1. R

    Advice on adding Bluetooth or AUX to my AUDIO 20 W211 no CDC.

    Hello all, After an infuriating two months of searching online to try and make some sense of how to add Bluetooth or AUX to my w211, I have finally given up and decided to ask for help to look for solutions. For some context, I own an 04 w211 classic trim with the base AUDIO 20 (MF2310)...
  2. K

    CLC 2008 aux cable won’t work?

    Hi Please may someone help me Already searched internet and forum. I have CLC in 58 plate with 30 pin aux cable in glovebox. Bought cable to connect to iPhone 11 and can’t get it to work. Says on controller display; No IPod I’m gutted Radio doesn’t work either. :( Many thanks in advance
  3. Bini

    AUX, USB not working

    Got a C207, 2011 E class coupe. Since I've had it, the USB, AUX and ipod have never worked. Opened the glove box and seems all wired up fine. When plugging in the USB the light doesnt flash up to suggest there's any power reading it. Someone suggested selecting SOZ on the head unit on CD menu...
  4. azimabdul1983

    E200 CDi (W212) - Audio Help

    I bought a 2010 E200 CDi Sport (W212) which comes with built in sat nav, single CD player sound system. In the glove box there is a socket and I have 4 cables that can connect to that socket. One cable is for the old style Apple connector, I can connect this to my old iPhone 4 which I use as an...
  5. M

    R230 Options for radio / sat nav upgrade

    Hi Just bought a 2005 SL500, lovely car! Sad to see the SLK go. Surprised I have no aux in - in glove box, etc. I have a phone in the centre console, cd changer & sat nab unit in boot. There is no aux option in command menus. So pretty poor in this day and age for iPhones, etc. I...
  6. H

    AUX vs new stereo

    Hello crew, Just got my first Merc recently - which is an old clunker (2001 C180), although in quite a fantastic shape for the age. But, as you would expect, the stereo there, despite being a cool kid 5 CD changer monstrosity doesn't have any native MP3 capabilities. Let alone USB or AUX...
  7. A

    USB/Aux/Ipod no audio

    Hi, I have a 2011 C180 with a USB/Aux/Ipod 4th input in the top right hand side of the glove compartment. When I first bought the car, the audio was a little hit and miss, it would only play out on one side etc. Eventually this deteriorated and now no audio comes out whatsoever. My USB...
  8. R

    SL 230 - NTG1 - Audio options (Bluetooth, AUX, Ipod, Iphone)

    Hello All, I have been scouring the net to find the best solution to incorporating an AUX into my 2007 SL (R230) with NTG1 (Sat nav player in the boot). I have the Phone connections - but the Bluetooth dongles do not allow the sending of music, only voice data - unless i am incorrect? I...
  9. J

    W221 COMAND NTG 3 iPod Connector in Glovebox

    I am in the process of deciding whether to buy a 2006 S320 CDI and in the glovebox there is an iPod connector (old style). I have tried to connect an iPhone 4 to it but it wont recognise it as a phone and wont charge it either. The car is fitted with the Telephone pre-wiring as an option (code...
  10. J

    How to get my phono jack to work

    I've just bought a 2nd hand Mercedes A160. It has a phone jack in the glove compartment but and I've connected a cable to my phone headphone socket but I can't get my music to play through it. The Aux option from the CD button doesn't seem to give me any way to do this. In the manual, it says...
  11. C

    C220 AUX Cables

    I've got a 2008 C Class (W204). I'm having problems with the AUX, I bought a standard 3.5mm AUX cable, but when trying to put it into the slot (in the glove box), it seems quite loose and won't fit, consequently won't play any music. To me this sounds like I have to buy a specific AUX part...
  12. I

    W212 Audio 50 APS AUX question

    Hi, I have a 2011 W212 with the audio 50 APS and media interface fitted. When I press the 'disc' button, the display shows CD, Media interface and AUX as inputs. I know what the CD and Media interfaces are, but what is the AUX one? Is there another socket I have not found? What can I plug...
  13. A

    Remove Radio/Vents B-Class

    Hi guys Started doing quite a bit to the B now and really need to get the Radio out to add an Aux cable. I've looked on Mercupgrades but am really unsure where I need to put the pulling hooks and what to do with them to get the top vents out - it's all a bit vague. I can see 2 metal tabs...
  14. A

    Audio 20 Dot Matrix iPod B-Class

    Hi Guys Apologies if this has been covered a million times before but I've searched and can't quite find the answer I'm looking for. I have a 2007 B-Class with the dot matrix Audio 20. If I press CDC for a few seconds I get AUX Input Active which is cool. Sadly, no connection in the...
  15. R

    Audio 20 Aux input and mystery cable

    I have an Audio 20 stereo, so purchased a lead from ebay and fitted yesterday. There is a cable plugged into the socket left of the aux input (circled in the pic) but I dont know what it does; - everything still worked with this cable unplugged MP3 player works fine on the...

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