1. K

    Ignition switches off after 2 seconds.

    My C200 CDI 2005 switches off immediately after turning the key to the second ignition position. All of the lights in the dash turn off and to turn the engine on you have to turn the key back and turn it to the third position really fast. The key recently had a battery change and it works...
  2. 7

    SLK R171 Button Function

    Hi All. I own a UK 2007 SLK R171 200 Kompressor and was wondering if anyone knows what the button just under and to the right of the ignition switch actually does. I've looked both online and in the owner manual and can find no mention of it anywhere. Many thanks in advance.
  3. M

    2010 W204 C250 - No start no crank. Fuse blowing

    2010 W204 C250 Cdi 2143 No start no crank. Replaced relay (position M), and starter fuse (fuse 7) is blowing. Doesn't blow with old relay. Searching online the fuse blowing is common for starter motor issues drawing too much power, so may need a new one, but before replacing the starter motor...
  4. O

    Key will not turn in the ignition after battery change

    2 days ago i replaced the battey in my s500, i started the car and everything seemed fine. After twenty seconds the car stopped by itself, after that the key won’t turn and my central locking system no longer works. I can take the key out of the ignition but it won’t turn. Anyone seen something...
  5. M

    Starting W124 after 5 years. Replacing the old petrol?

    Before attempting to start W124 after leaving it in the garage for more than 5 years. I believe I should throw away the old petrol and put New 5 litres in. I am not an expert mechanic. So, taking the petrol tank and cleaning it is not an option. I can think of 2 options. Option 1: Siphon the old...
  6. O

    190E odd startup behaviour

    Hi, New poster here so apologies if i'm posting in the wrong section. Over a month ago I took ownership of a 1992 Mercedes 190E 1.8 with 64k miles on the clock. She's been well looked after and garaged her whole life. Everything has been fine except she has odd startup behaviour and i'm...
  7. George Benz

    Ignition, dash light issues & engine cutting out?

    Hi all, new member here but have been a lurker for some time! I have a CLK 220CDI with 160K on the clock, car has been utterly reliable but am now having some strange electrical gremlins, hoping someone has had the same issues and found a common fault. It started with key fob issues, as in...
  8. W

    ml270 cdi 2002 all fault lights and a/c turn on when not running

    Hi guys, my entire array of fault code lights and a/c will just sporadically all turn on when the car isnt running which obviously drains my battery. Ive removed the a/c relay (still have a/c, go figure) so im thinking it may be an ignition fault instead. Any ideas? Cheers
  9. J

    W124 E280 4-speed auto Estate ('95)

    Hi everyone, I have the following intermittent problem, possibly link to a cold start issue. On ignition. I don't always get the automatic idle surge up from ca. 800 to about 1100, to warm the engine. Later W124s do not have specific cold start valves, so start injection is an EMS controlled...
  10. N

    Engine Won't Stop...'05 CLS 320 CDI

    Hi all, Firstly, your help and responses are much appreciated. The car is a 2005 CLS 320 CDI – 80k miles. When I turn the ignition switch to the ‘off’ position the engine remains running. When I remove the key the wipers, heater/blower and lights all switch off, but the engine remains...
  11. J

    W204 Ignition Keyswitch - stays on after removing key

    Hi Guys This is a strange problem that has been going on for a while. The ignition switch acts normally most of the time but every now and then when the key is removed, the ignition system does not switch off. The dash lights remain on and the engine keeps running. The "cure" so far, without...
  12. A

    Limp Mode after ESL issues

    Hi all, my C220 CDI 2008 has gone in to limp mode after I had issues with the esl(?) motor on the steering column. I had an issue whereby I’d put my key in and there would be no connection, no lights even when I turned the key. I looked around and found a suggestion to tap the steering column /...
  13. D

    Key won't open door or start ignition

    Hi Guys, Bought a clk200 coupe 2009 few weeks ago. Today the remote key/fob wouldn't open door so got in using the metal key. First I was about to switch dashboard but after trying to start engine the dashboard died. Now the key won't even turn. I have two remote keys and neither work. Read...
  14. C

    Few niggles with W204 c250cgi 2012

    Hello all, I bought this lovely car last week (23k mileage) and have a few niggles that maybe you can help with :) 1) White smoke production from exhaust when idle - this has settled slightly the more I drive it. One of the members suggested this is normal (in another post), so hopefully...
  15. Taffy7hfa

    Start stop button.

    Anyone on here fitted or attempted to fit an aftermarket start stop button to an ML ? (w163)
  16. A

    E240 w210 2000 ignition problem

    Hi any advice would be much appreciated. I have a E240 2000 I drove my car about 50m from where I live and stopped at traffic lights at which point all the warning lights came on and the car switched off. My key turns and all lights come on but the engine won't start. No ticking noise...no...
  17. C

    Key fob problems- strange!

    Hello everyone, Thank you for the help offered so far, the advice has been invaluable. The travails of my (newly acquired) W reg CL500 continue... So today the fresh CR2025 batteries arrived and I have replaced the old ones in the key fobs. I now face an unusual problem. 1. Both...
  18. F

    Ignition control module needed! please help! SL500

    Hi, We have an SL500, 1991/1992 v8 5L perfect until recently when we are now getting a missfire, been diagnosed to the ignition control module. the part number I need is 0125455732 any ideas? Thanks James
  19. B

    Electrics stuck on but electric ignition won't engage

    I came down to find my stereo was playing and after further investigation realised that the electrics have come on themselves without the key. When the key is introduced to the ignition nothing happens at all. I disconnected the battery to keep it from dying completely having already tested...
  20. K

    W204 07/08 - C220 WONT START

    Good Morning guys. I have never had a major problem with my car. I have always kept it well maintained and now disappointed that my car will not start. When you put the key in it makes the normal sounds like that zaaap when you insert it. then the white dash comes on. Not the Dash lights...

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