1. cristian.sladariu

    SatNav screen broken

    Hello, my satnav screen from my 2019 V class 220 marco polo got cracked today. When i purchased the car i wanted to have the bigger satnav however the car i finally bought was with the smaller satnav with the plastic frame on top of the screen. Now the situation asks for me to repair this...
  2. Janchee

    Mercedes Command Update

    2016 E-class Estate (S213) was in the garage today for a software update. Apple CarPlay kept crashing and I thought this was just part of software bugs. Turns out my cars not been updated since manf in 2016! I assumed Merc updates would be done over the air or usb stick at home. Neither of...
  3. Rich R230

    I’m and manual R230 2002

    Hi everyone I’m struggling to find an appropriate link for a command manual for my 2002 R230.... as I have uncontrollable urge to be able to reset my clock! and also hopefully start to understand what my car can actually do. Sadly the original manual was not included with the car. Anyone got a...
  4. J

    Avoid for sat nav update

    I’ve recently purchased a 2011 c220 estate and love it, my first Mercedes. I wanted to update the sat nav to the most recent maps and purchased the discs from - don’t make the same mistake. The discs were copies and not genuine, foolishly I tried to instal them and it does...
  5. J

    Command and Battery Drain

    Hi I have a GL500 2007 but the command system has started playing up. Basically it is draining the battery so even if I leave the car for 5 minutes when I get back the battery is completely flat. Removing the fuse works but that is a real pain. Also, sometimes the command console freezes and...
  6. kgd

    W211 E350 sport . 20006. 11,220 miles Command System Problem

    I wonder if I can ask for some advice. I was given last night an 06 W211 E350 sport with only 11200 miles on it. The car is factory fresh having been garaged since new and used rarely in London. It has all the bells and whistles including Command but.. There is no telephone system or indeed...
  7. S

    Wanted- NTG1 Command head unit for 05 CL500

    As description, looking for a replacement DVD Command head unit for my 2005 W215 CL500 at a reasonable price. Mine is showing the dreaded "Flash file corrupted" message, so I think it's toast. Sometimes powers up eventually...sometimes not.
  8. P

    Android head unit replacement

    So, a couple of months ago, audio system stopped. Did some research and then did the 3 fuse removal, left it for an hour; replaced fuses, switched on; same result...... Merc logo then off. Did what one always does when the matter plan fails.... Make a brew! An hour later, come to the car to go...
  9. J

    2007 S500 MP3/Radio not working most of the time - repair options ?

    Hi, I've owned a 2007 S500 for the last five years. Over the last few months, the MP3/Radio has packed up and now only rarely comes on intermittently. It was working fine before. The GPS is fine, so it's just the MP3/Radio unit. I spoke to the garage who services the car for me and they told...
  10. M

    2018 E-class AMG Estate advice needed

    So, I'd planned to replace my Skoda Octavia estate DSG with something a little bit more flash and had originally planned on getting a 5 Series Touring. After a significant mess about by one BMW dealer, when a deal that proved to be too good to be true - proved to be just that - I decided to look...
  11. G

    COMMAND free updates not done - can I claim it back

    Just bought 2102 W231 from MB dealership. I asked to update the COMMAND but the dealership wanted £150. Today I took delivery of the car and this evening I noticed the COMMAND Version is 2012 ie previous owner never asked for the free 3 years map updates. Car is under MB extended warranty. Is it...
  12. azimabdul1983

    E200 CDi (W212) - Audio Help

    I bought a 2010 E200 CDi Sport (W212) which comes with built in sat nav, single CD player sound system. In the glove box there is a socket and I have 4 cables that can connect to that socket. One cable is for the old style Apple connector, I can connect this to my old iPhone 4 which I use as an...
  13. A

    E Class 2014 DAB Radio Signal Problems FIXED

    Hey, Wanted to give some advice regarding DAB Radio signal problems you may be experiencing as I have been. Have seen on older posts before many people experienced this with Mercedes DAB. Having purchased my 2014 E Coupe (Facelift) Mercedes a few months back, I had noticed that the DAB...
  14. A

    Sprinter CDI 316 March 2015 (MY2013) Reversing Camera

    I've purchased a reversing camera from a German Ebayer (claimed OEM). It comes with German only instructions hence my questions on here. The Radio (Command Module) is an Alpine RY2350 with the video input on a turquoise connector (the only one not used). I've connected switched 12V power via...
  15. A

    Sat Nav is German

    I put the command sat nav into engineering mode but when I took it out the sat nav thought it was German! Please help as I need my sat nav!:sad:
  16. C

    Odd noise from command ( I think?) - 2010 C220 CDi

    Hi all before I go disconnecting stuff :) Got in the car yesterday and there was an odd noise from the area of the Command system. Sounds a bit like a hard drive or CD running all by itself OR a sound from somewhere on the speakers!!!!????? So far I have tried switching everything (radio...
  17. C

    C220 AUX Cables

    I've got a 2008 C Class (W204). I'm having problems with the AUX, I bought a standard 3.5mm AUX cable, but when trying to put it into the slot (in the glove box), it seems quite loose and won't fit, consequently won't play any music. To me this sounds like I have to buy a specific AUX part...
  18. N

    resetting command sat nav

    Hi, i recently bought a 53 plate r230 sl 350. I have tried to make the sat nav work, but its way off. and i mean way off. its at least 60 miles out. I have tried to recalibrate it, but all it asked for was tyre sizes. Am i missing something? is there chance the aerial has come adrift? Any...
  19. E320Bert

    [Spares] Command April 2013 Update discs

    For sale a set of genuine Comand NTG2.5 navigation discs. These are the latest release April 2013. For more info on them see: For the following vehicles with the Hard Disk COMAND system (which has built in bluetooth). A, B, ML, GL...
  20. E

    2007 R Class command wiring

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a R class command ? My problem is a dead unit ! I can only find one permanent feed at rear of unit. Had it tested at BBA Reman who found a fault and repaired but on reinstall it still does not come on. No fault codes to be read as it appears not to be...

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