1. G

    [Spares] Recaro CSE Seats (Pair) For W116/126, W128

    Recaro CSE Front Seats Originally used by late father in his W123 and possibly W116/126 They are fulling working pneumatically and mechanically. On base to suit but don't have fore back sliders adjusters. I think it they go on factory ones. Drivers seat has position memory. In excellent...
  2. M

    [Wanted] Leather seats

    Evening all Anyone have a set of A class W169 full Leather seats .standard type not electric. thanks.
  3. R

    Cleaning Seats (leather/vinyl)

    Noticed the car seats in my C350 have white marks all over them. Fairly sure they where there when I got the car about 7 months ago but I never paid much attention to them as they are quite faded. Understand they aren't real leather but can't seem to shift the marks. Didn't want to try anything...
  4. K


    Hi there guys, iv recently bought a 2015 mercedes a class that doesnt come with electric seats, now iv got some a45 bucket seats that are electrically adjusted, they can be retrofitted but i just want to know where from, preferably somewhere closeish to the south and west yorkshire region...
  5. Dean Fletcher

    Is there anything I can do about this?

    Hi everyone, My drivers side leather seat is starting to crack. Is there anything that can be done to fix/stop or prevent this? Please see photo. Many thanks Dean
  6. A

    New seats

    I was wondering if it is possible to put c class coupe seats in a CLc coupe 200? I don't like the stock seats the clc comes with and I want to change it if it's possible. Who knows?
  7. J

    Fitting C class seats

    Hi I have a Mercedes citan van, I intend on fitting some c class seats w204. I'm trying to work out the wiring using common sense. Yellow plug is for safety stuff like airbags and seat belt alarm etc. Thicker wires for heated seats, wires going to motors are obviously for the electric movement...
  8. L

    Seat release handle

    The chrome has started to peel on the my seat release handle in my coupe? Any one know where to find a replacement part or how to remove the handle? Thanks
  9. B

    Dynamic seat repair

    Hi guys, So I've had a few niggles with my dynamic seats, suspecting air leaks. Just got hold of an iCarSoft MB II fault code reader, and (aside from 1000 various fault codes...) sure enough I had the following: left seat: a Pressure relief valve opens without active overpressure; b...
  10. S

    new C200 1.6D - advice please

    Hi folks - 1st post - so please be gentle..... Considering buying a new C Class C200 1.6D Manual. 1st merc for 10 years - due to poor local customer service - now moved to a different town - here's hoping :( . Will be taking a test drive in a few weeks. Meanwhile please can anyone...
  11. G

    [Spares] W202 SEATS ANYONE?
  12. S

    SLK 230 R170 Electric Seat Fault

    The seat controls on my SLK230 R170 have intermittent fault Sometimes none of seat controls on either seat work ie seats cannot be moved backwards and forwards or any of the other adjustments when car used first thing in morning Sometimes they work when engine as been running for 5 or 10...
  13. G

    5 Days out of warranty - HELP PLEASE

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum but am seeking some advice. I have a 2011 E Class Estate that has Artico seats. I noticed five days after the three year warranty expired that there was a split in the front drivers seat. MB Birmingham have said that MB will contribute 50% to the full...
  14. A


    HI there I have a full interior for a w124 coupe in cream leather. the driver seat is electric.its is in a very good and acceptable condition. £250 or offers. I also have other w124 body parts and interior parts and some mechanical parts. if you want more info call or text me or reply to...
  15. J

    Will c250cgi seats fit c180cgi?

    I want to change the fabric seats in my 2010 c180cgi auto for leather seats from the c250cgi. I'll chane the whole seats. Will they fit? Mine has electric rake/rise but I think the c250 has more electric bits.
  16. L

    Wanted - New Seats for W203 c class estate

    Just bought a c class estate on a 51 plate for my missus. Got it for a song because it was rather grubby inside. Just had interior valet from professional but still a bit grubby. Thinking of changing the seats. Anybody got some or know from where I may get some? Help would be appreciated.
  17. S

    V-class with 6 or 7 seats.

    Firstly, this is my first post so hello everyone. I'm debating buying a V280 Ambiente and after a lot of research I can't find any info relating to the number of seats. Some have 6 and some have 7 with the extra seat being in the middle row. I'm looking for the 7 seat version but I'm...
  18. B

    Boot release, window position, electric seat position falts on CLK430

    Boot release, window position, electric seat position faults on CLK430 The boot release does not work but shows the red boot open light on the release switch even while locked shut. Mechanical key will open and close. Passenger window drops an inch or so when openning the door and does not...
  19. H

    ML Seats

    I have just brought a ML & want to pack the kids in the rear seats. (Third row) But I can't seem to get the seats to fold foward!:confused: I've got the D shaped handle one side & another lever on the other side of the seat, but all I have managed is to fold the back down so they can step...

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