1. Noddy 99

    Wiring Diagram Needed for APS50 MN3830 Head Unit

    Hello, chaps, Did a beautiful install of an Android head unit yesterday and then, after a number of hours work, THE UNIT FAILED TO POWER UP! :-( It's not the fuse as when I reconnected the Mercedes unit it powered up fine. My car is a late 2009 W211 but I've reason to believe that the head...
  2. D

    Fitting multi changer

    Hi I'm trying to find if there is wiring in place for a multi changer in the boot. I want to remove side trim from inside the boot, or does anyone know where the wiring would be. Thanks in advance. Dave
  3. R

    W204 Electrical Problem

    Hi currently have W204 (320CDI 08), initial problems were: No heated seats, auto lights, wipers or horn not working. I replaced front sam, which worked for a week. And it stopped working again. SAM was matched both part number and software numbers. Code read on Star. I purchased another...
  4. R

    W204 SAM Fault? Power issues

    Hi currently, have W204, the car appears to be blowing front sam unit. No heated seats, auto lights, wipers or horn not working. Replaced front sam, worked for a week. And it stopped working again. Could this be a fuse or relay? The main thing I would like working is the wipers. If I...
  5. J

    DIAVIA A/C: 1995 (W124) E280 Estate

    Following previous postings about my DIAVIA after-market A/C system, often fitted to late W124s, to save the exorbitant cost of MB factory installed system, I am pleased to say that I finally managed to track down not only an appropriate full wiring diagram, but also a complete set of...
  6. W

    C350e help with wiring

    Hi all. New to this so forgive me for any errors. I am looking for some help as my c350e was hit and the wing was damaged. Driver side wing. A few wires have been disconnected. Orange wire, brown wire & a bunch of multi colour wires. I can't seem do find a diagram to see where they connect. Any...
  7. G

    Front passenger head rest wiring termination? - 2005 E Class Elegance S211 Estate

    Hi, I wish to regularly remove the front passenger head rest so that I can lay the interior as flat as possible for long loads. (Windsurf boards to be exact) The head rest stops the seat from going flat, it just over laps the the top of the back seat when folded down. I have removed the...
  8. S

    2001 CLK Avantgarde - Wiring in boot decimated by rat

    Hi, I don't own a Merc (yet).I've joined the forum to try and get some info to help my brother in law out. He bought a 2001 CLK Avantgarde around 2010. I think he paid around 5k at the time. So it was nearly 10 years old when he bought it but still a beautiful car. Sometime late 2016 he put it...
  9. W

    Engine ecu wiring problem c220 cdi 2003 model diesel manual

    Hi I have a problem with my ecu in regards the wiring on the engine ecu. (2003 c220 cdi) Wires have been cut and joined and I am left with a wire purple with black line on it that seems to not have been connected correctly. I am having the system restraint warning and car will not turnover...
  10. B

    W212 Centre console removal

    Got a E350 Bluetec estate here 2013, what a great car! So Ive bought a dashcam and want to hardwire into the electrics so that it always turns on when I drive. Easy to run the wire down behid trim on A pillar and get under the dash behind glovebox - but I want to connect to the cable behind...
  11. M

    Learning curve - Electrics

    Many moons ago I started City & Guilds, Starting, charging, diagnostics & basic electrics. Loved the course but had to leave due to health issues. I now find myself in a wheelchair, so crawling about isn't as simple as it was Plan B..... As I mentioned I really enjoyed the electrical side...
  12. T

    W245 Parking Sensor circuit?

    Hello all, I recently joined back together my parking sensor wiring on a 2010 180CDi after the front bumper got damaged and cut the wiring in half. The problem is the individual wires are not all different colours (which would have made joining the right ones easy), I had to guess a bit, and...
  13. P

    Connecting Accessories W209

    I have just replaced my beloved 300CE with a CLK320CDI (thanks to a clumsy neighbour writing it off!) In the 300CE it was a relatively easy job to hook in additional accessories - Tomtom satnav, in-car video camera etc - but I am reluctant to start poking around in this pristine new(ish) car...
  14. J

    Wiring for heated seats on w204

    I want to wire in my heated seats. The wiring diagram shows the cables going to the rear SAM but it isn't clear where it connects to it (the only designation is a number 71). Oddly, the fuse is located in the front SAM. I know that the front SAM (and ign etc) are all involved but it seems...
  15. M

    ML 270 - Electrics Issues - Wiring / Two Lights & A Window Aren't Working

    Hi, I joined hoping someone with good Mercedes knowledge might be able to help with a few electrical problems I'm experiencing with my Mercedes ML 270 4x4 Diesel. 1) The front near side, side light isn't working - The problem doesn't seem to be the bulb or power problem. Perhaps the bulb...
  16. P

    Help To Repair/Replace Wiring Loom

    A140D/51. It started as a simple job - replace the fuse protecting the interior light/radio with an identical one of the correct rating. Which resulted in smoke, burning, and somewhere a fried loom. Car won't start/window stuck down. I'd like to find an expert repairer in Leeds who I can...
  17. F

    Dashboard gremlins

    Hi I am the proud owner of a 1995 C280 Sport auto, which I purchased recently. Its a great car to drive, being quiet and fairly quick. However there are a few problems with the dashboard wiring. Firstly, the fuel gauge sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. The heater control lights flash on...
  18. H

    Newbie Help Please! W220 CD Changer Wiring Loom

    Hi Guys I hope you're all well and will bear with me whilst I ask a question! I've recently bought a beautiful S320 on a 2001 Y plate... Immaculate, 50k miles, very chuffed apart from the lack of audio options! I've no CD Changer fitted but wanted to know if it is likely that the wiring...
  19. G

    W126 wiring nightmare!!!

    Hi, I just bought a 1983 500sec, the car looks great but has a major wiring mess: Non functioning options, badly rewiring, missing fuses and so on. So before any mechanical repairs I plan to completely rewire it. The question would be does anyone know an online vendor and part numbers for my...

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