1. L

    One Brake Failing Erratically - Resets

    Hello! I have a 2001 MB E240 Elegance Wagon S210 Problem: My right side brake light fails but works for a period of time when the bulb carrier is reseated. Is there a fickle thing with these I'm not seeing? Is there some kind of power short protection - that is not a fusible link - that...
  2. T

    s210 Rear Wings

    Good evening. Earlier this year I bought a S210 E320 CDI Estate. Sorted a few issues ( Gearbox plate , Thermostat etc etc ) and tried to deal with some of the rust issues , with some degree of success. However , there is severe corrosion in the inner rear wings ( where the spare wheel sits and...
  3. Smaltze

    E320 W210 Loss of torque after slow driving

    Hi guys, Got this anoying and ever more common problem with my w210. when i drive the car normally it goes like a rocket, and if i keep putting my foot down at every oppurtinity it kicks down and blasts off, head back. great. But recently often it has this problem that seems to occur only...
  4. A

    S210 interior bulb replacement

    Took the plunge back into Mercedes ownership a few months ago (just can't keep away..) and am gradually working through the fixes on a 2002 S210 Avantgarde estate (well Alex Crow is mostly). One little problem that should be simple enough for me to fix is the light fitting underneath the...
  5. 1

    Potentially breaking a S210 E55

    Hi all, Just been offered a E55 wagon but the body is too rusty for me. Engine and gearbox are fine (done 202k) and can be heard running. Interior is fine as far as i'm aware. Oh, it has also had a LPG Conversion. I will hopefully know a bit more this weekend. If there are enough folks on...
  6. B

    S210 E320CDi Injector leak / spitting?

    Hi I am a newbie, so not sure as to the format of these forums. I have a s210 which looks like it has an injector (s) problem. It's noisy and seems to be spitting. http://youtu.be/kXcIqlrTRbk Any advice or ideas?
  7. grahamperrin

    2000 E280 (S210) air conditioner: condenser and pipe replaced

    When I got this E280 in May 2014, I wondered whether the AC would need re-gassing. Mercedes-Benz of Brighton offered a good price so I went for that, but as things turned out: it needed a condenser – leaking in three places. So the money earmarked for re-gassing went, instead, towards the...
  8. grahamperrin

    estate buying advice (W123, W124, W210, W211), auto diesel preferred

    https://www.diigo.com/list/grahamperrin/list-2014050319222211 there's a list of cars that I have in mind. Mostly Mercedes-Benz. The list will change over time. Overall preferences at the head of the list, to the left. General comments at the foot. My budget for initial purchase is...
  9. A

    E280 2000 s210 rattle from rear when going over bumps and potholes

    I have a 2000 e280 avantgarde estate s210. I am getting a rattle from the rear when I go over bumps. I had Merc specialist look at it who still can't diagnose the problem. I am not happy with them because they told me to change the sub frame bushes and charged £150. Have been reading some stuff...

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