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    FIXED! 2017 E Class Spare Key Problem

    Hi! I bought a spare used key for my 2017 E-Class, and before I go to a local shop to pair it with my car, I was wondering if the LED on top of it should light up whenever I press a button on the key. I changed the battery too and it doesn't light up. Is the key defective or it won't light up...
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    Hi All. Hope everyone is well. I have a W220 S Class (S500) facelift and require a key fob, but it is slightly longer than the usual small 3 button black fob. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement? Or anyone selling one? Attached an online photo of the key that I require. Many thanks...
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    Sl500 key fob wont do anything. Will start car.

    Hey, apologies if this post is not in the correct place. I have an issue with my sl500 2003. The key starts the car perfectly fine, it will not do anything else, the indicators do not flash either. I have tried with both sets of keys and have even had them tested so I know the infared etc...
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    W220 Keyless Remote Not Working

    I have bought W220, 2001, S500 last week. It have 165k Kilometers on the clock and works perfectly fine beside only one issue. It does not lock or unlock from the key. I have to align the key to the door handle to get it lock/unlock. I got the car scanned but there were no errors displayed. I...
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    Key Fobb not opening van

    Hello Wondered if anyone could help me. I’ve had a new key fobb made for my Mercedes Sprinter 313 62 plate. It unlocked the cab doors on first opening by pressing the button. Since taking the key out from the ignition it will no longer open or close the doors. I’m having to use the metal key to...
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    Defect in key fob help

    Please help, my key fob for Mercedes A class 1.5 is playing up, it unlocks but doesn’t lock, I don’t know if it’s key battery or button or something else? Please advise what should I do??
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    Central locking/key fob fault

    Good morning, I have just purchased my first Mercedes. A 2004 w211 320cdi estate, it has some issues. 1. Key fobs do not lock/unlock car. 2. Interior courtesy lights do not operate automatically but do manually. 3. Fuel gauge doesn't work. Other than that it's a pleasure to drive. Any advice...
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    Radio No reception and Key Fob remote not working (A140)

    Hi Just bought a new to us A140 , it has an aftermarket radio (I think) , it's a face off radio , anyhow the radio works but does not get any reception signal for tuning. The keyfob remote does not unlock/lock the doors but allow the interior lights to illuminate. The reason I mention both these...
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    ML 320 99 W163 central locking

    Hi, I have a Mercedes ML320 W263 year 99 model. The central locking is not working remotely via the key fob and the central locking only lock and unlock the drivers door, if I need to lock all the doors I have to push the button on the centre console which locks all the doors, then lock the...
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    SLK230 R170 Alarm and CL problem

    I left the SLK to stand for about a year, when I came back and charged the car up, I noticed that the indicators continually flashed until I put the key on the ignition and turned to position 2 Everything work fine when the car was put away, stored in a dry garage. Opened up the alarm...
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    Key fob problems- strange!

    Hello everyone, Thank you for the help offered so far, the advice has been invaluable. The travails of my (newly acquired) W reg CL500 continue... So today the fresh CR2025 batteries arrived and I have replaced the old ones in the key fobs. I now face an unusual problem. 1. Both...
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    No ignition in position 2

    Hello all. My 1998 S210 (W210 estate) v6 3.2 litre petrol E320 has a problem besides guzzling fuel of course! I recently stopped to consult a satnav, put the car in park and turned off the engine. After some 2 or 3 minutes I tried to restart the car. Basically it wouldn't start. Whatever I...
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    Central Locking C180 1995 w202

    Hi - I can't find anyone with this exact same problem, so wonder if anyone can help. I have a 1995 C180 w202. It uses the IR only, single button remote keyfob. When I bought it it had a brand new keyfob which has now stopped operating the central locking, but will start the car. Fortunately...
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    Key fob intermittent function

    Hi gang. Bought a 2001 c220 cdi at auction recently. Key fob that came with it was badly worn & only worked intermittently. Ordered a new key fob from Harrogate mercedes as always best to have 2 keys. New fob worked fine for first week but now started to unlock only intermittently. New fob & new...
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    key fob for 95 c200 not working

    hello guys i am have problems with my key fob, it started a while ago, and then last week it stopped working altogether! even the red LED in the key fob had stopped working. i had a look on the internet for a solution and the most common cause was a faulty button inside the key fob, so i opened...

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