1. I

    Sat nav update

    I want to update my 2015 E220 sat nav and Mercedes quoted me £150 for the licence and 90 minutes labour to poke a disk into my car. Anybody managed to buy an update cheaper from somewhere that worked?
  2. V

    R230 Mercedes SL - new stereo system needed ..

    Am purchasing a 2003 SL350. It has a stereo/basic GPS, Bluetooth for telephone only .. I need a system that has Bluetooth for telephone & music, DAB, SAT NAV (live) ... not bothered about video ... (NO Bose speakers) .... Can anyone advise on what/where/when/how please? many thanks in advance! :)
  3. J

    Can I change the satnav screen setting - it’s too dark at night

    Hi, we’ve got a 2017 E class estate and would like to know how to change the satnav screen setting as at nighttime it switches to black and both the husband and I are struggling to read it. Help would be really appreciated. Thanks
  4. darkling

    SLK (R171) GPS aerial location?

    My satnav (COMAND N2.5) is having trouble working out where it is. On the full-screen map, it says it has no satellites visible. That suggests to me that the aerial is damaged/misplaced/disconnected. From what I can see online, most cars have it on the rear window, but clearly that would be a...
  5. C

    2008 E-Class E280CDI W211 SatNav Update

    Hi I have a 2008 W211 E280CDI and I've taken some shots of the COMAND engineering screens in the hope of finding out how old my satnav maps are and what I can do to update them. If anyone can help a newbie I'd be very grateful. Cheers! :)
  6. C

    Teleatlas travelpilot dx Satnav disc help please

    Hi all, I desperately need to replace the satnav cd in my 2001 C220. I have the command 2.0 head unit and it uses the DX platform. The disc I have is the 2004 issue and I'm finding more and more that some of the routes on it are totally out of date. Anyone know of the best place to get a 2014 disc?
  7. P

    Connecting Accessories W209

    I have just replaced my beloved 300CE with a CLK320CDI (thanks to a clumsy neighbour writing it off!) In the 300CE it was a relatively easy job to hook in additional accessories - Tomtom satnav, in-car video camera etc - but I am reluctant to start poking around in this pristine new(ish) car...
  8. Chrishazle

    Updated My NTG4 Satnav.

    Acquired a set of (genuine MB) 2012 V10.0 update discs for the NTG4 Comand in my 2008 S204 C220 and have just installed the update. From the Engineering menu I'd discovered that the installed maps were 07Q2, so system had never been updated from new. Expected to have to go back to the...
  9. E

    Comand Sat Nav not reading DVD Disc

    My Comand Sat Nav has decided to stop working on my 2005 E220 Estate. It says there is no disc inserted. The disc looks fine and it works in my friends Merc. I've tried his disc but get the same message. I've tried disconnecting all the cables and reconnecting but the problem remains. I have...

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