1. H

    BAS/ESP BIG problem

    Hello my friend. In my ML 320 (W163) 2001 is having a big problem. First, the history is that a friend gave it to me for free. Because he is not using it anymore and at the used-store they were giving him only 800 eur for the car.... NOTHING. . and he thought...I can make somebody happy.... and...
  2. C

    W203 C270Cdi ABS/EPC/BAS/ESP warnings

    Morning all I have an intermittent problem with these warning messages. My 2002 C270CDi (151,000 miles) is otherwise brilliantly reliable, but over the past few weeks I've had the problem of these warnings going on. What happens is this: First of all the EPC and BAS warnings go on, a few...
  3. S

    Another BAS / ESP issue

    Hi All, just had my A160 2001 Auto Elegance 1.6 fail to get a new MOT due to the BAS / ESP light coming on when the brake pedal is first pressed after ignition. Borrowed an iCarsoft MB II and cleared all the fault codes and the light still comes on, here are the 2 fault codes I get under DTC...
  4. H

    W203 - ESP/BAS/ ABS error - Need help diagnosing

    Hi guys, I've had an ESP / BAS /ABS Visit Workshop error on my dash for the last 4 years. Vehicle: W203 - 2003 C200 Coupe, 1.8L Kompressor, manual. History: A couple of years ago, I stripped the rear boot flooring material and discovered that there was dampness and corrosion where the wheel...
  5. A

    W210 abs bas esp warning lights

    Hi folks - I know this topic is a perennial bug... please bear with me. 2002 E2320CDI estate (if it matters) started a few months ago bringing on the abs, bas and esp warning along with the bulb fail warning. Fixed by bending the fuse tabs to make better contact. Hurrah. Then it comes back...
  6. A

    BAS ESP Problem - one wheel brakes hard

    Hi - Im having a problem and looking for help if possible. I have a 2000 ML270, it has recently started aggressively braking the drivers side front wheel as I am traveling a low speeds (this is without me using the brakes and traveling in a straight line). Its clearly not safe to drive so I have...
  7. D

    ABS/ESP/BAS Fault, no communication from SAS

    Hi first post as i just ventured into the merc world. i have a slight problem i have a 2000 w210 2.6l v6 auto ESP/BAS/ABS errors reading but caused by SAS not communicating. i have 3 sensors now all second hand but surely all 3 cant be dead. on Star it has no read out value when wheel...
  8. Smaltze

    W210 E320 Abs Esp Bas confusing problem

    Hi all, i know this is a common problem but mine seems odd and unique. When driving after about 5 minutes normally, can take alot longer, all 3 of the warnings come on. Abs, Esp and Bas. They seem to come on when traveling at a constant speed i think, not atall when touching the brake. I can...
  9. H

    W203 Water Ingress in Boot - ESP fault

    Hi Guys :) I've long had an ABS/ESP/BAS malfunction warning on my dash and discovered about a year ago that it was probably something to do with water getting into the trunk/boot but I didn't know exactly where. After doing some Googling yesterday, I decided to strip down the flooring...
  10. W

    possible bad connection points for ESP Module?

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on where the best places to look for poor earth/connectivity to the ESP module might be. I've had a recurring but unpredictable fault on my 2000 W208 for about 2 weeks. When driving, ESP warning comes up, speedo and milometer fails, and locks in whatever gear...
  11. O

    Obscure Electrical fault

    The vehicle in question is a 2002 Classic 4dr Saloon E200 Kompressor, with only 32,000 miles on the clock genuine. On connecting the battery and starting the engine, I rotate the steering wheel full lock L/R, as indicated in the manual. The ABS & BAS warning lights go out and it shows 1...
  12. B

    Something else a faulty MAF can do !

    Hi everyone, Haven't posted for quite a while, but thought I'd share this experience since it has reached conclusion. The full story is in the reference given, but in essence, a faulty MAF on my car was causing a pending P0221 and disengaging the accelerator. I know the MAF was fine...
  13. B

    BAS ESP Visit Workshop (W208)

    Hi All. Thought I would post summary of recent problem I had with the BAS ESP, how it has been resolved and recommendations for H E Lock, Merc Indy in Rushden, Northants. Since owning 2001 CLK2300 Convertible (w208) I had overlooked a few issues didn’t appear to cause any long term problems...
  14. H

    Help finding the ABS Wheel Sensors on W203 needed **Pics**

    Hi guys, I've got an ABS/ESP/BAS warning light on my car and have had this ever since I bought it 7 months ago. I've decided to have a look at the ABS wheel sensors to check if they're dirty and causing the warning light to come up after reading some threads on this in the past. I've...
  15. T

    BAS warning on 1999 e300td

    hi, I'm looking for advice on dealing with this error code. I have seen a utube that claims the brake light switch is the probable cause or possibly the wheel speed sensors, but I don't have an abs light on.:confused: would be greatful for any help V K Regards Matt
  16. H

    No ASR or BAS - Where to start?

    Out of the blue, as ever, the dash lit up with ASR and then BAS (skid control/cruise control), neither of which now work- but which have been faultless and used almost every day. Does anyone know of a simple place to start my process of elimination?
  17. C

    BAS / ESP after tracking

    Mercedes C220 Cdi W203 2001 Auto. Hi Guys. about 2 months ago i got my front disc and pads changed after i noticed there was a really bad wobble when i was breaking at high speed . Also a few weeks later i had the passenger side front suspension arm changed after the garage said it was...
  18. O

    W210 Cruise Control and BAS ASR promlem

    The BAS ASR warning lamp came on when I pressed the brake peddle and has remained on since, then when on the motorway I noticed the cruise control no longer works, however the limiter does....on startup I get BAS and ASR alerts I've checked all the fuses, any suggestions? Thx
  19. P

    BAS ESP ABS Brake pad wear indicator lights on + various other problems :|

    Below is a copy from all my posts on another forum regarding my problem Car with the problem: 2003 Black Mercedes A170 CDI Elegance Auto >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hi, The BAS ESP, ABS and brake pad wear light turned on. The car only drives in first gear. car was "repaired" by a recovery...
  20. N

    BAS/ASR and ABS Warning Lights

    I replaced the brake light switch last week, so now that BAS/ASR light doesn't stay on permanently after pressing the brake pedal. However, I'm still seeing the BAS/ASR and ABS warning lights coming on together intermittently. I read somewhere here that I could have a faulty ABS sensor on one...

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