1. Z

    PARKTRONIC issue - still new to how these things work

    Hi guys Ive just bought a 2015 C63 - wow, what a beautiful machine! it drives fantastic, lovely car and its clear i dont know how everything works yet but i think the parking sensors arent working properly. - at least i dont think so. When i start the car - the red and yellow bars both fill up...
  2. M

    Parktronic fault code A23400. Rear PARKTRONIC warning element 1 has a malfunction

    Hi I have a C220 W204 estate AMG and recently had the Parktronic warnings of 4 red lights back and front. I got two faults one of which was a faulty sensor which has now sorted that but it still gives the warning and disables. The remaining fault is: Rear PARKTRONIC warning element 1 has a...
  3. Tym

    W212 Parktronic failure

    Hi peeps. Newbie here so go gentle on me! Used to have a 1991 E230 years ago, and now I've just replaced my old Saab 9-3 TTiD (which had 213k on the clock) with an 61 plate E220 CDI. Lovely car, and nice to be back behind the three point star again. However... whilst everything has been...
  4. 5

    Parktronic on A class pre-2013

    Does anyone know exactly what A models 2008-2012 had Parktronic available as an option? I think only certain versions did - I'd particularly like to find an 'Elegance' but trade adverts rarely go this far. Wish they would. Thanks.
  5. E

    Interior Lights and Parktronic System Faults

    Hi. Just bought an E280 last week, the 2006 facelift model and have a few issues to sort out. Got it at a decent price so can't complain really. Electrics wise I have two problems, any suggestions would be much appreciated. The interior roof lights don't work at all, ambient, reading, normal...
  6. M

    sl 350 r230 Parktronic Problem and auxiliary battery drain

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so please any help would be much appreciated here. I have a 2004 sl350 which I love and has been running great other than the odd hickup for the past 2 years after the initial water problems were all dried up. I have searched the forum and seen a couple...
  7. M

    CL600 Park Assist

    Hi, I'm hoping once again to tap into the wealth of knowledge available within the forum. My car, a 2007 CL600, has intermittently been acting strange; and in a rather dangerous and worrying way. When approaching traffic lights, a junction, or roundabout (slowing down basically), as I get to...
  8. D

    W203 2005 Parktronic Sensor Removal

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum so please excuse me if this has been asked numerous times before. I recently purchased my first MB, a C180 2005 reg Kompressor Advantgarde and took it to my local MB dealer to run a diagnostics as the parktronic was not working but the display was lighting up. It...
  9. moj91

    W204 Parking Sensors Faulty (Help/Ideas please!)

    Good evening all! After a recent bout of rain, the W204 has developed a problem with its front parking sensors, I assume one or more has gotten wet. Is this common? Is it usually the sensor(s) or could it be a loom connector fault? Is there anything i can do to the okay ones to seal them...
  10. L

    R230 Parktronic Stray Connector?

    I stripped the boot lining out of my SL55 on Sunday to try and get to the bottom of the Parktronic not working (never has since I had the car - it just alarms with all lights on, then switches itself off). A STAR readout showed faults on nearly all the sensors, which to me says ECU rather than a...
  11. L

    Newbie saying Hello

    Hello one and all Just bought my first Merc - E320 Avantgarde Estate 2005. Very impressed as it seems to have almost every gadget :) Though that means more to go wrong :( I tested out the Parktronic yesterday and discovered its not working - lights come on with a sound but after 20 secs it...
  12. C

    Parktronic retrofit coding

    Just finished installing a parktronic retrofit kit (proper MB one - rear sensors only) to my C class, put the fuse into the rear SAM and it all sprang into life :D This begs a question about coding - MB WIS says / infers that some coding of modules using STAR will be needed to make the...
  13. Seeker_UK

    W211 Parktronic Fault

    Well I've had the E320CDI a week and now the fun begins. ;) On Saturday, the Parktronic started reporting a fault while I was in some stop-start traffic - the double reds and beep showing up on the front indicator bar although when I put the car in reverse, the rear indicator bar chimed in...
  14. BRABUS R230

    Parktronic Issue

    Hi everyone, I have noticed a problem that I would like some help with, the parktronic on my SL R230 is now playing up, what happens is the front right display and audible warning goes of constantly at around every 5 seconds when I am stationary even though there is nothing near the sensors...

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