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  1. Steve Mack

    W447 Vito 3rd brake light removal

    All, I am trying to replace the high level tailgate brake light on my Mercedes Vito (2017 - W447) but cannot find any inf. on-line re. removal of housing assy. I think it may pop out if I gently prise it away from body but don’t wish to damage it should it be held secure by a bolt. Has anyone...
  2. S

    V-Class Reverse Camera doesn't come on straight away.

    Reverse camera in my 2017 V250 has been working perceftly until a few days ago. I reset settings to try and do something else (can't even remember what now - something simple like trying to delete all radio favourites at once!). Since then here is what is happening: Note: I DO have the 'engage...
  3. H

    C220 204 heated seats / reverse parking camera

    Hi, I recently bought a 2013 (62 plate) c220d amg sport coupe and I was wondering if someone could please guide me to someone who fits reverse cameras so it comes up on the satnav screen? I added amg sport into the description because I was wondering if its possible to buy heated front...
  4. J

    Where can i fix the reverse camera for CLS

    Hi, Is anyone can recommend me where to fix the reverse camera for CLS 2010 model? My budget is less than £200. I stay near Shoreditch, London. Thanks in advance.
  5. orbitalegg

    Reverse Camera Power Feed

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install a generic reverse camera on my W163 and I was wondering if anyone new which wire carries the power to the reverse light on the 163:confused:. thanks.
  6. A

    Sprinter CDI 316 March 2015 (MY2013) Reversing Camera

    I've purchased a reversing camera from a German Ebayer (claimed OEM). It comes with German only instructions hence my questions on here. The Radio (Command Module) is an Alpine RY2350 with the video input on a turquoise connector (the only one not used). I've connected switched 12V power via...
  7. G


    Hi Guys I have a 2010 ML350 with reverse camera. Lately I noticed that when reversing, i use the side mirrors and the reverse camera. However when am getting closer, i do not seem to hear any beep noise regarding how close am getting to the object behind. Will this be because i have the...
  8. R

    C220 Reversing Camera

    Evening all, After learning the hard way that the parking sensors cannot see very low down objects I've decided i'd really like to retrofit a reversing camera. Has anyone else done it? Is it a DIY or professional job? I would want the factory fitted type, not the type that replaces the...
  9. U

    Retrofit reverse camera to new CLS

    Hi I've been offered a good lease deal on a pre-built CLS350. The only extra I really wanted which it doesn't have is a reverse camera. Car has COMAND. Is there any way of retrofitting the camera? I've seen a few websites but they mention specific models - none of which is the CLS. Any...

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