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    Mercedes c class ignition

    Hi can any one help or advise me?? i have a 2006 mercedes c class 1.8 petrol.. my ignition barrel has seized up if i buy another ignition with the same code number on it will it match up to the car or will it need re coded ? any help would be appreciated john
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    Hi everyone I'm new here so can anyone help me I have a clc 220 cdi sport and it cuts out whilst I'm driving and even when it's standing also sometimes when I turn the ignition on it seems to switch on and off like someone's turning the key off and on anyone had this problem or have any idea ...
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    E240 1999 - Sudden ignition problem

    Hello, I have an automatic E240 1999. It has worked brilliant until now. This morning I was going to the mall shopping but unfortunately I had to turn back already at the parking lot. I put the key in and turned it but there was only the starter running for about 5-6 seconds. Tried it a...
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    A140 v reg 1999 dash info

    A big help needed I have a Mercedes A140 1999 all electric power switchs stay live at all times including showing my milage and time it never turns off even with keys out and car locked and alarmed my battery wont last two days in the car I'm at a total loss please can anybody help. Regards...
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    Ignition prob..Key battery or electronic starter switch?

    Hi guys, I'm back looking for a little more help if possible. I seem to be experiencing ignition problems. I had the electronic ignition switch replaced 6 yrs ago( hoping it's not this!), along with the batteries in the key fob. Anyway..here's what happens..I can unlock the car with my key...
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    SKL 230 Ignition problems

    I have a 1998 SLK 230 wife took it to have brakes repaired at a non dealer shop. Now the car will not start, mech want to put anew key and computer in, it has a error code of P1750 and when you turn the key on the cooling fan starts to run. Any help would be so appreicated. Thanks
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    E240 ignition problem

    Hi again all! Back again with my 2000 E240 auto (still love it, although it's getting on) sorted by the legendary Malcolm et al in this thread last year (http://forums.mercedesclub.org.uk/showthread.php?t=55227) No probs at all since then and all has been well. Until today. Driving around...
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    1998 e280 starter/ignition problem

    Hi all , recently purchased an 1998 e280 elegance, have started having problems with the keyfobs not starting the car. After reading forums I have replaced the batteries in the key fobs , both of them , I have one fob that will unlock the car boot etc, and one that will start the car but...
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    V8 distributor cap damp problem

    I've had an ongoing problem with damp inside the distributor caps (both) which I cannot cure. This causes the inevitable misfiring and eventual tracking which obviously wrecks the caps. All the covers for the distributors are in place..externally everything is dry. I have even replaced the...
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    key will not respond and ignition will not turn

    I have a 2000 s-class 420. I am unbale to aopen doors unless i use the key. then the key will not tun in the ignition. I have tried to reset useing the process in the handbook. this makes no difference. the central locking works as normal. It seems that the immobiliser is activated and i am...
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    1977 230 (W123) Ignition Cuts Out

    Hi, I've posted before about this problem, but now think it is an electrical issue. Hope someone can help me out. My model is the 4 cylinder Stromberg carb version of the 230... it was purchased in Germany and brought to Canada. The problem is the engine cuts out under load at low RPM's...

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