1. micky.

    Diamond cut refurb

    My lovely AMG alloys had been refurbed before I bought my car a couple of years ago, but now even though I've never kerbed them, they've got quite a lot of white oxidation splodges around the outer edges and hub. I have a local place who I haven't used before (Star Alloys in Preston, who come...
  2. R

    Wheel repair

    Hi all I have flat spotted my amg alloy after hitting a pothole and looking for some advice on a good repair company in Scotland,as far north as possible given my location is as far north as you can go Thanks very much
  3. Ali Ayman

    EcoContact6 or ContiSportContact5?

    Hi guys, I have a 2018 C200 coupe which currently has two Jinyu front tyres, one EcoContact6 left rear, and ContiSportContact6 right rear. This is how it was when I collected it from the dealership. The rear tyres are wearing out and will need changing in the next 1000 miles and I was...
  4. Richie Livo

    Whirring noise

    good afternoon guys, my 2006 Sl350 seems to make a slight whirring noise at speed coming from behind me? Maybe as I’ve recently got it I’m picking up on anything.. possible the cheap tyres! Only seems to happen after 40mph and it’s not loud I just know it’s there.. Sounds like it’s coming from...
  5. F

    Correct wheel nuts - 2002 E-Class

    Hello, Could anyone tell me: what the correct wheel nuts are for my car (52-reg 320 Diesel estate; 235/45 R17, 8J x 17) I don't seem to be able to find ones with the right length; most offered on, for example, E-Bay mention a thread length of 20mm or so but mine are about twice as long In...
  6. L

    Mercedes C180 alloys

    Hi, Paint has started to peel of my standard alloys. Would anyone recommend getting them re-done or strip them and leave them just as the bare aluminium.
  7. R

    Help! Replacement for replica 20" AMG alloy

    Hi, I'm new to this forum having purchased a W204 C63 about a year ago but having a bit of a drama.... It has what look to be 20" AMG 16 spoke alloys on it but I had a puncture and, due to the low profile of the tyre, the alloy wheel cracked before I could get the spare on. The problem...
  8. gothic_merc

    S202 Front wheel bearing stuck

    My front wheel bearing decided to give up, upon stripping down there was hardly any grease in there and not of the usual green stuff. Noisy as anything I struggled to get the hub off as the rear seal wouldn't come over the rib on the spindle. it actually was pulled off when I removed it...
  9. C

    New wheels- new bolts required?

    Dear all, as some of you may know I have recently bought a new set of wheels for my W215. These are ET35 8.5J fr and 9.5J rr replacing ET44 (same width) originals. Will the increased offset require me to buy new bolts x 20? If so, can someone please tell me what length? I understand they...
  10. imkaz

    £40 wheel alignment a good idea?

    My car ever since I got it, 2 years now, has pulled quite a bit to the left. Changing tyres improved it a bit but it still likes going left. Will the £40 alignment that I see dotted about in places be what I need? I have always thought I wheel alignment was quite expensive.
  11. S

    W204 Steering Wheel & Squib retrofit to W203 C Class

    Hi not sure if this is the correct section to post in? Id like some help / advice with my current task which I have started but hit a brick wall... I want to retrofit the W204 Steering wheel to my car. I have googled this for days and searched the forum but it returns 0 results strangely...
  12. W

    rear wheel arch linings

    Have put my S320 cdi 2003 on light duties until I sort out the diesel leak problem. In the meantime have sprayed the wheel bolts with hammerite silver paint and they look really good. I noticed that there are plastic wheel arch liners? at the back and they seem to be quite loose to the touch...
  13. J

    mercedes W204 c220 cdi sport rusty wheel bolts

    why cant mercedes coat there wheel bolts with something that lasts longer then 2 years?? I've just had my wheel bolts off my 2007 mercedes c220 sport Zinc plated, i'm sick of the rusty bolt look that you find with many newish mercedes on the roads. If your interested in replacing yours...
  14. S

    ML Spare Wheel Carrier

    Hi all, i am looking for the spare wheel carrier for the ML series. i have a 163 and need to carry a real full size spare and i would like to find a second hand carrier.'these are the ones that sit up outside the rear of the vehicle and swing away when opning the rear tailgate - apparently! my...
  15. T

    Squeal from A180 right front wheel

    Hi, please help as the MB main dealer said they couldn't hear the very loud squeal/whine from right front wheel! It happens when first setting off from cold, and usually after turning a corner. It's my Husband's car, so I don't know which way he turns lol. After strong braking, the noise...
  16. P

    help needed to open locking wheel nuts.

    hi all, can anyone give advice on removing locking wheel nuts , without having the key. my c220 was left into the indy garage today for it's b service and they asked about the socket type key needed to remove my wheels . problem is , i bought the car second hand and never got a key with the...
  17. olivier_wery

    Are these official Merc Wheels? and if so...

    Hi all, Can you let me know if you recognize these wheels as being official Mercs? Reason I am asking is that, there's a locking bolt on these.... and I don't have the key to unlock them... Apparently if there are official Mercs, a dealer would have a master key... if not... then it's the...
  18. T

    rattling / knocking from offside front wheel

    I'm a proud new owner of a W126 500 se. She's a beauty all round cosmetically and in the engine, there's just one problem and I wondered if anyone has had a similar issue and might be able to suggets what the problem is. When the car goes over bumps or small potholes there's a sort of...
  19. F

    the w168 a class wheel off set

    i keep getting told different things for the size's for alloys that will fit my w168, ranging from 5.5j to as anything from merc thats the same production year! what i would really want to know is what range will actually fit and whether wheels from a w169 would fit on it, especially a nice set...

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