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    rear bearing replacement by removing the whole wheel stative

    Hello everybody, I had I want to change the rear wheel bearing and to do this I unscrewed the entire wheel stand, but it cannot be pegged out now, although it is not held by any screw and it should actually no longer be fixed. Anyone knows what to do? In the picture, my harmless attempt to pull...
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    Does my C-Class w203 / 2006 timing chain needs to be replaced ?

    Hello Guys, I have C-Class w203, 2006. It shows SERVICE ENGINE SOON check on the board. I went to engineer who tried to diagnose the problem using some tablet (I think it was some kind of Android software) and then told that it might be the problem of the timing chain sync, but I believe he was...
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    Looking to upgrade my old COMAND NGT1

    Well, after almost 12 years, it seems that the navigation disc reader has reached EOL. Now, replacing it is a rather costly affair, it seems, unless I use one from the scrap-yard. Besides, the maps and the UI are rather dated now. So I'm thinking of what, or if, to replace it with. Now, most...
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    Clk 270 cdi, 2003, armrest latch broken

    Hi, just wounding if anyone can help? The armrest latch has broken and wondering if anyone has experience removing and replacing one? Thanks,
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    Hi, I have two beautiful Mercedes' one 1990 SL500 and one 1992 SEL600. I was wondering if i would have any issues replacing the engine in the SL with the 6.0 litre V12 in my SEL?? :D As their is a SL600 with the same chassis i would think their would not be any problem Any suggestions or...
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    Self levelling struts; connecting hydraulic tubes

    Hi, I am in the process of replacing the rear shock absorbers on my daughter's W124 T Sportline. My problem is that the tubing for the hydraulics is slightly puzzling; normally when you connect tubing like this, at least one of the nuts is "loose" once you've loosened the fitting. Here...
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    1997 C280 (W202) Heater Blower Motor needs replaced

    Hello there I recently posted a query looking for advice on why water was pouring in from under the passenger dash after heavy rain. bigasotonuk & television responded with excellent advice, and television actually provided me with guides on how to unblock the drains behind the heater...

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