1. mshah70

    W212 transmission problems

    Hello i have a mercedes w212 E200 2011 150kmiles Recently while changing from P to R or N to (D or R) i feel a judder from the transmission. However i drove it like this for a short period and now i have a major issue. The issue is when i select a gear ( R or D) the car doesnt engage the...
  2. N

    E 200 1998 electrics problem. Windows,flashing, remote control and port baggage prob

    Hi there, I have a Mercedes benz E200 1998 and i have a problem with my electrics. Central locking and remote is not working, port baggage is not opening, windows are not going up or down and i have no flashing. The problem is that it takes 3 days and after that it comes to normal again. Also...
  3. A

    Intermittant steering issue on 2000 registered E200 Avantgarde

    I'm having an internittant steering issue with my E200 Avantgarde at low speeds. On occasion the power steering will almost completely disappear and I'm left trying to lug the steering round a corner with nothing but muscle power ( starting to develop arms like a gorilla's!). There is also a...
  4. S

    Reliable servicing Dundee/Fife

    Hello, I have a G reg E200 estate, 190000+ miles. It's in great condition and I want it to go on for a long time. I want to take it to a garage that knows its way around these cars and can give it a good service. Does anyone know of a good garage in the Dundee/Fife area? I don't want...
  5. Z

    E200 W210 Estate Exhaust Mounting

    Hi, I am running a 1997 E200 estate. The car has covered over 205,000 miles and is still going strong! Lately the exhaust has started to rattle. I believe the rattle is coming from the catalyst section downstream from the 2-1 confluence. There is a hanging bracket on the engine and a bolt...
  6. Z

    Radio and Key problem.

    Hi there, I do have this problem with my e200 avantgarde 2003 mod. My radio does not work good and i have too use the ir to unlock the dors. I have looked at the fuse in the front fuse box and the fuses are ok. Is there any checklist i can follow too find the problem. Can anyone tell me where...
  7. R

    E200 won't start since flat battery

    Hello all... i am new here hoping to find answer to car not starting. 1996 E200 Elegance Sequence of events.. flat battery replaced with brand new... battery still draining.. left alone for 5 days went completely flat.. jump started successfully.. locked car using remote... next day remote...
  8. R

    È200 MAF Replacement

    Hi I am trying to replace the MAF on an E200 Estate Kompressor Year 03 Model 211.242 I have removed the Air filter lid and the filter and the 2 screws from the MAF and the electrical connector but it seems like there is a third screw or something holding it attached. I dont want to tug...

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