1. GeoffB

    Windscreen Washers Stopped Spraying but Pump Still Runs

    I know there are a few existing posts about windscreen washer problems but I wanted to share my experience in the hope that others will search and find this useful. I prefer to do my own maintenance where possible and tried all the usual troubleshooting steps below when my Vito W447 front and...
  2. cosmictom

    CLK 240 Aftermarket Air Filter

    Hi all! My very first post here, somewhat belated in joining (I have had my CLK now since January 21) I AM LOVING IT! (I need some not-so-bad rust removing from my rear arches, new fog lights as the old wiring loom was severed in a collision, a new clock spring & for some reason my rear...
  3. M

    Charcoal Filter airflow direction?

    Yesterday I changed the charcoal filters on my W220 S500. The filters I removed were Purflux (AHC394-2) and the airflow arrows printed on them pointed toward the passenger door. The new filters are UFI (54.141.00) and the airflow arrows pointed towards the centre of the car. Both these filters...
  4. B

    Vito 638 112CDI Fuel draining back to tank.

    Any words of wisdom on where to start? My Vito 638 112CDi 2002 has developed a problem starting some mornings. Starts fine once been running. The fuel filter has an air bubble that appears in one of the lines after a few minutes of engine stop and slowly grows. The filter has three pipes at...
  5. T

    W203 2.2d 2003 auto Fuel pump problem.

    Need some help with a problem. Mrs Tilly came home stating she had nearly ran out of fuel. I topped up the tank with 10 litres of fuel from a jerry can. Got a call 15 minutes later saying she had broken down, and the management light had come on. Went out, and put another 10 litres of fuel in...
  6. J

    1998 W202 C250 TD air in fuel system

    Not had to post on here for a long time but now need some advice for my father. We have a 1998 W202 C250 TD sport automatic. it's been fine for a while but recently after a 20+ minute drive it starts to run a bit rough and we can see air in the fuel pipe in the pipe that goes between the lift...
  7. S

    Pipercross Performance Air Filter (Free)

    Would anyone living anywhere near Aylesbury with a petrol engined W202/3 like a Pipercross (slight BhP enhancing; and car lifetime durability) performance air filter? I bought it by accident (or their's) since I have a CDI and they don't do Merc Diesels. It is the rectangular style with no...
  8. rx6180

    Loads of carbon in oil filter cavity

    I changed my engine oil today and got a unwelcome surprise that I'd not seen before in 8 years of ownership of my W202 series C200. I'd drained the sump, then when I unscrewed the oil filter cap, oil came out over the top and ran down the engine. That chamber is normally near enough empty when I...
  9. C

    C220 CDI W203 Oil and FIlter Change

    Hey guys, i have a 2001, C220 CDI Auto (W203). I want to do an Oil and filter change. Are there any guides on how to do this (i am quite new to servicing my own cars). Also does anyone know what weight oils to use? For some reason i have a 5W40 Full synthetic and 15W40 Part synthetic...
  10. N

    Air filter housing seal

    The top cover of the air filter housing in my W208 doesn't seem to make a clean seal with the box itself. How important is it for a complete seal to be made? I understand that you don't want dust and dirt being sucked in, I'm just wondering if it's supposed to be air-tight for performance...
  11. B

    Major Service 100k ?

    Hi, This is a question for technicians who work on Mercedes. What are the things that are you replacing when doing a major service on a 2003 SL500 on the 100k service? Just want to get an idea. Thanks.
  12. B

    Best engine oil?

    Hi There, What is the best engine oil to use for a SL500 2003 model 70k miles. Mobil 1?

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