1. N

    Recall gone wrong

    Hi. I have a B class W246 2014. Car was in for recall. ECU software and steering column/ airbag. After a week cars mpg was down and whilst going round a long slow bend near home the steering locked. Managed to get the car to safety and noticed a faint burning smell in side. Have airbag warning...
  2. I

    NOx sensor failure on 2015 E220 Auto BlueTech

    I have recently had my auxiliary battery replaced so my stop/start works now. When paying my bill, I was presented with output from XENTRY that both NOx sensors needed replacing. Apparently, there is a shortage of them and they could install one new and one refurb for £1000. On another forum I...
  3. grahamwoodward

    W211 recall

    I was amazed today to receive a recall letter from Mercedes-Benz. Why? Well my car is a W211 E-class, built 2003 and first registered 2004 and they have decided to fit a new, complete electric sunroof because with some cars the glue holding in the glass in place has failed after 16 years! The...
  4. T

    SBC Failure???

    Been doing a bit of digging on this one. My W211 52 plate E270 CDI (68K miles) today suddenly started showing "ESP Failure", "ABS Failure", "Service Brake" and "Cruise Control" failures - all saying "drive to workshop". This sounds horribly like a failed SBC unit. I see that MB did a recall...
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