1. K

    C250 CDI W204 2010 Cranking over but not starting...

    Hi all I have a lovely C250 CDI sat on my driveway, she's a 2010 W204 however its more of an ornament right now... I have been away in a developing country for the last 8 months doing volunteer work and left the car with my parents whom made sure to start the car every month and let it run...
  2. Hans Solo5

    Mercedes SL280 R129 Intermittent starting issue

    Had a auto electrician look at my Mercedes today, Intermittent starting issue , assumed it was the Immobiliser which has only one key and was fitted by Main Dealer in 1997, alas that checked out all ok. We discovered that it was the key barrel , checked all terminals for loose connections and...
  3. MattyH

    Non-starting W202 diesel

    As of yesterday, the diesel preheat/glowplugs light (is this the right terminology?) is ceased to come on when I put the key in the ignition of my 1996 250D W202 automatic and turn it to the first click. Nor will the engine fire when starter motor is swung Battery is strong and engine turns...
  4. F

    clk320 (W) starts then stops when reved

    I have w reg 2000 clk320, it has started and run perfectly, after some great advice from forum members, until today when it started then stopped when revved! also the engine then turned over but did not start. I left it for a while and it started ok, but stopped again. Any help please?
  5. T

    W203 2.2d 2003 auto Fuel pump problem.

    Need some help with a problem. Mrs Tilly came home stating she had nearly ran out of fuel. I topped up the tank with 10 litres of fuel from a jerry can. Got a call 15 minutes later saying she had broken down, and the management light had come on. Went out, and put another 10 litres of fuel in...
  6. T

    2003 CLK 270 CDI Starting problem advice

    Hi, Im having some starting issues with my 2003 270 cdi CLK (Automatic) and was wondering whether anyone may have some idea as to what could be wrong. - The length of time it takes to start can vary drastically - It always turns though - Usually (surprisingly) on a cold start (or when the...
  7. P

    SL55 starting problem

    Hi all, my SL won't start after being left in the Sun. I suspect fuel vaporisation but I suppose it could be a fuel pump on its way out? It is accompanied by the Emissions warning lamp coming on intermittently. Any ideas?
  8. S

    300CE-24 starting problems

    Hi, I have a Mercedes 300 CE-24 of 92 with automatic transmission which has a significant starting issue: When it is left in the garage for more than 2 weeks then, when started, the engine runs for 10-15 minutes and stops. I have to wait for half to one hour until it can be started again. My...
  9. A

    starting problem

    Can somebody help me out? I have a Mercedes E Class W211, 320 CDI which has a intermiton fault and the car only starts when it wants to. I've noticed when I try to start the car, the glow plug light does not glow, and the car does not start up HOWEVER when the glow plug light DOES glow the car...
  10. R

    Ex-pat with C220 CDI issues

    Hello, I’m a long term reader, first time poster which I appreciate makes me look slightly selfish when I ask for your help, the truth is I’m absolutely hopeless when it comes to cars, mechanics or any sort of technical issues. If I had some worthy to share with you nice people I would be...
  11. B

    2002 SL500 Delayed!!

    I have a 2002 model SL 500 with 70k miles on it. I have changed the fuel filter, spark plugs, have serviced recently and still when i start the car at times it is jerky and takes a little while to get going. And at other times it starts first go. Suggesstions?
  12. R

    ML270 lots of cranking to start

    Mornig All, My ML270 looks like it needs the manifold replacing, which I will be doing shortly.. Swirl Flap issue causing oil leak, limp mode etc. Over the past month or so I have noticed that the car needs more engine turns to start it, it use to start more or less on the button...
  13. G

    CLK 320 Coupe Engine starting problem!..

    Hello folks I live in Germany and have been having an interesting problem lately.. I have a 2001 registered Mercedes-Benz 320 Coupe (Benzine) at 230.000 Km. On the fuel tank tap it says 95 octane but I always use 98 octane to have better performance. (I don't know it scientifically though..)...
  14. F

    1995 w202 starting problems

    Hey guys, I have recently had problems starting my 1995 c180. I used to have this problem alot, then it just went away for about a year! It came back a few days ago after i disconnected the battery as I needed to remove the steering wheel to replace the wiper stalk (which sort of caught...
  15. N

    Further 190E 2.5 Starting Problems

    Hi all, during the winter I had some starting problems with my 190E 2.5-16V, and now the weather is marginally better I've started having a proper look at it. I've changed the spark plugs today and these were particularly black, with the threads indicating that the engine could be flooded...
  16. M

    Poor starting W202 C280 1996

    Hello All I have a '96 C280 which has been faultless all its life. At 140,000 miles now and still uses hardly any oil at all. It has always started first turn of the key but it has gradually got worse and worse. It will fire but I have to let it churn away for a while. Cold or hot same...
  17. E

    Lumpy E300TD, changed glow plugs ... now what?

    Having started perfectly through all the sub-zero weather, my '98 w210 E300TD, 112k, started displaying the glow plug warning after starting, running on less than all cyclinders for a minute or so and producing a white cloud of smoke on start up. After a couple of minutes (and before reaching...
  18. B

    c220 diesel - fuel pressure to start?

    Hi all, Have an odd problem with a C220 Diesel, won't start when cold unless easy start is sprayed into inlet, it will then start and run absolutley fine for hours - But once stopped will not re-start even when hot. Believe its fuel pressure related just wondered if anyone knows what the...
  19. B

    Help needed for c200 cdi problem!!!

    hi guys, i have a problem with my car was wondering if anybody out there could give me a solution please. ok my car is a c200 cdi on a 05 reg. a few days back i started to have a problem with the fuses. each time i went to start the car the fuse would blow the fuse was a 15 amp after blowing 5 i...
  20. M

    99 W202 C240 Won't start

    Help! About 2 weeks, the car wouldn't start. Out the blue one morning engine turns over no problems, but not a hint of running. Checked all the fuses, and found the rear fuses near the battery and the location of the fuel pump relay - and searched the web. Found the crank position sensor...

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