1. T

    W123 2.8 swap to 2.0

    Hey there! I currently drive a w124 200D auto (first car) which I’ve had for a year, I do thoroughly enjoy the car, but can’t help lusting over a dream w123 car I have wanted since I was a child. My issue is this - where I am located, it is near impossible to find any w123’s under 2.5 and 2.8...
  2. A

    Intro Thread: My Classic Mercedes in a car show

    Greetings all, I normally have introduced my vehicles via text but my W123 300d was recently featured in a Classic car show on Youtube called "New vs. Old". It has a unique spec for a saloon with factory equipped self leveling suspension, aircon, sunroof and under chassis armour, and was...
  3. V

    OM603 swap on a W123

    Hi, I've been driving a W123 200d with OM615 and a 4 speed manual gearbox for 5 years now. Its burning a bit of oil and I think I'll have to rebuild it in the future. So, I'm playing with the idea of changing to a more powerful engine. Many do the 617 swap but I was thinking a step furthur...
  4. Bini

    w123 speaker upgrade

    Hello, Just picked up a w123 coupe and wanted to change the speakers in the back, but struggling to work out how to best pop out the parcel shelf without damaging anything? Was thinking of maybe putting in some 6x9s. Thanks Bini
  5. G

    Restoration in or near Gloucestershire

    Dear Benz folk, I'm a very new member but have owned my '83 W123 for 20 years. It's time to get some work done so wondering if anyone can recommend anybody in the Cheltenham/Gloucestershire area? General body work but also needs some welding underneath, possibly some panel/floor/sill replacement...
  6. S

    What type of transmission do the W124 have?

    So i recently bought a Mercedes 240D. The owner said that he swapped the old iron-case 4 speed transmission to a W124 5 speed transmission. Does anyone know whether the transmission is Iron-case or Aluminum-case? Its a manual
  7. M

    w123 fuel gauge tool

    Hiya Newbie forum visitor. Have read some stuff before but now need to ask a question. Need to open my fuel level sensor and after reading up it seems I need one of these massive 46m (1 13/16) sockets. The ones the sell 'off the shelve' are all quite massive. So the question is: would the...
  8. mark.s

    W123 value ?

    Hi Forum members. Before I go and put this great W123 up for sale. I would like to get your feeling on its value. I have a ball park from a few sources but would be great to get your thoughts ? Mercedes-Benz Model 123 Series Year 1979 Engine 2.5 Fuel Petrol Reg - YTG647T Date of first...
  9. J

    Thinking of buying W123 or W201 - any advice on best model?

    Hi, I previously owned a W124 300C 24V which was, on the whole, a great car but I had to get rid of it due to re-location. I am now thinking of buying a W123 or W201 (190e) to use as a regular car (not much commuting) and also as an appreciating classic. Does anyone have any recommendations as...
  10. nimchimpsky82

    New member after a W123...

    Hi all I thought I’d say hi and briefly describe my reasons for joining. As is obvious from the topic, I don’t currently own a Mercedes, and so unfortunately don’t have any photos to share just yet… That will hopefully change in the not too distant future, though, as I have finally acquired a...
  11. D

    Low mileage W123 230E Auto Breaking

    Hi all, As we enter 2017 busier than ever, we have made the decision, with regret to create even more space here at our Surrey HQ. The latest sacrifice comes in the form of a lovely low mileage W123 230E which we had stripped for a full show n' shine resto. This car is now up for grabs as a...
  12. TravisMerc

    W123 Coupé Window Scrapers / Seals

    Hi all Restoring a W123 Coupé and have run into a difficulty with window scraper seals (front and rear both sides). Apparently MB have discontinued these: I'm really hoping that someone here knows where we can get some. Anyone have some for sale? Is there a source of these somewhere...
  13. L

    Persistent ticking noise

    Hi everyone, newbie here :D For the past while I've been experiencing a light ticking noise whenever I let my car idle. I have found that pushing on either the brake or clutch pedals slightly causes the ticking to stop, but I really don't want to have to keep doing that for ever just to keep...
  14. D

    How to shut off my W123 diesel?

    Hi there, It seems that my shutoff valve is either sticking or leaking as it has got progressively worse over the last month or so and finally this morning I sat outside of work for over 10 minutes waiting for it to stop. So until I fix that how do I kill the engine? In the videos...
  15. P

    W123 280E 1985

  16. Z

    W123/W126 rear suspension arm...

    Hello all, My W123 230ce isn't great right now, 29 years of having the wheels taken off and on, have taken it's toll, and the wheel bolt threads on the rear L/H hub are knackered. I spent a day drilling out 3 bolts, and removing what was left of the bolts, though after re-tapping the...
  17. J

    Interior Vinyl for W123 280ce

    Hi, I am looking for some navy blue vinyl for some tidying up on my interior. Any recommendations for where to source it? Thanks, James
  18. M

    W123 CE W210 E55 Engine and box conversion

    Hi guys Having been inspired by this: http://www.mercedes-fans.de/autoderwoche/autoderwoche_artikel/id=795/start=0 I've decided to do an engine swap on the W123 CE I'm about to buy. We've just dropped a modern XJ Jag engine into a 60s Mk2 Jag and also have a lot of experience dropping...
  19. MechPhil

    How to fix a W123 manual window winder mechanism!!

    One of those irritating problems (one of VERY VERY few) with the W123 series is that the manual window winder (or window regulator, as it is often called) mechanisms fail. Considering the age of these vehicles, and the fact that in South Africa they were most beloved by farmers who used them as...
  20. 2

    230e W123 central locking

    Greeting all, I am a new member to the forum as I have recently bought a 91 230e w123 auto which my wife and I are extremely happy with. The day after buying her, we changed the tires and drove 900km to Mozambiqe without incident, 6 months there and the return trip. There are only a few issues...

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