, but when I started the engine the alarm went off. Yesterday after setting the alarm with all doors/windows/bonnet/boot/hood closed the siren started beeping (less than one...
  10. C

    SLK230 R170 Alarm and CL problem

    I left the SLK to stand for about a year, when I came back and charged the car up, I noticed that the indicators continually flashed until I put the key on the ignition and turned to position 2 Everything work fine when the car was put away, stored in a dry garage. Opened up the alarm...
  11. G

    I seriously need some help! CLK-W208

    Hey guys. So a month or so back I was removing the exhaust manifold off of my CLK 200 Kompressor to get it welded. When I installed everything back the car started fine. I went inside the house to get changed, went back out 10 minutes later and car wouldn't start! All lights came on dash but...
  12. M

    Hello and a Merc Electrical problem

    Hi there. Im a long term merc user thats never really had an issue with his car, a Merc C270 CDI Avantgarde with sports pack, 2003 (53) . Never posted on this forum or even visted much so I apologise in advance for jumping on asking for stuff! I have a major electrical issue as the car has...
  13. M

    Security issues

    After issue after issue I'm now wondering whether my CL600 is one of those bad luck cars. With the ongoing issue of the leaking roof, this morning I was presented with the latest issue. As I went out to my car I noticed the door locks were up, and then as I looked inside there were receipts all...
  14. W

    e320 alarm & ferry crossings

    Hi, I have just noticed that the Ferry company says that I should turn my car alarm off once the car is onboard. Is that possible?
  15. S

    Help: Locked out of SLK

    I have a lovely old SLK 32AMG (R170) Does anyone know how to get into the car (or open the bonnet) when the battery is flat? The car has been laid up on a SORN since November, has been run every month, but otherwise untouched. Previous lay-ups have been in a garage with battery on trickle, but...
  16. Irresistance

    W220 320 CDI - Car sometimes needs closing twice (keeps blinking)

    Okay... well - I have had this issue since I owned the car but I am slowly starting to have enough of it... The car will sometimes (more often than not) require me to lock it twice - after the first lock signal it will close, but the orange lights will blink like the alarm went off. No sound...
  17. A

    False Alarms

    This is my first post on this forum so apologies if I haven't done everything quite right. I have a 2009 Mercedes C200 estate, W204 I believe, which has developed a false alarm issue. I've read lots of posts here and other forums regarding this issue, most of them pointing the finger of...
  18. B

    Alarm keeps going off when driving, A170 CDi Auto

    Can anyone help? I have an A170 cdi auto, 51 plate, W168 and the alarm has started going off after I have driven a 10/20 metres or so, the only way to stop this is to switch the car off, take the key out of the ignition and then press to "open" car. Start car back up again, apologise to other...
  19. S

    R129 1991, NEED HELP GUYS

    Hiya Can any1 please help me.. I parked me R129 last year perfectly fine, disconnected the bettery. put a battery in it now, the car started up fine. but after a few seconds the alarm kicks in, the car is still running but the horn is going on. what can be wrong.?????????????
  20. T

    1996 C280 sport missfire and alarm problems

    Hello , This is my first post so bear with me. My sisters 280 developed a miss fire , having dealt with a similar issue on this car before i replaced the coil pack controlling the cylinders that were missing. Long story short it turns out that the 12 vault supply wires to the coils were...
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