1. H

    Main or aux battery causing niggles?

    Hi I have a 2012 w204 c class. I have started getting more and more electrical issues that have started intermittent and now become permanent. 1. start/stop has not worked for a year or so 2. Automatic door unlocking no longer works, the doors lock when I start driving but do not unlock when I...
  2. S

    My remote can't function-please help

    Hey guys, my W211 remote keys works just fine when start engin, lock and unlock all doors. But when parking for an hour or more, the remote keys cannot open or lock doors. Remote red light still blinks, key fob batteries are good, but no respond from the doors. Need to take out small key to...
  3. D

    New car. Old problems

    Hi guys. First post here. First Mercedes too... So today I bought a little R170 320 for my little weekend toy. I bought the cheapest one I could find within 100 miles of my house for the following reasons; 1. It's a second car to avoid putting shopping dents in my M2 (and to keep the mileage...
  4. L

    Intermittent locking/unlocking failure

    Hi. Since owning a Merc A class 2015 for the past 6 months, I've had intermittent issues when trying to lock/unlock the car with the key fob. The red light works on the key but the car doesn't seem to detect the signal. I've replaced the battery to no avail. I, therefore, have to occasionally...
  5. S

    W124 door solenoid -

    Hello, Can someone please tell me how to remove this part? It is the driver's door solenoid although MB may call is something else. It has stopped working and this is prevent the total closure function working. I have just ordered a replacement convenience module (from eBay for £15, which...
  6. D

    [Spares] PSE pump central locking R230 SL55 SL500 SL350 eBay

    PSE pump central locking R230 SL55 SL500 SL350 eBay Here is a central locking pump, PSE, for R230 type SL From a member here an offer of £325 with your old unit in exchange will be OK...
  7. R

    Problem with driver's door locking

    Hello everyone, This is my first thread here, I have C class 2009, W204 So here is my problem: So I was inside the car trying to unlock my driver's door using the central locking keys, but it wouldn't unlock. Then I tried opening it using the interior door handle, so it got unlocked, but...
  8. T

    Door lock/locking problem

    Hello im new to this fourm, im ted i have a 52 plate c200 kompressor, i have 2 issues. As of tonight i went to open my boot, it opened fine and stoped locking so now i have a flapping boot. Being an electrician Iv taken the boot card of so it you can see the lock iv checked the connection and...
  9. D

    [Spares] SL vacuum pump central locking R230 PSE

    Here is a PSE central locking pump for SL 350 500 55 R230 For sale to best offer http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mercedes-Benz-SL-PSE-vacuum-pump-central-locking-R230-SL55-SL500-SL350-/300900453795?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item460f108da3
  10. M

    W203 Central Locking Weirdness & Smart keys

    Hi! :) I'm new to this forum. I'll probably be here quite a lot now that my CD220 is around 8 years old and I'm not getting any richer lol. I've got a strange problem with one of my smart keys and was wondering if someone here has experienced this issue, or who knows of it, and perhaps...
  11. T

    W210 central locking issues

    Hi guys, Just bought a 1997 E230 Elegance :D It's got a few wee things that need sorted out. It only came with the emergency key, the one with no buttons. My question is, when I unlock the drivers door with the metal key should the other doors unlock too? I have noticed that once I am in...
  12. S

    Central locking gone mad!!!

    Hello all, im new to this but im hoping someone can help me please! Ill explain what the problem is; the central locking locks and then sometimes the lights flash so the car acknowledges that it going to lock but then the doors dont lock everything goes into the kind of lock mode. Any idea...
  13. J

    Sl 230 pse pump

    I have been reading a few threads and realise if I had paid more attention I might be in this mess. after a winter of frost on the inside of the car and recently condensation, i concluded the last time it must be down to lennaving a wet jacket in the boot. How wrong i was> seeing a lot damp...
  14. L

    SL500 remote not working

    Hi Everyone, I have a 1996 SL500 R129. My remote locking/alarm arm, disarm has suddenly stopped working. I unlocked my car this morning, and started it up as usual. I then turned it off and went to to lock it but it wouldn't lock. The immobiliser has armed now and I can't start the...
  15. L

    '96 E230 remote entry failure

    Hi There On the above vehicle the remote entry has failed. Have a warning with the red and green mirror lights flashing for several minutes indicating a fault - but doors will not lock or unlock. Checked the key and battery OK + signal from key OK. All door solenoids OK as interior button...
  16. V

    W124 central locking issue - electrical drain

    Wonder if you guys (and girls?) might be able to help with this. My car has an electrical drain which will flatten the battery in about a week. Having gone through the fuse box with care, the only two circuits with any draw when "all off" are the clock and the central locking circuit. Now...
  17. A

    Remote Central Locking problems :-( 220

    I am really stuck guys! I have limited funds being made redundant so9me months ago and cant through money away at a dealership if I can avoid it. I would be so happy if a way around this is possible. I have a 1996 N plate C220 Elegance and I cant open the thing with my remote. I dont have a...
  18. R

    Electrical mayhem on 51plate SL500 silver arrow

    I have an sl500 silver arrow and suddenly things don't work, ir rather they work under certain conditions (sometimes). The mirrors will no longer retract with the button. The doors have started locking as you drive off and the most annoying thing is that the mirror adjustment won't work unless...

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