1. motocod

    Whooshing under hard acceleration E270 W211

    Hi Folks, I’ve started getting a whooshing under hard acceleration - I’m guessing it might be a split in the intercooler pipe, as I had the same problem not long after I bought the car (seven years ago). Can anyone recommend where I can source a decent quality replacement part, please? No...
  2. motocod

    E270 W211 Diesel fuel filter - prime with diesel?

    Hi Folks, I've got a new diesel filter to go on my E270 - is it essential that I prime it with fuel before starting the car? Thanks in advance!
  3. N

    Hi - E270 W211 - looking for advice on ABS and ESP malfunction

    Hi All My E class 2005 W211 is showing an ABS and ESP malfunction. It's been plugged in for diagnostics to no avail. I've tried changing the brake light switch (youtube recommend that can apparently fix it sometimes - it didn't). Needs an MOT soon so am anxious to be able to resolve the...
  4. morphix

    W211 E270 CDI 2004 blows cool air when idling

    Hey there fellow drivers, so recently I have ran to this issue. To explain it as clear as possible, problem is that when car is standby (idling, not driving), heater blows cold air no matter what position it is in. When driving the car, all heater functions work as expected, hot air blows, but...
  5. motocod

    W211 tyres - what do you use?

    Hi folks, I have a very beloved and trusty 2005 W211 E270, now with around 160k on the clock, having added around 100k myself over the last five and bit years. It's a brilliant car, and has been mercifully inexpensive to run and pretty trouble-free. The only possible niggle is it seems to get...
  6. motocod

    W211 E270 gearbox oil change

    Hi Folks, My 2005 E270 is currently on just under 150,000 miles, and to my knowledge has never had the gearbox oil changed. My understanding is this should be done every 70k or so. I've spoken to Coverdale in Newton Abbot about getting it done. They tell me that aside from main dealers they...
  7. I

    ABS & ESP red warning. W211 E270. Any advice for simple checks?

    Hi all 2003 model E270 W211. 138k miles. While driving through town normal traffic my dash suddenly displayed the red STOP Braking System Defective light, the ABS symbol came up with a line through it and an ESP not working message. No prior warnings or braking problems before this happened...
  8. Benny Dub

    2003 C270 CDi performance upgrades

    Evening all - I'm now about 4 months back into Mercedes ownership - I sold my W208 a couple years ago but needing something a bit more economic, comfy and practical than my old MG I've got myself a 2003 W203 wagon, C270 CDi. I plan to get a bit more power out of it, and although was initially...
  9. I

    Alternative jump start points on a 2003 W211, E270

    Hi folks, I thought I'd drop by and post this here in the hope it helps someone else. My own search for answers brought me through these forums time and time again but I happened to find the answer on an obscure video elsewhere after hours of searching. Apologies in advance if this is in fact...
  10. T

    Footbrake Ratchet

    Hi, Recently the foot brake on my 2003 E270 CDi W211 stopped making the ratchet sound when depressed. It still works OK - just silently! Is this a fault? I saw old posts referring to this but no-one answered the question so I know I am not the first to experience this. Thanks in...
  11. S


    Just bought the car going to get a service done gonna change oil air pollen and fuel filters and use 5w 30 oil castrol gtx, and was considering doing an engine flush has anyone done one is it worth doing? Please let me know thanks a bunch!
  12. S

    need help Baterry?

    hi I am having trouble with my E270 cdi 2003 it doesn't start up unless I give it a jump start will I need to replace my battery that is in the boot? a message appears on my dash saying battery protection, convince functions temp unavailable does this mean anything :S
  13. S

    newbie from manchester!

    hi I'm new to the world of Mercedes lol. I have a 2003 E270 Cdi Elegance
  14. Cobra44

    W211 E270 fuel economy

    I have had my 2003 E270 for 2 months now and reading some of the other past threads regarding fuel economy am slightly concerned. I have done 3 brim to brim tests now and over 300+ miles with a combination of town and motorway driving at 70mph on cruise I'm struggling to get more that 34mph...
  15. F

    Proud owner of E270 Estate at 21

    Hello to all of you at MB Owners, I have recently become the proud owner of a 2003 E270 Avantgarde Estate and I'm absolutely loving it so far! I have a chequered history of cars including the usual astra's and escorts, however I have also owned a virtually unheard of Renault Vel Satis. It...
  16. Cobra44

    E270 Headlamp Auto Adjustment Level

    Hi Everyone, Just bought a 2003 E270 which has auto adjustment for the headlamps and not the normal wheel next to the controls. The problem is that although main beam is fine, the dipped headlights don't seem to reach far enough and I'm almost struggling to see enough of the road ahead. Has...
  17. Cobra44

    Hi to Everyone

    Hi, Just joined the forum so thought I'd say Hi! Recently bought an E Class 270 and oddly enough picked it up on 31st October, exactly 10 years from when it was first registered. Halloween night...spooky or what? Anyway, I live in Wells, Somerset where I run a taxi/chauffeur...
  18. T

    SBC Failure???

    Been doing a bit of digging on this one. My W211 52 plate E270 CDI (68K miles) today suddenly started showing "ESP Failure", "ABS Failure", "Service Brake" and "Cruise Control" failures - all saying "drive to workshop". This sounds horribly like a failed SBC unit. I see that MB did a recall...
  19. T

    E270 Heater not working

    Just bought an E270 Avantgarde (2002). Very happy BUT today tried to get hot air and no joy. Looking at previous threads it appeears to be a common problem on the W211 anda advice is to give it a firm tap on the auto valve (?) which is a bit of a pig to get to on the RHD models like mone. My...
  20. L


    I took my car to the stealer after getting the "service brake...visit workshop" fault. I thought it might be the SBC since the car is almost 10 years old and I was hoping, if it is a pump fault, to get replaced for free since the car is still within the ten year warranty period. well........I...

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